let there be light, darlings.




it’s 5AM in downtown manhattan and suddenly the bedside lamp, the one that had trying to valiantly provide light but failed as soon as the blackout hit on monday at 20:00 hours in the evening just sprung proudly into service again.

we have never been so happy to see its shining face.

darlings – our friends from what apparently was dubbed SoPo (South of Power) – do you have light too?

street lamps and everything?

all ALIVE!


a Huge Exhale.

the life this past week has been strange – heading uptown 60 blocks to find showers at the gym (memories of boarding school watching Tough Prefect-style behavio(u)r in the Orderly Queue monitoring towel usage rations), heading into the Dark Zone with a hand flashlight, seeing cops directing traffic in the pitch black with red flares as the sun went down, watching movies while the power cells diminished into red, by candlelight, with canned soup and evaporated milk with coffee (no fresh milk to be had downtown since the fridges broke – we popped our head inside the fridge just now to say hello – and there it was – an almost empty tin of coffee and some crackers from a Nordic country – smiling back, quite friendless, we shall re-stock with fresh items when the Shops Re-open) and a flashlight to read by in bed in the Extreme cold under Mountains of quilts.

it’s over.

it got darkest before the dawn indeed.

and an hour or so ago we heard shouts outside – the first street-light-had-come-on – we felt how cold it was in the apartment by pulling our head unwillingly off the pillow – and went back to sleep again.

and then – just now – the lamp burst into proud Light.

let there be light, darlings.

so relieved.

so relieved.