(even more) curiously fascinating spirits on the interweb….


“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
Anais Nin

aren’t there are So Many Fascinating spirits out there on the interweb?

– and we’ve been meeting many of them through the Questions that we’ve all been asking each other in this virtual masked ball of an evening-that-stretches-into-dawn.

and here’s another delicious person-1courtesy of Ms. Beautycalypse who brought her to the party all the way from the ancient lands of where writers lie on a chaise eating ripe peaches.

we’re going to re-read her responses carefully and then go and Visit all the people she suggested (virtually, of course, it’s still 07:30 hours in the morning over here in Los Angeles and we’ve not applied the non-toxic gentle face cream from Boots The Chemist that comes in a little pink pot).


and now we must Breakfast and then look vaguely at the electronic diary to see what the day holds after the dark embrace of caffeine and something remarkably healthy like a grapefruit from the weekend farmers’ market.


we always feel so Rested and ready-for-the-day after an evening listening (some classical, some lyrical-whimsical early Rickie Lee Jones or BBC Radio 4) while sorting and pasting and thinking and remembering and recording for posterity and feeling grateful for what-has-happened and remembering not-to-do-that-again and generally reviewing and feeling good about The Adventure so far.

Some people call it scrapbooking, apparently.

but we’re in Very Good Company if that’s true.



(more) questions from berlin or weitere Fragen aus berlin @raptorapid

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe were at George‘s for tea this morning – hopefully we can show you the portraits that we took (but only if we get picture Approval because we’re That sort of a kind photographer, darlings, as many of you know.)
Now – back to the matter at hand!
our newest friend via the interweb, Beautycalypse, responded to Our questions here and then turned around – in Berlin (such a glorious city) – and said, “Answer these, in return, please.”
and so we must *bowing_humbly*.
because we started our career as a journalist and so Questions and answers are integral to our very thrilling experience of  life itself.
someone said, “are those Your answers, or gloria’s?” and we looked all confused and to be honest, we’re not entirely sure.
do we have to decide today?
we thought not *small_smile_to_camera*
so here goes!
1. What tourist places – anywhere in the world – would you love to see out of hours?
2. Name a menu you would set up and be able to cook in order to impress a new love interest.
we don’t really cook, per se. 
but we love to arrange the following on our beautiful set of pure white plates from clever Mr. Conran with heavy silver cutlery: figs, camembert, apricots, avocado, chicory, walnuts and olives. 
3. Animals are property – by law. Is it slavery or absolutely normal because we are the crown of creation?
we know many a willing slave in the guise of a black labrador willing to be subjugated in return for Love and walks and a regular meal. 
4. If you could ask for ANY fine artist, graphic novelist, fashion illustrator, sculptor, or photographer, dead or alive, who should make your portrait and how would you be pictured?

black and white portrait, just a key light, by terence donovan – always wanted to meet him – distraught when he died – stood outside his studio that day near berkeley square, london and wept. 

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?
guilt is a useless emotion ;-)
6. What advice would you like to give your 18 y.o. self?
that pink lipstick from Miss. Selfridge really doesn’t do you justice, sweetheart. 
7. When did you last lie and why?
a few days ago. to avoid repeating a bad situation. it was necessary. 
8. What was the book/fairy tale/short story that moved you the most as a child?
the lion, the witch and the wardrobe (we still climb inside, just to check) 
9. Who scares you the most: Dr. Moreau or Dr. Frankenstein?
Dr. Frankenstein. 
10. Who’s your favourite James Bond villain? Explain.
Javier Bardem was extraordinary – properly shivery and with some excellent up to the minute geek gadgetry and smart intellectual concepts. 
11. Since it’s the LIEBSTER (“beloved”) blog award: What is your favourite old-fashioned word that you actually like to use?
“splendid” is one we do use on a very regular basis – especially in a text message when it is unexpectedly enjoyed. 
btw (as the young people say) Ms. Beautycalypse has some Deeply Splendid answers to our Questions – including this one:
7. When writing, I wear my writing cocktail rings.
8. Do you identify with any of the characters in Pretty in Pink? If so, which one? And – still?
Oh I’m so sorry, but I can’t answer to this. It’s The Breakfast Club for me.



now we’re intrigued…….which character in the Breakfast Club do You identify with?


we’ve been all of them (even, briefly, on just one shining afternoon when we were Finally told we HAD to participate in sporting activities, the Jock, because we surprised everyone with our prowess – hey, once a competitive person, always a competitive person).

but secretly we always wanted to be Judd Nelson.

how about you?

sometimes there are more Questions than answers, especially while at the #SunsetTower the day before the Academy Awards


waving to you from the couch looking at the Hollywood Hills while eating cucumber (chunks, not slices – easier with the fingers) and black olives (cured – they weren’t sick, but, you know, with olive oil and herbs and so forth)!

our plans changed (someone changed their mind for our assignation today – no, not a Romantic one – – – and at the Last Minute – work called or, it seems Demanded their presence) so we thought:

Oh well, let’s take a long walk up to the Sunset Strip and buy a slim volume of Jung from the clever people at Book Soup and then find some eggs and toast and tea at some glamorous hotel overlooking Los Angeles.

so we did.

and then we Wondered why there were So Many People in black hauling lighting and sound equipment into the Sunset Tower.


it took a while to Think.

and then we Remembered that the Very smart and opinionated Mr. Graydon Carter is having a party here tomorrow night after the Event (we met Mr. GC in 2002 – anecdote here if you’re curious…..)


