plotting. #delicious


We’ve been Plotting. With mP.



No details as yet.

But Delicious.



Ah yes.

Tea and a blog Lesson for ABM.

Yes. Of course there was tea.

And subtle and calm lighting. Always.

Talking of divine illumination….

Have you been to shabby chic couture recently? Oh! ’twas glorious.


We purchased a winter star to hang at chez teamgloria.

Isn’t it delicious?

We do like starlight. And stars. And Plotting.

A Lot.


How about You?

Do Tell.

plotting with T in england.

More later……

An early start with some Very Encouraging Plotting with T in England.


Isn’t life just delicious with Friends and making plans and hearing their ideas and sharing yours about businesses and novels and movies and delightfulness?

Makes the medication go down with a little less panic and nausea-moments today.

And a lunch with someone (almost) Unbearably Elegant at (don’t tell) the St. Regis (grin).

Lots of work tasks but most definitely some deliciousness surrounding it.

Here was the scene of the Plotting calls earlier today, darlings.


respite at the library, MFK Fisher and plotting.

we weren’t feeling so tip top today.

it was our first week back, after all.

so we told the Day Job we’d work from home and rest.

and so we did. and in between the work stints, we had a nice lie down and did some deep breathing and the nausea from the calcium pills (yup, still on them) passed eventually.

during those moments, we read MFK Fisher’s lovely “Serve it Forth” (part of the lovely lady-of-letters care package) and it helped.

here are our two favourite/favorite/chosen passages:

then we took in a little sunshine (Such a Nice Day Today) as well as an hour or so in tranquil repose at the local library:

then (because we live in NYC and Have No Food In The Fridge, darlings) we went to our local cafe at the end of the street/block and saw a couple of friends.

so nice to have a little bite to eat and enjoy a small amount of genius Plotting.

what about?


couldn’t POSSIBLY say.