gulp. on the UK’s newsstands now!



whispers….: – – – –¬†who-we-are-in-RL has written a Cover Story (blimey) for a lovely UK magazine called Red.


what’s that?


would you like to read it?


we’re Not entirely sure if we’re meant to be sharing this – so do consider buying a subscription so the magazine doesn’t get cross at losing a potential sale (but we know many of you are very Far away from an English Newsagent so might not get a chance to see it all)



Red Magazine Nov 2013 sophia stuart



it’s out there now, isn’t it.

we didn’t mean that as a pun.

or m a y b e we *did*

she looks nice though but we have to admit we did NOT recognize her with the lack of Doctor Martens or black clothing (is that CORAL?!) – well.

here we go.

and so it begins…….


did you like the bit about – oh – let’s see – we’ll go and get it….

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.44.10 PMyes.

that bit was for you.


just so you know.