hello tuesday.




another Tuesday?


so soon?


what shall we talk about?

do you have tea?

we have tea.

oh good, you’re sorted.

then we’ll begin.

did you remember it was Mozart’s birthday yesterday?

we celebrated by listening to much of his Greatest Hits and felt Rather Rousing while conducting an imaginary string quartet while driving down sunset boulevard….


—-en route to another person beginning with M’s birthday!


and what else shall we tell you about?


while waiting (checks/cheques, Commissions, code to be examined on Current “gigs” and consultancy proposals to be consulted About before hired On and probably other things beginning with C but that’s quite Enough to be going on with) we’ve been enjoying a perusal down the Beverly Hills Library Section where the Philosophy books live.

This One particularly caught our eye (bet you spotted that one too) – and it’s jolly good.

more on Mr. J. Baggott’s text when we’ve finished it.

well! we were Very Pleased to receive a Piece of Post from the sprite!

whom – you may well recall – because it was a jolly good drawing – we spent a (probably rather cold, it being on the Other coast at that time) splendid afternoon with Two Years Ago, almost to the day (that day being January 29th 2012 you see).

let’s all wish the sprite the customary theatrical cry of “break a leg” for her performance in Manhattan (or was it in an Outer Borough/off Broadway?)

in other news, we took a small break in the proceedings today and met up with our old friend Amy (she’s not at all old, but we first met her over a decade ago now) and her small son, young Master. J. as he shall be known here.

who has a most excellent collection of spiderman miniature cars.

such fun.

highly recommended.

letters from the East Coast and some pretend race track adventures with miniature cars.

and now we return to normal transmission – and Back to Work.

thank you so much for popping by!

(surprisingly serene) monday.

was it the wearing of the patent leather shiny shiny Doctor Martens?

or perhaps it was the prototype of the Kindness Kit – freshly painted and glazed (love that glitter glaze) waiting for us as we woke up this morning?

maybe the arrival of the lovely BP for our first meeting and taking a snapshot of her very pulled-together-lady-visiting-manhattan-look?

or the fact that we bought perfectly lush roses last night at the two dozen for twelve dollar outdoor stand as it closed at twilight?

or perhaps it’s just that we are relaxing into our new way of life. taking it easy. letting the glands grow back. taking the calcium pills. putting our Day Job in its correct perspective. taking a proper lunch break. and a walk in the park. and checking in regularly with our friends on instagram.

whatever it was – so far – it’s been a surprisingly serene monday.

there’s a potentially manic meeting in a few minutes but hey, we’re chilled.

and our hair is Really Working today.

and we smell Really Good – must be the love butter