serena & lily: fabric fantasies.

I had a somewhat dispiriting day. It involved meetings with people who see life from the spreadsheet point of view. I’m not one of those people. There’s magic in the numbers. But they come after the vision, the audience, the idea, the brilliance, the exciting oh-my-god-wouldn’t-it-be-great conversations. We don’t speak the same language. But that doesn’t make my way any less valid (she says with a quivering lower lip and a gulped sigh).

Serena & Lily’s new catalogue. It was in my mailbox when I got home. I know I never requested it. And I’m super careful about not getting on mailing lists. But something or someone knew that fabric fantasies, soft throw pillows and dreaming of herringbone blankets was exactly what I needed.

Maybe you do too?

people we love: sally zigmond.

@SallyZig Rosedale Abbey, N Yorks

did some serendipitous surfing on the interweb and found this lovely writer – what a delicious description…..wish I could head to Yorkshire today and find a small farmhouse tea-shop and dreamily stare into the middle distance.¬†

Novelist and short story writer, over-prone to leaning on farm gates and gazing at the view.

Asking Gertrude for insights.

Am a little down. But at least more informed. Nothing worse than listening to one’s head. Qualified people with actual jobs give much more qualified insights.

Now in Bryant park. Looking at the Gertrude stein sculpture.

What would Gertrude suggest?

And would we have any idea what she said? Still. It would be splendid to have tea with her. In a way we guess we are.