last look at portland.


we slept in late after arriving back on the flight-from-Portland and have been Busy (but not at all harassed) Doing Chores (laundry, dry-cleaning, alterations and picking-up-stuff-at-the-chemist – *sighs* for the lack of thyroid post-surgery).

but here’s a Last Look at Portland from yesterday.

isn’t it gorgeous?

0bfe31a63b7111e3ab3b22000a9e5b17_8now These roses are very important because they are part of the International Rose Test Garden (not a place where they make flowers do Quizzes but where they make new hybrids and so on)c86a08063b7611e3bcaf22000a1fbcb3_8

78b92cb63b4d11e390e422000aeb0b4d_8and this is Alder & Co which is a Fabulous Store.

8919f9bc3b6d11e3821b22000aeb0baa_8this is the deeply impressive View from Pittock Mansion of snowy-topped Mount Hood

what’s that?

oh yes.

we WERE working.

but luckily we had Charming Colleagues who took us on a Trip so we could (as the Americans say) “Walk n Talk” (which we are very good at doing – both – together – you see). c32290c43b6d11e3aee522000a9f15b9_8and these are the luscious Mansion grounds.

55583c763b7f11e38dae22000ae81e0b_8the softly fading sun dipped below the elevated walk-way as we wearily entered the airport and waited patiently for our flight back to Los Angeles.

we felt Very Grateful because L.A was “open” last night – unlike Seattle which was closed due to bad weather and nobody could take off and leave Portland if that was their destination last evening. Even though we were Extremely Exhausted upon arrival in Los Angeles, we felt a vast amount of compassion for those people stranded there who had Hoped to get home to Seattle – and clustered forlornly by the departure desk in vain.


what’s this (scroll down if you can’t see it)?

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.20.37 PM

oh! how nice – we’d almost forgotten Filing Our Copy before we left for Portland.

another “Where Shall We Meet?“.

the lovely Kyle (our Editor) filled in for us while we were away in NYC the week before but we’re hoping to do an “On the Road” version during our travels Abroad in November so do stay tuned.


can one Say one is Tuned on the interweb?

we do hope so.

it sounds ever so nice.

btw, as the young people say, we feel Ever so Remiss – we Promise to visit you soon. It’s been an Age.

do forgive.

Portland, Oregon: home of Autumn, coders in beanie hats, great bookstores and coffee lovers


it’s really beautiful here.

this is the land where they keep the Autumnal Season (which as you know, we’d not see normally this time of year, being a Los Angeles resident).

take a look:

magnificent bookshops



with excellent staff picks (and people who stop randomly and talk to you which was a tiny bit unnerving but rather charming – we talked about Tom Robbins because, well, keep scanning down through the pictures and you’ll get the idea)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA










ok – we need to stop here – so there are lots of divine vintage dress shops here with quite remarkable 1960s and before-hand-fashions.

this emerald green satin was so beautifully shining from the racks that we bought it and no – not going to wear it as a Dress – but we’re going to slice-it-open with dressmaking shears (or, most likely, as we do not Own such implements, a local seamstress/chap will do this) and wear it as a sleeveless sort of glamorous thing over a black outfit (you saw that coming right?) for the Gala Evening at the Bookmarks in South AfricaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

back to the gloriousness of Autumn. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAisn’t it amazing here?

now we have to admit we were Bundled Up in a warm wool coat and hat at 08:35 hours this morning when Taking these last two shots – but it was worth it.

we’re also b u z z i n g from the dark embrace of caffeine – because Portland, Oregon is justifiably famous for its coffee. 

so work calls – and then a supper – before a Flight and so we Travel.

but we’d like to come back to Portland.

this has been an exceedingly nice Trip.

well, hello Portland – feeling Rather gorgeous @hotel_deluxe


our first 60 minutes in Portland (Oregon) has gone extremely well so far! we are most pleased. And we haven’t even gone outside to Explore yet.

we got a taxi cab from the international airport and our driver was swift yet-not-silent but we just pretended not to understand because getting up at 4.30AM (our clothes were laid out ready or that would not have been possible as the driver in Los Angeles arrived promptly at 5AM) is rather wearing.

and usually taxi drivers are the first people to ask if one is Married or has Children and they Completely neglect to ask if one has had a Deeply Interesting International career-in-digital and has a book coming out in Feb (most remiss). As we have neither of the former and a lot of the latter, we generally stay silent.

not everyone understands a Career Girl.

the flight?

bless you for asking.


despite getting to check-in Awfully Early we found that our seat assignment could not be changed and 13B (which sounded very near the front of the plane) turned out to be right at the end near the bathroom facilities.


because the plane was a terribly small one – the sort of plane one imagined that Elizabeth Taylor would have commandeered and installed therein a large bed and on flights to Aspen watched her old movies (the good ones – especially this one – because she clearly had somewhat fuzzy memories during the making of it) and ate chocolates while Mr. Burton (if this was a Mr. Burton period) scowled and read scripts by the far window.

would you like to see it?

our plane – not Elizabeth’s.



very small.

but the hotel?



glorious 1930s style bathroom accoutrements (the curtain has a pale satin strip – we adore a pale satin strip, as you know). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

exquisitely made light fixtures. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a soft glow (don’t you Appreciate a soft glow in a hotel room? we certainly do)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we’re sharing it with Gregory and Ingrid (above the bed – we’ll get a better shot later) as well as Cary Grant and (darlings – who is that? Miss Simmons? movie reference please!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

lovely touch. 7bf069be3a7911e3826f22000a9f13e9_8


a CHANDELIER in the lobby. Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.29.56 AMand a Very Smart Social Media team who welcomed us most warmly.

so – we’ve been here just over an hour (because we just had to write to you and let you know about the artwork and light fixtures) – we’re Bathed (deep tub, delicious) and in a few moments, we’re going to head downstairs and eat something light yet nutritious and then head out INTO PORTLAND.

yes, yes, there’s work ahead.

but we only have thoroughly good thoughts about Work so that’s a Joy too.

quick note: we *do* appreciate the fact that there was just a telephone directory in the drawer next to the bed – you know we welcome all and everyone’s spiritual Paths but it was particularly Refreshing that one has to call down to Reception and order whichever book-that-guides-one you might like – isn’t that lovely?

one could be Hindu or even Tom Cruise and feel at home here, put it that way.

most impressively open-minded.

a bit like us.

and You, of course.

see you later.

and may say that robe looks very fetching on you – an excellent shade for your complexion.

packed and ready to leave again.


we must be Quiet.

who-we-are-in-RL has been EXHAUSTED by all the Travel and the two red eye flights and the 200 miles of driving There and Back and has been (mostly) sleeping-it-all-off.


there was a lovely sunrise this morning.


and we’re off to PORTLAND tomorrow (for work) and LUCKILY *just* before we booked the flights, as requested, because she was jolly busy finishing a paid assignment for an international print publication you see, we found out there are TWO Portlands (how careless!)

so crossed fingers that we booked the flight for the Right One.