returning to normal light programme transmission.


we had the Most delicious time down south in the further south, that is, of southern california and have returned to normal transmission.

the mood is lighter.

the chiffon is floaty again.

thank goodness.


the blooms are blooming. df749768b09811e399c112c443c9c71e_8

the sunsets are magnificent.01cd6348b08b11e3baae12c7a759b495_8

the craft paper is patterned and congenial. 930bdbe6b06311e3b6410e220c1cbd61_8

the pinks are rosier than before. 73b3590cb09711e3a9531209f41f76b1_8

the signs that say: “Historical 1883 Schoolhouse 3 blocks this way” are followed, as before. dianeray

radio hosts ask us to stop by their Studio and sign copies of the book.


delicious people buy their mothers copies of our book and send them parcel post to switzerland (glam!)f9ae2308b10911e394660e186c330be7_8and all has returned to the lightness of Touch that you came here for previously….bb4abc38b10a11e395c00eb547b2ae3d_8

in many different treatments of filter/shade/theatrical-gel-on-the-lens.

are you having a delicious spring equinox?

we do hope so.

they are so useful at changing the mood in a sunny hopeful sort-of-a-way.

putting on our radio voice.



it was delicious!

we were on the RADIO this morning.

switchboardcall sign: WBLQ

(which is in Rhode Island all the way across the Continent on the Other Coast)

and here’s the programme – it’s not yet tied up with tape and popped onto the interweb for re-broadcast (if you listened Live, we’re very grateful, thank you for doing so) but it looks like it will be soon….


we were lying back on the (many) pillows and cradling the princess phone to the ear of who-we-are-in-RL

of course, being on Talk Radio, reminded us (deeply) of Tim Curry (although our voice is not Quite in his deliciously deep register) in Times Square.

tumblr_mdvfafo5bi1rhzr0co1_500of course dear Karen Hager – the beautifully melodic voiced Host of the Radio Show – was much lighter in tone than Mr. Curry – but there is something about the Radio that encourages vulnerability and whimsy and a sense of place yet not and a healing vibe (it was entitled transformational talk radio so we stuck more to that storyline and only mentioned how much we ADORE chandeliers once).



THAT was so much fun.

we’d LOVE to do it again.

oh wait.

(come on, you knew that was coming)

we will be joining Diane Ray on February 17th…..

quelle vie!

now that was ALL about us.

we do apologize.

how’s your wednesday so far?

sunny? cold? is there a long-running British television marathon on later with a late supper of scrambled eggs on a Terence Conran white plate in front of the fire?

if not – consider it – sounds nice, right?




whistle a happy tune. Or some other psychological trickery that works.

Make believe you’re brave
And the trick will take you far
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

as much as we adore the tinklingly-beautiful-voice and correct pronunciation of Marni Nixon aka voice-of-Deborah Kerr, we have to say THIS is our completely favo(u)rite version.

or maybe this one……(although we’re not sure about the peach macintosh)

we digress.

what do you do, darlings, when you’re afraid?

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 7.23.18 AM

do you watch The Muppet Show?

(did we ever tell you that every time we drive up – or down – La Brea – we wave to Kermit?)


do you settle down against the back cushions of the couch and watch a Doris Day and Mr. Hudson movie?


do you admire the natural beauty of the mountains while driving-to-sunday-lunch in the Valley beyond the Valley?


do you go for a long walk at twilight and take photographs of twinkling nights like pearls between buildings softly settling down into the evening light?



perhaps you wait for dawn to arrive, poised with grown-up camera and just sit quietly at the end of the bed and take deep breaths and know that everything will be ok.




do you buy yourself white roses and polish up a small silver cup – just like you admired in a magazine years ago and create a still-life? 


do you take a nap under cool sheets and warm comforters/duvets and listen to the birds sing outside?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

do you get in the car and drive-drive-drive while listening to the radio and sing along to all the bits you know from sappy-call-in-love-songs-shows?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

do you go and sit by the Ocean and let the sound of the crashing surf block out the cRAzy thoughts?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

do you ask people (nicely) to help with stuff or maybe just listen?

do you take a swim and let the sunshine tickle the back of your neck?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Make believe you’re brave
And the trick will take you far
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

we actually don’t whistle very well.

and yet we do Try.

the rest of the psychological trickery we are Very good at ;-)

what do You do?

do. tell.


recipe for a felicitous friday.

before we fully embark on our day here in southern California – recipe for a perfect Friday:

a simple breakfast, writing.

an attentive dog.

lots of european press.

Monocle radio. (on the iTouch, beamed in via London.)

deep bubble bath, by candlelight (so decadent in the daytime hours)

a drive around sleepy hills above silverlake, while most people are still dozing or stretching or dreaming up new movie plots to pitch to studios when everyone returns post-thanksgiving.

and stopping in at cafe tropical, on sunset boulevard, to admire the balloons.