take off and landing.


we took off from JFK – lightly packed and ably fit with reading materials…..


and six hours later – whoosh!


11:40PM LAX and a smooth ride home.

Not sure where our spirit is – it takes longer than the corporeal self to touchdown. Perhaps it stopped off in Chicago to admire the windy city and the soaring skyscrapers of Ad-Land.

It may even have decided to re-visit Kansas.

There’s no knowing until we realize it is back.

Of course with the amount of Travel we did for the Day Job, we often wonder if Bits of our psyche are scattered with the four winds throughout CHINA, Paris, Milan, INDIA and near that lovely temple we visited after work meetings in Taipei.

We will just have to go around the world again (more slowly and quietly and reflectively) on our Book Tour and re-configure our fractal-shaken-soul into a new cohesive CPU (central processing unit for the less geeky of our Friends).


But first we  s  l e e p.


planning for the exhibition…


as you may recall *looksquicklytocamera* – we Did mention this, non?

we have An Exhibition.

isn’t that glorious?

just checked in with the owner of the cafe/artSpace back in SoHo *blush* NYC and we Are Agreed on the materials therein – just waiting now for extra permission slips from the people-in-the-portraits so they feel comfortable being stared at through a lorgnette or two.



so – as it stands – here are the Pictures Chosen *blush*

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 10.09.31 AM

the landscapes will be printed Large (as posters) and commercially available (the polite british words do still amuse) – the portraits will be smaller (11 x 16 most likely – still discussing this With Our Printer) and given as gifts, after the exhibition comes down, to the owners portrayed.

so exciting.

more nearer the time.

it runs throughout May 2013 in a small cafe/artSpace in NYC.



packed and ready for Los Angeles (part 1)


So it’s the night before the night before. …as it were…and we’re Packed and ready to fly to Los Angeles for part 1 of our journey back to the Other Coast after almost 7years in manhattan. 

Always good to get Really Sentimental and hopelessly festive by watching a suitably uplifting and twinkly movie.

This trip is to find somewhere to live.

And a car to drive (it being L.A)

But we are having Feelings about leaving NY.

Especially when the city is doing Such a good job of being all delicious and warm and sparkly. 

As it was today.


All congenial over Brunch with its inhabitants in basic black (and a couple spotted with berets too) sipping espresso and sharing the sunday papers.


And tiny new yorkers danced to their own rhythm in greenwich village.


Even the sunrise this morning was tranquil and not up and at em overachieving at All (because everyone here is now on Vacation).


We have a fresh moleskine (#145) to write in as we take off.

And all our data is backed up (*concerned-look-to-camera* is Yours, darlings?)


So we can take the laptop and know all is well (for we deliver the Book Assets in the new year when we sign the Contract with our Publisher and smile a lot at our clever Literary Agent).

Some people keep text-ing-us to say “are you there or here?” which is sort of depressing that they’re obviously not Regular readers of us here #sigh.

Some we respond to.

Others we don’t.

Just like some respond to our letters and requests or connecting and thanking.

And some – well – don’t.

But we’ve been here before.

Transitions are by their nature changeable and relationships wax and wane like the moon or the size of one’s office.

We’re still here (Carol tells the story best).

The biggest issue (and we struggle to write this) is that our application for permanent residency (the card that is not in fact green in the plastic-y-reality) is now due for a decision (after, yes, almost 12 years in the usa so if you’re an American reading this, you’ll know that we clearly want to be in your country, and we’ve discovered patience Is a Virtue and pretty much a Requirement too).

And it might come through. It might not. That happens. More often than you might imagine. Especially with the economy the way it is.

So when people say: “are you moving to LA permanently?!” (the double punctuation is for the incredulous new yorker Residents who cannot Believe that anyone would do so).

We don’t know.

Is the answer.

But we are definitely flying There tomorrow, darlings. 

Stay tuned for the sound of the Pacific Ocean upon touchdown tomorrow.

One magical thought to leave you with.

Two people we know are also flying into LA tomorrow at around the same time – but one is immediately driving south and the other has a layover before taking the final 14 hours to Sydney. Whenever we are in an airport and a Name pops into our head, we wonder if they’re in the airport too. Flying on somewhere else.

It reminds us of the night one of our uncles (we have several actually -large family – for another Time) asked us to meet a teenage friend of one of our cousins (many more of those) who was changing planes in LA from INDIA en route to england. 