The Academy Awards are Very Important in Hollywood (and we do mean Hollywood, they probably don’t mean that much to everyone who lives in the rest of Los Angeles, to be absolutely truthful) because then – depending on one’s possession of a fortunate gold statuette (or not), one knows at which Table in Certain Restaurants one will be sitting until February 24th 2014.

Justifiably so, many people get Rather jumpy this weekend – the stress and all that – so we hesitated on the threshold of the Sunset Tower, wondering if we could, in fact, find a table and some eggs and toast and tea behind which, and with, to read the slim volume of Jung.

But then we remembered we were wearing black (so could look like a New Yorker and thus “money”) and shiny-sparkly-silver-shoes (possibly eccentric money) and we have a British Accent (possibly married-to-money, a Magazine Editor or a Producer from the BBC).


we got a table.

and a very nice one.


actually the restaurant was pretty quiet (movie stars don’t get up that early and they certainly don’t Eat the weekend of the awards until After the ceremony) but the beauty salon downstairs was Packed.

there’s some lovely ephemera on the walls of the Tower Bar (the Terrace where we like to eat was closed for Mr. Graydon Carter’s party) including this:

viewer-1Yes. It’s a letter from Truman Capote to Leo Lerman (now remember that Truman liked to be naughty and be Rude about Los Angeles but he did come here quite a Lot so perhaps he had a secret affection after all).

While we were eating brunch, we just happened to check in with our friends in Berlin via the Interweb and saw that Julia had already answered our Questions (which came originally from Aubrey).

and Most Adorable and curious answers they are too, darlings:

* i am enchanted by everything that has to do with zombies, the tudors or disney villains.

* when i was seven i had such a big crush on pierce brosnan. i carried around a photot of him that i had cut out of a magazine and told everybody that he was my uncle from the USA.

the rest are Here:

we happily read them while sipping tea and then saw that she had re-nominated us with some New Questions.

happy to oblige – sometimes there are more Questions than answers in Life (but forgive us for not going through the whole Rules to follow and the nominating 11 more people……)

here are Julia’s Questions:

  1. what is the color of love?

  2. do you live in the ‘right’ decade? if not, when would you have liked to live and why?

  3. the ocean or the mountains?

  4. what was your biggest adventure?

  5. what is your favorite book of all times?

  6. if you had to choose between either never ever eating chocolate or never ever having sex again, what would you neglect?

  7. what does your mother mean to you?

  8. if somebody compliments you, how do you react? and what was the last compliment you received?

  9. when was the last time you cried?

  10. which tv series are you obsessed with?

  11. is there a meaning to life? do you need one? (inspired by teamgloria. again.)

UPDATE: before we give you our answers – George’s Responses are here and they are Most Splendid.

and here are Our Answers (briefly, as we must get ready and drive East for the Movies quite shortly…..but our responses are always less considered and more inspired as we’re sure you appreciate ;-)

  1. what is the color of love? [rose pink with a soft heavy cream satin bit in the middle]
  2. do you live in the ‘right’ decade? if not, when would you have liked to live and why? [we live in many decades at the same time, dear]
  3. the ocean or the mountains? [between both, like now, in LA]
  4. what was your biggest adventure? [getting on the night train from victoria station to paris with a small overnight bag, some books, a scarf and a leather jacket, age 19, maybe 20, sadly no diary exists]
  5. what is your favorite book of all times? [Noel Coward diaries: all volumes in one if possible to qualify for this response]
  6. if you had to choose between either never ever eating chocolate or never ever having sex again, what would you neglect? [chocolate.]
  7. what does your mother mean to you? [that women are perfectly capable of doing anything they want to, including stripping down an engine and replacing the clutch. now we can’t do this. but she can. which we’ve always been impressed by.]
  8. if somebody compliments you, how do you react? and what was the last compliment you received? [we love it. we blush very well.]
  9. when was the last time you cried? [an hour ago while listening to Creep by Radiohead]
  10. which tv series are you obsessed with? [right now? Borgen]
  11. is there a meaning to life? do you need one? [yes. and yes. and we Thought we had discovered it when we first heard this – yup, it dates us – and it wasn’t the meaning of Life after all That but it certainly gave us a new and meandering direction to follow which was rather exciting and interesting and we’d better stop typing now].


at the request of dear aubrey…..


quelle surprise!

dearest Aubrey sent a billet doux on a white charger through hill and dale and via the moors and over Laurel Canyon and down into where we reside with a Nomination for a liebster blog award-ness.



now Aubrey was Nominated by some delightful powdered wigs and deposed heads of state so we Rushed to accept the nomination and be in such Illustrious Company.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 9.10.31 PM

apparently there are Certain Rules:

Give thanks

Tell 11 things about yourself –

Answer to the best of your ability the 11 questions that are asked of you.

