hello frankfurt! hello new zealand! hello cross continental flight! and *shhh* OM to the sighting on a meditation cushion in berlin


we are so very VERY grateful for all the delicious sightings.

here are today’s.



darlings – oh look……..*proud_smile*……doesn’t the book look so very Pretty in New Zealand at Gallivanta’s house wearing two simple (and very beautiful) strands of pearls, on a soft cushion, fragrantly lounging next to some best-wishes-from-bay-leaves?


and here it is again – this time on a cross-continental (the Americas, we believe, although we Could be wrong) with the inspirational design guru Ms. Gretchen Anderson


this is Mr. Tom in Frankfurt enjoying the book while listening to some deep grooves.

beautycalypseand here’s the book in Digital Format (so modern, as William would say) on a m e d i t a t i o n cushion (speak softly for this one) at the house (yoga studio annex/rooftop aerie?) of Ms. Beautycalypse

glorious sightings all!

and in other news:


we caught up on lots of work – sending out 50 handwritten (of the 500 ordered so quite a few to go!) cards promoting The Digital Check Up c667f1a4a6ff11e3b79212c22f46ab0d_8yes, those Are special edition Harry Potter stamps (and why not – we like to keep a British theme whenever possible) and yes, we did work, even though it was a saturday but we generally work 7 days a week if you have not already noticed that but we love what we do and there are Lots of gaps during time zones where our Editors from Abroad are asleep, when we go to the movies……

d37c143ca72811e3a50e128da8721583_8or ride around in floral delivery vans for an hour or two (more on that on Wednesday when the Column comes out in Los Angeles, I’m Yours)!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand sit in the car in an outdoor parking lot for a while just to admire the sun as it sets in blazing glory over east los angeles – before driving West again and singing to suitably rousing radio stations playing stuff like This on an intensely glorious rotation.

tea in NZ while registering scripts in Los Angeles #veryModern



while we slept – due to the Magical Nature of the Interweb we took tea with the charming Gallivanta in New Zealand while managing to Get Ready for what’s next (whatever that is – that’s the most delicious thing about What’s Next – it could well be Anything, really).

it might be CHINA.

(we’ve had an introduction to a conference that might just want who-we-are-in-RL to talk about Stuff-we-have-Learned and the book, of course, which would be splendid and probably sell a few copies at least).

or Helsinki. Or even Stockholm.

(we’re on some shortlists for digital events in 2014 and sort of waiting-by-the-phone in a curious-to-see-what-transpires sort of a way).

in the meantime, there’s Consulting Calls.


and sending out nice mash notes.

while “putting it out there” (as the Americans call wishing-and-hoping) that we’re ready for an Agent on this Coast (we adore our Agent on The Other Coast but she does books and we’ve also written several screenplays).

which we needed to Register (again – we had before but that was a different address and these things Lapse, apparently).


so that was jolly exciting.

we (re) Registered 4 screenplays this morning (practically before dawn) and so now we’re ready.

because we’ve learned that Not Being Ready is another word (actually 3) for sabotage.

so – basically – we’ve done our bit – now it’s time.

for the phone to ring.

and because we never actually wait by-the-phone, we booked a silent retreat for new year’s eve.

silentretreatthis is where we’ll be to say goodbye 2013 and hola 2014 (if we decide on a moment of spanish, which would be appropriate with the surrounding architecture themes now we come to think of it).

have you made plans?

do. tell.