Of course!

We said (because we adore an adventure).

So we met the teen and decided we would eat at encounter at LAX.

Do you know it?



Rather Trippy. 

We created Quite a stir, apparently, when The teen got back to blighty and told them about their 3hours in a neon lit bubble with someone charming but rather eccentric who had Many stories to tell.


Eccentricity is a great cover for when one is scared of what is to come.

We had only just arrived in LA ourselves a short while before. And in those days still needed to pretend we knew what we were doing and that it was All Sorted.

Now, of course, we haven’t a Clue what’s going on at All.

And that’s rather freeing.

In a California style way.

twice over lightly.

in 1972, Anita Loos and Helen Hayes (then both in somewhat Advanced ages of life but having had a Most glorious set of Lives between them – Broadway, Hollywood and the odd “cure” in a Swiss Clinic to boot – we cast no aspersions, anita was doing Research for Hollywood) wrote a book called: Twice Over Lightly.

now Twice Over Lightly is the Most Entertaining results of two smart, sassy and curious women who wanted to discover the hidden nooks and darkest most strangest secrets of New York City.

they had both lived here for many years.

but their lives had revolved around the Theatre and the movies (and we’re talking D. W. Griffiths and the Silent movies not just Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) and Helen even has a theatrical establishment named after her (where Rock of Ages is currently playing – we can just imagine Anita and Helen grabbing their glorious winter coats and heading for the exit as soon as the final crescendo of heavy rock ensues and giggling gently as they walk, arm in arm, to Carnegie Deli for a slice of dry toast).

so Anita and Helen (may we call them that?) decided to explore the NYC that they didn’t already know – and had great adventures.

you know where we’re going with this post by now, we assume?


we’re going to take a Few Chapters out of Twice Over Lightly and re-enact them.

with some of our friends.

and – darlings – with you.

isn’t that glorious?


the Clock is Ticking on our time in this dark and strange yet bold and beautiful city (10 weeks and counting) so we’re going to Celebrate it to the max.

won’t that be delicious?

we thought so.

any tips for us?

where would You go in NYC if you had a free afternoon or twenty?

do. tell.

back to black (and white) #NYC

so despite the late-late-late-ness of the delayed-delayed-delayed flight back from Miami last night – we returned home to NYC once more.

to some delicious black & white photography opportunities (a walk down the Bowery) and a divine portrait of our friend Greg (another in our Project to record our lovely friends on This Coast before we move to the Other Coast) and supper in a diner with NmP.

no jet lag (no time difference) but still an out-of-body-experience flying from the mellow ice-cream colors/colours/shades of South Beach to the gritty lower-east-side and tough talk of N-Y-C.

it’s good to be back.

late night spaghetti.

wanna know what’s great? Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… and ya know, it was my kitchen, it was my refrigerator, it was my apartment… and it was the BEST peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I have had in my entire life

wendy in St Elmo’s Fire

we’ve been keeping strange (late) hours recently.

not sure why.

that’s a lie.

we do.

everything’s changing and so we can’t sleep – we’ll be leaving new york, exiting Corporate America, giving away the teapot, the Diana Vreeland framed print and the original Avedon shot (on the vinyl) of Barbra.

but. not. quite. yet.

it’ll all be happening shortly (depending on your notion of shortly – ours is fairly hazy) – but definitely leaving New York by the holidays (the one with a tree as a central design motif, not the pumpkin one).

and so (because we’re Very Sentimental, if you’ve just joined us and Didn’t Know that, darlings) we think about this every time we use a household object – especially when whipping up a plate of late night (whole wheat) spaghetti with a good olive oil sauce and a slightly sad looking plum tomato.

as we use the small french enamel saucepan or the red iron bottomed casserole (which we can barely lift – Julia Child must have had the most Awesome upper body strength) or the white plates (Conran, naturally) we have a running list (helpfully being kept by Jonathan) of To Whom aforementioned object will be given upon our leaving New York.

you see we like to travel lightly.

and there are things we have had to buy in New York (suit jackets, Lacroix scarves) that we won’t need in our new life in Los Angeles (black jeans, black t-shirts, espadrilles).

