buenos dias, darlings

an almost full night’s sleep……. #bliss


we adore a five star hotel ;)

and now le deluge of work, and emails when america-wakes-up, and meetings and thoughtful-head-in-the-side during Questions of-great-import……..

yes. A little walk in the sunshine when we take time between-it-all.

The pleasures of being a woman of (almost) a certain age ;)

Taking time.

Relishing where we are.

Smiling from Spain, darlings. Wrapped in one of those sumptuous white dressing gown/robes.

madcap Madrid

Buenos Dias, darlings!

We’re here!


4.39am, NY time.


This was the British Airways lounge on the Other Side of the Atlantic.


This is Madrid airport, this morning.


This is the Quite Lovely view from The Palace hotel.

And this is where we’re about to Crash……

before getting ready for our First Work meeting (hell, no, Not a vacation/hold/respite – full on Day Job experience for the Whole week).

Talk later……


oh, it’s you, jet lag.


a hotel room overlooking the central courtyard with one of those deep window-sills perfect for sitting on while waiting for room service.

can’t work out the air conditioning unit and anyway enjoying the dry, strong heat.

still over-excited after the protests and the velazquez paintings.

jet lag is never wasted.

team gloria has read some of the most evocative pieces during nights like this, all taken down carefully and annotated in one of the one hundred and sixteen moleskine (blank paper, hard cover, small) journals.

like this —–

once I was shown her photograph in a fashion magazine full of autumn leaves and gloves and windswept golf links.

spring in fialta by nabokov


who has time to read nabokov without jet lag?

_________we are going to be destroyed tomorrow for lack of sleep but we have traveled the world for the day job and it’s kinda peaceful to be here – with our three tumors/tumours and a surgery date on september 9th.

makes one think.

protests outside the palace (hotel)

blimey – we’re not in kansas (or NY) anymore……..collapsed from jet lag inside palatial deluxe pad at the palace hotel and woke up to an urgent message on the telly:

there will be riots against capitalism today and a strong police presence. call the concierge for transportation as it will be difficult to leave or return to the hotel between one and four PM

team gloria response while looking around at lovely room and plush white robe:

gosh. the last time we were anywhere near a riot we weren’t sitting inside a 5 star hotel, we were in it (poll tax riots england 89? the memory is hazy to be honest)

and then, we will admit, guiltily:

oh no! what about the Prado?!


we are drinking tea downstairs in the lobby before putting on our democratic blue jeans and dr. martens (the pearls are in the safe) and only a whisp of mascara and heading OUT!

will report back……..jolly exciting.