happy friday.


happy friday.

we are Too Too Tired to Type – and we are Expected somewhere with our work-face on in an hour or so – but we have returned to Los Angeles and had a Most Delicious time south of Oceanside and then North of Malibu (yes, it was a LONG drive home) where we were given hot mint tea to sip and a view of the sunset for the second day in a row but 100 miles in the Opposite Direction.

but life is good.

delicious, in fact.


this was the cloudy view Very Early yesterday morning (we awoke at 5.45 and headed out in the car shortly after dawn) as we took a constitutional on the Beach before we needed to be Smart and Alert to support who-we-are-in-RL during her (most interesting) Day…….


and then – MANY hours later – we drove back up to Los Angeles and across to Malibu for an evening’s engagement up high in the Canyons (not the Joni Mitchell Canyon) but another one that climbs and climbs and climbs up to a Very High Elevation *vaguelooktocamera*)9b408fda00ac11e3904e22000a1f928e_7

thankfully there was hot mint tea and friendly faces (not shown) at the top and we stayed until nightfall making it very carefully down the Canyon again feeling kind and happy and rather sleepy so we stopped in at a late night cafe in pacific palisades and had a little snack to make sure we got home safely.

and now it’s friday.

isn’t that splendid?

what will You be doing first thing Saturday morning?

visual descriptions most welcome (if they’re pretty – you know we like pretty visuals).

hello, oceanside


who-we-are-in-RL has a Very Important set of Business Meetings tomorrow about 100 miles south of where we reside and so she decided to leave Early and spend the night in Oceanside before we continue on the Journey in the morning.


we had a delicious experience of yummy mexican food fine dining.


according to the Very Helpful visitor’s guide:

San Diego’s North Shore, Oceanside is a classic California beach community with its warm sandy beaches, historic wooden pier and Cape Cod-style harbor village complete with unlimited water sports and recreation. Offering a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle, visitors still experience the casual spirit that made Southern California’s beach culture legendary.


there were lots of friendly people to talk to which is always nice. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

people actually gather at the Ocean to watch the sun set (isn’t that b e a u t i f u l?)

more from the Visitor’s guide:

With its year round sunny climate, and average temperature of 70 degrees, Oceanside’s weather has been rated by USA Today as the second most ideal climate in the United States, and the fifth most ideal weather in the world.*


who makes these decisions?


where are the Other Places?

this is paradise, people!

(sadly the clever search algorithm at USA Today could not illuminate us further – if you have the List – would you send it our way? Most Kind)


we have a particular fondness for train tracks at twilight, especially one that has been here since the Railroad arrived in 1882.


don’t you wonder where this train track goes?

wonder no longer, darlingsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand don’t you just Adore a Pier?

if you’re curious about the history of Oceanside there’s more here.

we would stick around to tell you about the Pier and the cultural amusements therein but we must get down to some engaging cultural experiences (yes, there’s a TV here and we don’t have one at teamgloria towers).


goodnight from oceanside.

see you tomorrow.

btw, as the young people say, your skin looks glow-y – new cream? gosh – or are you in Love? both? blimey.