making memories is an odd way to pass the time.


we’ve been thinking (never a good idea before the dark embrace of caffeine truly kicks in, but there you go, it’s tuesday) about the just-over-four-months that we’ve now been Back in sunny southern california.


we have been faithfully documenting ideas and notions in the moleskine journals (#151 in case you’re keeping count)

– actually #124 was quite lovely in its own way

– and back in Nov 2011 we met someone who had an Orange moleskine and a very swish pair of heels – gosh that DOES seem like a lifetime ago (isn’t that the point of recording and noting Events so one can understand the passage of Time?).

wowzer! (yes, we pressed the “search” button) – here’s where we Photographed early moleskines from #1 onwards.

you see #1 was to stop us going cRazY during the not-knowing-if-our-work-visa-to-the-USA would get renewed (this was back in April 2003 – a decade ago).

so we started to write to uncover and reveal and other sorts of words that mean Finding Out What is Going On.

it helped that we were in Claridges for the first one (alas not staying there – merely for tea as we recall – it’s Very close to the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we don’t Just write in moleskines journals.

sometimes we make little notes about people, places and things that we want to write about in books and movies in tiny notebooks that lovely people send us from Berlin.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we often write by candlelight (this is the wild flowers inspired one from shabby chic to celebrate rachel ashwell’s prairie).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

you see writers-that-have-inspired-us-since-childhood Always kept notebooks. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

it was recording the witty and wonderful Mr. Nathan Gibson (hat-maker-to-the-stars) and his bon mots in her own notebooks that inspired Anita when she came to write the character of Dorothy in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

you see memories can be made anywhere.

but they are especially delicious when Made in Malibu.*

*wear sunscreen and a large becoming hat at all times.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand Most Often they are made while driving silently at night with the sunset ahead and the mountains to the right.

(memories – not notes – although we Will confess to scribbling down pen marks in the little shorthand book that we carry in the car but ONLY when stopped at the red light).

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”

― Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Earnest

but some of us are looking at the stars………

we are feeling So Much Better today – all that scary stuff has been dissolved by lots of pure mineral water, Tons of Sleep and a large pot of weak tea and novels and – curiously affecting – Being There from 1979 with Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine (whom we once sat Awfully Nearby in a Hollywood restaurant and – blimey – a Ribald sense of fun and a Very wide and deep vocab, darlings ;)

and the Lovely George sent us a delicious card with his elegant penmanship tracing out immortal words from the great Oscar.

the card is perched whimsically by the windows where we sit, right now, eating half a grapefruit, very slowly, and watching the tiny birds Frolic on the newly sprung canopy of leaves.

continuing on the Oscar note, another friend just sent us a “txt” from Paris!

where – due to our recommendations, he is staying at the Hotel La Sorbonne! ah – memories of Paris.

No, twas not the Very Same hotel that Oscar met his demise……….but it Does have Very distinct wallpaper (in our room it was a dusky red, almost bordello-like) – so we felt somewhat attuned.

Packing awaits us today, in fact.

as we shall gather up our various pashminas (pashminae?) and medications and the Comme Des Garcons long black dress that we wore to the Gala for La Divine Deneuve and snatch the European adaptors from the cupboard with various black stretchy NY executive apparel and a couple of Tailored jackets and Fly to Espana tomorrow night…………..

after a week of Work, we are staying with a Very glorious friend for an evening and then heading to Lisbon until May 2nd.

Oscar would approve, we are sure – especially of our clandestine and covert nature of La Vie Double as we live it – can you Just picture Wilde on the internet, darlings? Multiple personas, an Official site curated by Some young chap in Bosie’s employ and numerous witticisms throughout art blogs and curated cultural delights…………

delicious, we’re sure ;)