the trusty silver samsonite is packed and ready for mr. supershuttle to arrive


we haven’t been able to get ANYWHERE near the MacBook Air these past few days as who-we-are-in-RL has been very busy Completing Tasks before we head on the Trip to (three islands in) Europe.

but here we are.


happy that who-we-are-in-RL has been pulling in the consultancy gigs to keep us in satin wraps, sleep-eye-masks and Ponds Cold Cream and now Packed, ready for the off.

we *used* to order a car but we’ve been told to be more Prudent *sighs* so mr. supershuttle will be arriving on the dot of…….(oops, can’t find the List right now – there are too Many Around – with scribbled notes like “empty trash”, “hold mail”, call S, email K back, pack snacks – yummy grapes – we picked them out – do Radio Interview, have very nice coffee with MPz over at Alfred’s and……gosh……sort of later, anyway).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

can you see the Vibrant (teamgloria pink) sash to the left? That’s because the samsonite (which has been with us for Many a trip) burst apart on a conveyor belt (small plane, Italy, long story, wasn’t allowed to ride up top with us) and it was Mortifying in Milan.

so we strap it up tight these days.

what’s that?


you’re right.

a lot of black clothing.


which might Not be appropriate when we get to the 2nd and 3rd islands we’re going to on this trip (it’s Perfectly Splendid for London on the island of the United Kingdom).

heigh ho.

we’re sort of too tired to worry about it now.

there’s a sky blue pashmina in there and a white linen shirt.

that’ll do for Island Mornings we’re sure.

did we tell you Why we’re going to Deia?

(not just because of the Anais Nin short story although that was, of course, a draw, as you might expect).

you see who-we-are-in-RL is giving a Workshop (most exciting).

sophsBloomRetreats2014isn’t that Absolutely Fabulous? ;-)

we thought so.

while she’s been busy writing and tie-ing-up-last-minute-tasks and Pitching Projects:


8c287df8ba0311e3ad271296246e27d8_8we’ve been hanging out in cafes and finishing up the last pages in the last month’s moleskine and writing in the new moleskine just to get it nicely broken in.



2f9f5336b9bd11e3818812cca6e3d38e_8and enjoying the latest edition that has reached these shores of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

8b887c44ba1311e3bad51265e271254f_8lots of driving (with shopping lists for Needed Items for the Trip – what happens to those Adaptors each time we fly?) 


and admiring the rosy pink glow of the (extremely early) los angeles’ morning-ness.


we might well be Very intermittent with our correspondence over the next few days as we fly over There and endure jet lag and meet up with family and friends and peek out from under an umbrella and sniff the salt air of the town of our birthplace and very early Youth.

while probably getting extremely sentimental and perhaps even a little, well, Inspired to write something New.

see you on the other side (not of the Veil, the planet).



JFK/T8: leaving for the Other Coast #bliss

as our friends here know, it’s been an Awfully Long Time since we pulled down the trusty silver samsonite, grabbed the black leather jacket and an ever-ready-selection-of-travel-size-products and wrapped ourselves warmly in the black pashmina (hard to find a black one but ever so much nicer and Rather Chic) and slipped into the back of a black town-car leaving manhattan in the early hours…….

if you are new to our adventures, (perhaps drawn here from instagram or the post yesterday on a delicious gift of a hat from the Basque region of spain – we Do have a most glorious set of jet set friends) here’s why we haven’t travelled/traveled/flown since late august: tobias and his sisters the Tumour/tumor story

Oh! We Do Love To Fly.

we even paid extra to get a nicer seat (this trip is for sheer pleasure so the Day Job isn’t footing the bill and popping us in the comfort of the front of a transatlantic jet……..but we were not born to riches so the back is normal and when at the front we beam with gratitude, darlings – especially on a Long-Haul flight to the People’s Republic of CHINA in our la vie jet set or paris, milan, madrid and the other points of engagement for the Day Job last year.

we must post our pictures of India (before we became teamgloria but we do have them in our archives….). Wonder how the Sophisticate is doing…….last we heard, he was watching Dawn over the Ganges. we’ll let you know more soon.

see you (in a virtual sense) on the Other Coast!

*huge sunny grin*