a Call from the Coast [lines from mr. mamet and his movie]


how was your Sunday?

what did you do?


we got up at 6AM (despite it being a sunday – Lots to Do) and then we went back to the boudoir at an early hour to wait for a Call from the Coast.

which always reminds us of Mr. Mamet’s wonderful State and Main.

Bill Smith: It’s Marty, he’s on the coast.

Walt Price: On the coast? Of course he’s on the coast, where would he be, The Hague?


the other lines we love from Mr. Mamet’s movie are these:

Bob Barrenger: I know my lines.

Walt Price: You do?

Bob Barrenger: I just don’t know what order they come in.

which is exactly how we feel right now (in a good way).

how about you?

do. tell.

back to bed with Vogue and writing materials and visiting the world while lying back on clouds of pillows


it’s Saturday.

and we Do like to Lounge around on a Saturday morning.



and read glossy magazines. a23a2f54bfdd11e2a32722000aa800c4_7


and do a mini decoupage (with just sticky-backed-plastic).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand call people on the Princess Phone (with the 50 ft cord so we can lie back against the soft pillows) in Connecticut* and find out Their (most exciting) News.

*where we spent our Last Weekend on the East coast if you recall……. 

and now we write.

just after we listen to a little more 80s music (a free CD came in the Post with the re-issued and rather reasonable re-mastered Classic Movie-on-DVD that we’ll be watching soon’ish).

we’re having one of those days – where – you know – it’s all Unfolding as one Imagined…..

an early email from someone deeply Sophisticated in Shanghai (“hello, dumpling”), lying in bed placing a Trunk Call to Connecticut, reading Vogue, a tiny amount of decoupage (similar to Pinterest, young people reading this), accepting an Advisory Board position as who-we-are-in-RL – super secret that one – don’t tell anyone as yet, saying Yes! to writing a blurb for the Publishing site for Someone Special’s New Novel – and waiting patiently for the Manuscript to arrive – most exciting – while listening to Jazz on the Radio via the interweb and – a few hours hence – popping out to see friends-at-a-gathering-place followed by another Evening at the Movies with a Director Q&A post-film.



That’s EXACTLY how we thought it would be.


are you having a delicious saturday?

Some of you are showing us in Real Time *shivers* what You’re getting up to……

Miss Jules is lurking in twilight Berlin

Laure is looking out of French Windows in France

Trixie is here from the Philippines and hanging out with the Twilight people

Lisa (whom we met in South Africa originally) is now in London at a gallery

D is giving advice on D. I. V. O. R. C.E from the East Coast

Kristen has gone to the dogs in Manhattan

Mamzellev is here from Germany and admiring L.A

Stacy is enjoying music al fresco in Washington Square

Heather is lost in a cloud of riotous Peonies in La Belle France

Vickie Lester is taking Mister Lester out to dine in Little Tokyo 

William is in a cemetery in England

George was in (the middle of) America and has returned to the City of Angeles

Mark is settling down with a Pipe and Wodehouse somewhere near Bath, England

and Beautycalypse is trying to get to sleep….

you see?

it’s delicious.

we are able to Visit you and not even get dressed properly.




antidote to a tiny disappointment


we had a Tiny Disappointment today.

just a little bruised feeling, tis all.

You understand, we know.

So – what is to be Done to cheer ourselves up?

well, let’s see.

how about twilight in the library?


and pausing on the corner of La Brea and Melrose to watch the sunset before reading a collection of short stories by sylvia townsend-warner in a small cafe?


and learning more about precious people who love Piaf and Robert Palmer and lusty espressos in Paris and American art magazines back home (D – the responses are splendid!)

while Other wonderful friends are walking the dog(s) in soft pale olive groves

a beauteous friend is Juicing Art in Berlin.

while someone Brave and glorious across town from The Juicer is starting a revolution.

and we have some new poetry to examine and relish and adore from Your Comments to an Earlier Post

there was a Long Chat with someone delicious in Manhattan to Talk and laugh and giggle a little into the back cushions on the soft sofa.


so – disappointing news?

Quelle disappointment?


all. gone/


sweet dreams, darlings.



phone love.

this just in –

we just wanted to share our phone love with you.

william‘s phone in the boudoir in england (note the camp-yet-tasteful danny la rue coffee cup coaster)

the one hanging on the wall in his kitchen (lovely soothing shade of green paint behind the heavy cream ceramic)

and a rich tomato shade for the sitting room

just in case you wondered, they are all variations of the GPO 746 series – but of course you knew that ;)

and here’s the teamgloria doris day princess phone (we just have one but it’s on a 50 ft cord so we can use it at our large farmhouse table, on the sofa, in the boudoir or – in the bath like doris herself)

ever since we saw pillow talk we wanted a phone we could use in a bubble bath spot of flirting-ness

although, on closer inspection, doris’ phone looks more like those in the house-of-william. 

what’s your phone like, darlings?


(not) london calling.

about to call a lovely friend (on the doris day blue princess phone) and natter (american = chat) for a while about life, love and travel plans (he’s off to paris – as is team gloria, shortly, but sadly we won’t be there at the same time….’twould have been tres glam)..

credits (ooo, just like the magazines): large european pillow from rachel ashwell’s shabby chic couture, tea towel (american = dish cloth) from fortnum & mason and two small satin pillows both made by local laundry/dry cleaner seamstress from white satin bought from pearl river and the champagne one from a slip that “didn’t quite work” but makes a quite lovely pillow.

off to dial now…..