oh hello, jet lag

so last night’s special jet lag into the wee small hours was actually rather nice – team gloria spent the time watching Torchwood (bloody brilliant and fully geek-ly satisfying), paying bills (awfully grateful for the day-job-salary), writing notes on our new Kate Spade “tickled pink” cards and…………….a little spot of jet lag/california-inspired decoupage.

the restraint of applying even more gilt and bronzed paint this morning was admirable.

THIS one is going to the office – to the left of the big Mac monitor so only we can see it and sigh a little at the LA story-line of what might have been, what might transpire and what we might, you know, help along a little with our various charms and machinations ;) ahem.

sod the jet lag. the mind still works beautifully.

notes: top left, malibu beach hotel – still there although rather more grand in a beach-house for accidental movie moguls now – do not disturb/The Wilshire (before it was known as BV – look at their NY reservations line # = PL 7-2981 “Plaza seven-two-nine-eight-one!”and Vuitton ads from 1964 HBZ USA (found at movie world on olive/san fernando in the Valley before our Disney meetings), BARBRA of course you recognize (team gloria has a lovely lobby card from What’s up Doc framed in the NY flat), bottom right – Top Gun with Tcruise flashing his pearlys and Dawn Steel (we read her fab book while by the pool last week – they can kill you but they can’t eat you – actually very useful tips for survival in the sniper fire of midtown manhattan) and center/centre left – Counterpoint – on franklin by the Bourgeois Pig – a most excellent late night browse for, say, early Sonny & Cher vinyl.