gosh, hello officer.


we got stopped at a US border control CHECKPOINT this evening!3e8b1a5e678a11e3985f0e47fb3a0096_8

sadly they didn’t want to see our green card – they just stopped Certain Cars and “ran the plates”* as they say in America

*for our British chums, that would be “As per Protocol, we called Scotland Yard and asked for Sergeant Smith to check the list of stolen vehicles from the blue folder in the last-but-one-filing-cabinet, Sir”)

we weren’t even (that) near the Border (to Mexico).

but they were definitely looking for someone else who sadly wasn’t as far along in the immigration process as we now are – being of the status of a Permanent Resident Alien (minus the Extra Terrestrial connotations).

but it’s true we did drive almost 200km in-that-direction as who-we-are-in-RL was doing some Digital Consulting.

and we’re having breakfast with friends at some terribly early hour in east L.A tomorrow so we had to drive back.

the distinct plus side was that we got to see the Ocean when we arrived this morning (slightly bleary eyed and in need of a lot of caffeine it has to be said)

f85034e8673e11e394b412c5bc47fc98_8as well as just as the sun was about-to-set)c914b8da677e11e3912e0a67fd6ef8ef_8

l’heure bleu vraiment.


and now we must s l e e p.


sweet dreams on your side of the world (or a perky cup of tea if it’s that time of the morning already where you Are).


early mornings, deadlines and something for supper with kale.



we’ve missed you.

but we MUST return to the deadlines as who-we-are-in-RL (finally) asked for our help.

so we’re off to sharpen pencils and brew another pot of coffee and generally have our deeply-supportive-face-on.

it’s impressive.

you’d never know we were actually thinking about a (very long) weekend in Monaco or what william is up to in whitstable and whether the laurel canyon stores sell butterscotch angel delight because all the British Musicians like it after they’ve been staying out too late at chateau marmont.

it really looks as if we’re Truly Concentrating.


ok – but just a few – we’ve BARELY left the house for DAYS and have been subsisting on bowls of brown rice with kale (yum).


this is for Gallivanta because she knows how important Rumer Godden is (and not just because Mr. Willis and Ms. Moore named one of their children after her)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe saw a few flowers in the daylight when we managed to get outside to catch a few rays of sunshine and some vitamin D.



ok – we took a drive to the Ocean because we Really missed it (this was sunday)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



but mostly we’ve been here (which is admittedly very nice and we adore teamgloria towers). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

burning the midnight oil.

which we must Not do tonight because tomorrow we have a photo shoot.

and we’re not taking the pictures.

oh no.

not allowed.

it’s a Proper Shoot with a Professional Photographer and a Stylist and a Make-up and Hair Artist and everything (there’s even an assistant).

guess who is in Front of the camera?

on Malibu Beach, no less?


who-we-are-in-RL is having her picture done for a MAGAZINE.

apparently she wrote a story and *slightlymistysadlook* you know, talked about Tobias (we almost miss him) and his sisters (they didn’t feature very heavily in the narrative, Tobias did most of the attention-seeking) and she even wrote about US – as in you behind the screen over there *peerswinninglythroughtheinterweb* and how writing as teamgloria (or allowing us, rather, to speak through her at last) and getting all your nice comments and help and support when (few of) you didn’t know who-we-are-in-RL-actually-was Got Her Through It All (we hesitate to say one piece because of course several bits of us are Missing post-surgery).

it’s a lovely story.

so they’re going to publish it.

not for a while – November issue (that means, confusingly, October, right?)

we can’t tell you which magazine yet.

because then it won’t be a surprise.

we adore surprises.

not as much as we adore butterscotch angel delight but there you go.

we must Not Leave The House.

we have to sharpen pencils and Get back to Work (three deadlines fast approaching which is delicious and Terribly Grown-up).

whistle a happy tune. Or some other psychological trickery that works.

Make believe you’re brave
And the trick will take you far
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

as much as we adore the tinklingly-beautiful-voice and correct pronunciation of Marni Nixon aka voice-of-Deborah Kerr, we have to say THIS is our completely favo(u)rite version.

or maybe this one……(although we’re not sure about the peach macintosh)

we digress.

what do you do, darlings, when you’re afraid?

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 7.23.18 AM

do you watch The Muppet Show?

(did we ever tell you that every time we drive up – or down – La Brea – we wave to Kermit?)


do you settle down against the back cushions of the couch and watch a Doris Day and Mr. Hudson movie?


do you admire the natural beauty of the mountains while driving-to-sunday-lunch in the Valley beyond the Valley?


do you go for a long walk at twilight and take photographs of twinkling nights like pearls between buildings softly settling down into the evening light?



perhaps you wait for dawn to arrive, poised with grown-up camera and just sit quietly at the end of the bed and take deep breaths and know that everything will be ok.




do you buy yourself white roses and polish up a small silver cup – just like you admired in a magazine years ago and create a still-life? 


do you take a nap under cool sheets and warm comforters/duvets and listen to the birds sing outside?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

do you get in the car and drive-drive-drive while listening to the radio and sing along to all the bits you know from sappy-call-in-love-songs-shows?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

do you go and sit by the Ocean and let the sound of the crashing surf block out the cRAzy thoughts?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

do you ask people (nicely) to help with stuff or maybe just listen?

do you take a swim and let the sunshine tickle the back of your neck?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Make believe you’re brave
And the trick will take you far
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

we actually don’t whistle very well.

and yet we do Try.

the rest of the psychological trickery we are Very good at ;-)

what do You do?

do. tell.


Tranquil afternoon tea in a canyon.


We crashed at nursery-supper-time (1830 hours) and drifted in and out while listening to the BBC and the next thing we knew it was 01.44AM!

Not sure what time zone we’re on.

But 2AM *can* be a “call-time” in this Town if one is on a movie (while on Location to catch the Light).

We’re not in a movie (but we have been – one time we Must tell you more about working with the Talented Mr. Greenaway) but we might as well be; tis awfully cinematic.


From the dawn chorus…..


To driving by the Ocean (this one is for Julia in Berlin by special Request).


And lunch in malibu with our Friends the Franciscans (who make their beautiful place on the bluffs available for quiet contemplation and a Pause on a bench overlooking the Pacific).

Before heading back down the 101 (a mistake – it took simply Hours – note to self – audiobooks for the rental).

To Tea with bumble ward and her scrumptious canine companions!


This was a Most magical spot nestled high in one of the canyons near the once beloved lair of a silent movie star…………

We sipped tea as the breezes tickled the treetops and spoke of England and los angeles and movie studios and Life and tickled under the chin of an obliging pup and smiled a Lot at the notion of building a Future here on the West Coast once more.


And we (almost) forgot to Mention that we did get approved for a Car!

More on that on Monday when we go to pick her (?) up.


So now it’s 2.47AM and we are still awake so clearly the twinkling candlelight will greet the dawn.


Until our belongings arrive on the Truck, we have no lamps.

But we do have movies on-the-laptop so all is not lost.

Do you have a special film that you love to watch if awake in the early hours?

Or a re-run television show?

Off to check out our digital library – so Modern as William would say.