early mornings, deadlines and something for supper with kale.



we’ve missed you.

but we MUST return to the deadlines as who-we-are-in-RL (finally) asked for our help.

so we’re off to sharpen pencils and brew another pot of coffee and generally have our deeply-supportive-face-on.

it’s impressive.

you’d never know we were actually thinking about a (very long) weekend in Monaco or what william is up to in whitstable and whether the laurel canyon stores sell butterscotch angel delight because all the British Musicians like it after they’ve been staying out too late at chateau marmont.

it really looks as if we’re Truly Concentrating.


ok – but just a few – we’ve BARELY left the house for DAYS and have been subsisting on bowls of brown rice with kale (yum).


this is for Gallivanta because she knows how important Rumer Godden is (and not just because Mr. Willis and Ms. Moore named one of their children after her)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe saw a few flowers in the daylight when we managed to get outside to catch a few rays of sunshine and some vitamin D.



ok – we took a drive to the Ocean because we Really missed it (this was sunday)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



but mostly we’ve been here (which is admittedly very nice and we adore teamgloria towers). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

burning the midnight oil.

which we must Not do tonight because tomorrow we have a photo shoot.

and we’re not taking the pictures.

oh no.

not allowed.

it’s a Proper Shoot with a Professional Photographer and a Stylist and a Make-up and Hair Artist and everything (there’s even an assistant).

guess who is in Front of the camera?

on Malibu Beach, no less?


who-we-are-in-RL is having her picture done for a MAGAZINE.

apparently she wrote a story and *slightlymistysadlook* you know, talked about Tobias (we almost miss him) and his sisters (they didn’t feature very heavily in the narrative, Tobias did most of the attention-seeking) and she even wrote about US – as in you behind the screen over there *peerswinninglythroughtheinterweb* and how writing as teamgloria (or allowing us, rather, to speak through her at last) and getting all your nice comments and help and support when (few of) you didn’t know who-we-are-in-RL-actually-was Got Her Through It All (we hesitate to say one piece because of course several bits of us are Missing post-surgery).

it’s a lovely story.

so they’re going to publish it.

not for a while – November issue (that means, confusingly, October, right?)

we can’t tell you which magazine yet.

because then it won’t be a surprise.

we adore surprises.

not as much as we adore butterscotch angel delight but there you go.

we must Not Leave The House.

we have to sharpen pencils and Get back to Work (three deadlines fast approaching which is delicious and Terribly Grown-up).

dreaming of a double espresso at bar italia (because we’re getting the surgery date tomorrow).

wanted to do a cute headline but settling for the truth instead. finding out tomorrow when the surgery will be. am going to do that excellent self-care notion and not argue with the medical establishment (a first) but am traveling/travelling for work (then pleasure) most of the summer and am desperate not to be stuck with my neck in agony avoiding opiate pain-killers until at least the end of august. as you can imagine…..

so – in the spirit of avoiding reality and dreaming of another location – we would rather be here!

team gloria whiled away many a splendid morning-afternoon-evening at bar italia (from the late 1980s+) because it was where you could see (and studiously ignore in a deeply cool london-way) the beautiful people (see below, helpfully annotated by us with links to nick kamen’s 501 commercial and ray petri for those who want to know more like the fabulous H near the beach in santa monica).

quelle memories!: rushing through the rain-soaked streets of soho, via old compton street, down wardour street, to the 24 hour professional photography joint joe’s basement (sigh – another RIP – just found out it closed…) to drop off rolls of film (yes children, history lesson) from our first (and last now we come to think of it) gig as a photographer on a pop video shoot (heady days).

here’s a little cultural commentary from bar italia’s site


This is where the cafe culture of the 80’s began. Soho went through a huge renaissance in the 80s and music played an enormous part. Ray Petri of the Buffalo organisation, along with people such as Nick and Barry Kamen, all used to use Bar Italia as their office.

Ray Petri actually used to have his castings in the Bar.

Adam Ant did his record cover Vive Le Rock at Bar Italia. A great guy.

Nino was actually in the video for Sade’s Smooth operator video along with Antonio.

…………………more here