the sunshine after the (mental) storm

so we just needed a sensational amount of rest.

and the sunshine this morning and birdsong and cool breeze fluttering through the half open window is tickling our knees as we sit and read and eat grapefruit and drink (half-caf) milky coffee and sigh, gently and recuperate.

we saw friends on two occasions yesterday – at lunchtime and after they all finished work – a treat – just an hour’s visit each – nearby – we walked slowly – it felt good to see people and then delicious to smile and hug and head back and sleep some more.
a lovely day stretches ahead…………


respite at the library, MFK Fisher and plotting.

we weren’t feeling so tip top today.

it was our first week back, after all.

so we told the Day Job we’d work from home and rest.

and so we did. and in between the work stints, we had a nice lie down and did some deep breathing and the nausea from the calcium pills (yup, still on them) passed eventually.

during those moments, we read MFK Fisher’s lovely “Serve it Forth” (part of the lovely lady-of-letters care package) and it helped.

here are our two favourite/favorite/chosen passages:

then we took in a little sunshine (Such a Nice Day Today) as well as an hour or so in tranquil repose at the local library:

then (because we live in NYC and Have No Food In The Fridge, darlings) we went to our local cafe at the end of the street/block and saw a couple of friends.

so nice to have a little bite to eat and enjoy a small amount of genius Plotting.

what about?


couldn’t POSSIBLY say.


respite at the algonquin

was at very grown up conference all day and ran here (Algonquin) for a quick pot of tea, to re-align my aesthetic sensibilities again (lots of biz-boyz-speak at conference and god knows a potted fern, soft-spoken waiters and a piano player does the trick after such an experience)………then there’s a dinner (ah! the grandfather clock just chimed – how lovely) shortly…..

still – learned a lot (for the day job) so time most-well-spent.

ah – tea pot coming towards me – earl grey – fragrant bergamot delightful.

btw, just felt like one of those ladies in a magazine as I did the quick change of top – spritz of Chanel #5, brush teeth and a moist wipe (lavender since you ask) to freshen visage.

feel all capable and sorted once more.