the gentle kindness of those who love books.

what can I do? a fellow book-lover and gentle, kind soul said.

team gloria thought about it for a while and said: I might well need some delicious tomes to help soothe away the fears of surgery and aid recovery after………

oh I have all sorts of things in mind….. she replied.

we sighed, gratefully, and went about our day (job) with as much grace as one could muster in the light of imminent throat-slitting.

then – today – on team gloria’s (day job) desk – OH such JOY – books and postcards wrapped up in a dove grey christian dior shade ribbon!

cue cutaway shot of overwhelming emotion…….

thank you, lady-of-letters :)

brown paper packages tied up with string

There it was. A brown parcel leaning against the chez team gloria portal. Curiously we couldn’t remembering ordering anything recently. Entered with groceries and work bag inside, the large parcel under one arm.


A present!

team gloria is thrilled by presents :)

thank you sweet W-G. truly scrumptious you are.


making tea and settling down to read…….