reasoning with no reason while dreaming of a pickled onion.


we Often suspect that there are Other reasons for being places and going places and experiencing what is and wondering what might be and especially, when one is travel(l)ing – why one is There.

and yet we cannot work out the underlying reasoning behind this trip East.

medical, yes.

to see friends, definitely.

reminding ourselves that yes, 30 degrees is NOT the climate we thrive in ;-)

but there’s something more.

and we can’t quite Put our finger on it.

so we don’t.

sometimes reasoning requires no reason.

it just is.

*humbleBow* and *shySmile*


we have definitely enjoyed the Quietness of Brooklyn. 

and time to have tea with Friends. viewerwith a great deal of waiting-for-results (medical) and dreaming-of-what-is-next (spirit-ness and inspiration-filled).

maybe that was it.

when going Away one appreciates the time that has passed and the progress (very american word, we *almost* say it with a short O these days, eek) that has been Made.

but mostly that one is at Home anywhere.

even inside one’s skin.

fancy that.

we’re flying back Tonight.

and it’s too cold to venture outside until we really have to.

so, on our last morning in brooklyn, we’ll be here – sitting quietly at the kitchen table, writing a novel, the only sound is the comforting tick tock of the clock.

viewer-1and there’s a British chip shop (remember this?) near where we are staying so a pickled onion and a glance at the newspaper might be a splendid diversion and a carb-fest to ward off the freezing temperatures before we fly back to the Other Coast.

see you all on the other side for saturday’s adventures……