there are also things that we don’t want to ship – because we can replace at the other end – and buy things that will fit into wherever and whatever we find ourselves upon arrival – on another note – that’s the odd thing about moving – but not moving quite yet – we wanted to renew some subscriptions But We Don’t Yet Have An Address (an odd, slightly fuzzy in the stomach feeling that one – but it’s not our first time doing this moving thing).

the list has sentimental value: pictures we won’t need in L.A and that we know people like NmP will treasure and our teapot can go to KOC because we went to tea at his place the other day and he said he didn’t have one so we said “you can have ours” and he said, “then you can visit it!”

which is sort of the point.

like pollinating a little gloria-ous-ness back East when we physically will live on the Other Coast.

it can backfire, this leaving stuff behind.

we did it once in London and then – due to circumstances beyond our control (heartbreak) – we ended up living with them again at a friend’s flat while we tried to piece ourselves together sleeping-on-the-sofa and emigrate a few days later. the cups and bowls didn’t seem so delightful so early in their new household as we sobbed on the counter and ate more muesli than necessary.

so – the late hour of writing to you now – is also accompanied by Having A Cold (which Everyone in the office has had apart from us because we were on holiday) and so the Cold waited for our Return – voila – sneezing – but not serious but since you-know-what we are Very Careful with our battered immune system due to lacking certain glands and such.

and we’re eating spaghetti.

whole-wheat and – this makes us giggle – we were reading, in bed, and suddenly felt Hungry so padded to the kitchen (alcove) in our bare feet and thought “what shall we make?” and the fridge yielded nothing much (comme tous jours, darlings – this being New York and we work Late and so eat Out a Lot) and then we did something we’d seen in the movies.

we took the single (plum) tomato (almost off its game, to be honest) and some Good Olive Oil (from Portugal) and garden peas from the freezer (we did grow up in England, everyone has peas in the freezer there) and added excellent sea salt from the delicious herb store round the corner and whipped up a small gourmet feast – just like they do in fine novels.

 and here we sit, listening to the dulcet late-night-tone of Mark Lawson (from the BBC) talking about Shakespeare (which they do a Lot on Radio 4) on Front Row, eating spaghetti and wondering if we trust ourselves with a pot of decaf or whether we’ll pull out the wrong mason jar of coffee and be buzzy all night.

we’ve already called in sick tomorrow.

we need to sniffle and sleep and get better.

and keep making the list of where everything will go and to whom and you-know – late night thoughts that will probably seem Quite Different in the light of day.

even a monday.

or perhaps especially a monday.

it’s a strange life.

but an exciting one.



Lisbon – Madrid – NYC – may day protests


Changed plans at Madrid after leaving Lisbon this morning.


7 and a half hours later, landed in NYC.

And then drove around with a demented cab driver as all the streets were closed due to may day protests


An interesting combination of former radicalism (Poll Tax Riots, student protests back at London University days), a moment in our life in shared housing, signing on (the dole) and getting immersed in various out-there-movements-surging-on-coldharbour-lane………all mixed up with tiredness and jetlag (from a very well-heeled business trip in Europe) and, we’ll be Honest, fear around Immigration that keeps our desire to participate somewhat muted at this juncture of our life and yet, and Yet, teaching certain people to become Clandestine Columnists and feel comfortable around Technology and thus Have A Voice feels like the Most Radical Acts we’ve ever done, darlings.

We made it home.

Let’s see what’s next.

Iisbon-madrid-NYC #ontheroadagain

Next time we breathe fresh (ish) air again, it will be american……

En route.

On the road.

Up in the air (soon) again.

Obrigada, Portugal…..

Happy may day, darlings: may it be all orange blossom and maypoles and morris dancers and a parade and a carnival princess and Queen on a Float and Revels.

emerging from jetlag #backInNYC

Loving the diversity of NYC.

a fast and furious almost-summer_light pick-up game at W 4th.

skateboards on the subway.

raw art.

Only in NYC. Yellow trousers? Could be Miami. A mini amp? Maybe Manchester. But both? NYC. Definitely.

The streetside booksellers.

Kinda sad.

Despite the fabulous finds. (vintage interior mags for decoupage).

Because they only exist when houseclearers are left to the spoils of a life that ended. But no-one inherited.

All you need is Love.

(and a great chiropractor and acupuncturist – we saw ours – the body is emerging healed. The spirit is probably still somewhere over the northern Seaboard).

Tomorrow we Return to the office.

Who knows what awaits……