Nominate 11 bloggers for this award – let them know too, please –

Ask the above nominees 11 questions of your own, or use the questions you were asked.

dearest Aubrey – a heartfelt thanks – truly. For your kindness in nominating teamgloria but also for your virtual visits and kind missives left therein.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
Mr. Wilde

11 Facts about teamgloria

1. we were hot-housed (educated with flashcards in at least two languages and sent to school at 2.5 years old – in a Very Fetching dark navy pinafore which we remember liking Very Much)

2. we have about six different names – heritage one (never received), christened one, later one, much later one,  2 x pseudonyms (one needs to stay anonymous and teamgloria)

3. we can read the naughty bits in Juvenal in the original Latin.

4. being a vidal sassoon hair model in London in 1988 got us a walk on part in a peter greenaway movie.

5. Sybille Bedford is our favo(u)rite writer.

6. nearly every cool job (and scholarship to boarding school) we have ever got has been because we Wrote A Letter.

7. our middle name (in RL) is Simone (after de Beauvoir and Nina)

8. we once interviewed fashion photographer David Sims over a tuna melt in Diana’s Diner near Covent Garden.

9. we wrote the cover story to one of the final issues of Punch (founded 1841) magazine (before it got revived again, and then closed for good – so far).

10. the college colo(u)rs at the University we went to were purple and green (Suffragette colours)

11. we have the same birthday as Vita Sackville-West.

and now……..To the Questions (from Aubrey)!

1        Why did you start blogging?

we needed a cloak of anonymity, a connection with others who had experienced similar terror and a place to express how frightened we were at getting a diagnosis of three tumors in our throat and a surgery date ahead.

2        Do you find that you usually prefer the book or movie version?

always the book (actors never look how we imagine the characters did).

3        Are you wearing jewelry now?  Bonus points if a parure is involved.

we just removed our sapphire studs to write, actually.

4        Name five places you would never want to visit again.

vegas, peacehaven, amsterdam, queens park, elephant & castle – for various bad memories in our story.

5        Ocean or lake?

ocean – pacific, please

6        What is the first book you couldn’t live without?

ballet shoes by noel streatfeild – we suddenly realized that there were People Who Wrote Books and didn’t go to school/work and we wanted to become one of them.

7        Are you one of those bloggers that believe that people resemble their icons?  Do you, for instance, think that I am wearing a periwig and holding a star?

absolutely. (we are never without a virtual cloche)

8        If you were alive in 1902 would you be tempted to ride in one of those new car-things or would you prefer to continue driving your four-in-hand?

a car and a tiara and a devil-may-care attitude.

9        Which actor has provided you with your favorite rendition of Sherlock Holmes?

benedict cumberpatch

10    You’re getting dressed for work.  You open your closet and find your clothes are not from this decade.  Are you happy about this?  What decade do you hope is represented?

1930s with suitably restrictive underwear.

11    Have you ever mixed a cocktail – for either yourself or others?

only in 1991 when we were paid to do so.


that felt Revealing.


we are going to come up with 11 new questions and nominate the following blogs!

11 questions: 

1. candles or spot-lights?

2. how many books do you have next to the bed?

3. when did you last read in a cafe and what did you eat?

4. when did you set up your blog and why?

5. what was the last film/movie you saw?

6. what was the first single you bought?

7. chocolate or cheese? discuss.

8. do you identify with any of the characters in Pretty In Pink? If so, which one? And – still?

9. Maria Callas or Madonna Ciccone?

10. you’ve been invited to (where?) for supper – name the 11 other guests (alive/passed-on/haunting-you-still)

11. is there a meaning to life? do you need one?

and the blogs ARE = teamgloria *opensenvelope* the Nominations Are……….*drumroll* (by the way, as this award is more of an Expressing of Love than an Actual Award and ceremony that requires a new outfit/diet/flirting for, we are ignoring the original rules which are that the blogs one “nominates” have less than a certain number of followers – as everyone knows, one never asks a Lady or a Gentleman their Age of number of Lovers so these are just the writers we admire because we want to hear their answers…….)

1. 1904

2. lost in arles

3. daily plate of crazy

4. just add attitude

5. three times yes

6. filling in the blanks

7. beautycalypse

8. miss whistle

9. get mummys purse

10. coffee and cardigans

11. killer femme

please say yes and write your responses (read the rules up top again just to make sure you feel comfortable with everything) and let us know when they go live!
thank you, Aubrey – this was illuminating and slightly bashful-making.
night, darlings.
stay warm on the East Coast.