jake and rosie – the movie.


we had a meeting with jake to discuss the movie.


jake said he had a real thing (albeit secret until now) for the Babs and Mr. Redford film “The Way We Were”

less for the theme song

he said

more for the general ambiance and sepia-toned lighting and soft, slow unfolding story

gosh, we said

rosie – any thoughts?

rosie just ran around very fast and then did a little overbite to camera (not shown – except in the movie, briefly).

after our initial surprise (but hey, he’s one deep dog), we agreed to work on a Concept – and this is what we all came up with – a team effort – and a few tears were shed in the making (good ones).

hello, palm springs.


it’s gorgeous here.

and the mercury is rising…….it was 104 degrees (whatever that is in old money) when we arrived late yesterday #phew.

a scorcher.

and delicious.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe have a book to read, thoughts to let roam around one’s head, blood pressure to see drop, a pool to swim in, splendid companionship with the Host (mr. GB) and a movie to make………..


here’s our subject.


Zippy is ready for his close-up.

sumptuous linens, deep-deep-sofas and an afternoon at the beach.


a truly beauteous day……

we wrote 2000 (!!) words of The House On Church Row (no sneak peek today – it’s getting Rather involved and we’d just like to Finish it as opposed to confuse ourselves greatly).

then we met friends-for-lunch in Beverly Hills and afterwards drove to Santa Monica to the divine Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture to interview someone from their HQ for our column next week in Los Angeles, I’m Yours.




the bed linens there are just too too beautiful for words.


and there were fresh rose buds in tiny vases on the counter and Ms. Carla Bruni on the sound system.

we had achieved so much by 3pm today that we decided to Take The Rest Of The Day Off and go to the beach.

so we did.

isn’t that glorious?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



you’re right! that does look familiar (just in case you’re outside the USA and naughty You Tube won’t let you see it….here’s another clue from Mr. seeing-stars.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we peeked through foliage.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and admired the human-dolphins-in-slinky-black-wetsuits.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

before slowly making our way home – with sandy toes and salt-kissed calves and extra freckles and tousled sun-bleached hair. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*sighs*

a really lovely day.

in fact a splendid week so far and it’s only tuesday night.

did you have a delicious tuesday?

any sand in your toes?


all you need is love and someone to help one through the bureaucracy of small business administration.



a full day.

and before we start we have a Tiny Confession.

while we might be Rather Forthcoming (here) with you……

…….who-we-are-in-RL is, how can we put this, Terribly Shy.

so You know all about the book and the exhibition and the Plans and the dreams and the Hopes but, in RL, she is very Modest and, well, hasn’t told that many people about Any of it.


you might ask….



there’s Tall Poppy Syndrome (do you know it?)

and there’s jealousy and incredulity and but-you-had-a-Proper-Job-are-you-insane?

not to mention – (gulp) – Others’ expectations (which they do hate to have shattered once one is In A Category in their minds).

so while You know all about everything (pretty much – *winktocamera*) the Outside World well, doesn’t.

so when she went to a gathering at a lovely friend’s house last night where Several were well-met-by-low-lamplight and someone said:

it’s so good to see you back!

and someone else said:

why did you leave NYC? did you get a job back here?

and she said something cute (and really quite disingenuous – we had to go and get a glass of water, no ice, from the kitchen in disgust) like:

just missed it here terribly

and adjusted the pashmina round her shoulders (the AC is sometimes built for men-who-work-out and she hasn’t Quite reached the age of hot flashes as yet…..) and did a tight little smile.


that did it.

when the Question came up again, we prodded her Hard and suddenly she started to cry (softly – it was actually pretty, not the running-nose-variety) and Told All – the book deal the exhibition, the literary agent and everything

writing and taking photographs was all I ever wanted to do.

it was very touching.

we were Rather Moved actually.

and everyone was shocked.

but Ever So Nice afterwards.

so that’s that.

everyone knows.

well not Everyone but more than before, put it that way.

it was such an emotional Freeing (as the Americans might call it) Moment that we took a long stroll back to teamgloria towers and saw lovely things at l’heure bleu and stopped outside several houses to admire the night blooming jasmine and, at one apartment building, when someone was playing Gershwin late into the night, we sat on the wall and just felt full.

have you had that feeling recently?


05eb5006b85811e29d6822000a9e0849_7 67bb18eab85611e2b39c22000a1f8adc_7

so back to what we Wanted to write about now that’s out of the way.


actually that’s NOT what we wanted to write about but we’ve found the Magic of Putting Things Here and then they sort of sort themselves out (or people walk up to us and say “this is how you do that” which is delicious and Most Helpful).

so – having a registered S Corp in NYC (teamgloria, inc) but not Living in NYC (anymore) – and wanting to Deposit one’s Advance Check/cheque (GLORIAous abundance) into a bank account but not having (yet, yet) a business license for California and taking the Check back to Manhattan but the Bank can’t seem to open the Account (grrrrr) due to location issues but the California branch won’t do it because the Business is Registered in NYC – arghhhhh.


(said in a small voice).

here’s what we’ve done –

a. told the bank we’ll take our (vast, one hopes, at some point) business ELSEWHERE if they don’t do it with the Confirmation of Incorporation Letter and 2 x tax returns filed and paid (squire)

b. made an appointment at the local “small business administration” to get Help With Forms (said vaguely and rather apprehensively because it All Costs Money).

you are lovely for listening to all that.

so we Dealt with that frustration while having a lovely day, actually.


we got up Awfully Early for a breakfast downtown with the lovely Lanie DenslowOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then we drove to silver lake to have a Photography Lighting Lesson with the gifted (and also lovely) Reuben ReynosoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

who let us take his portrait too (this is his arm). 


and this is Reuben.



and then there was More Driving and some more frustration regarding Administration matters and not a lot of work was done and we got a Blinding Headache and so did what we always do in this circumstances (well, not always, but Often).

we took the rest of the day off – resolved to work this evening (like now)

and went to the movies (because we adore the work of director Susanne Bier).

this is the Japanese official site (always Fascinating to see how different movies are presented to Different cultures and they have the Trailer) and this is the Danish site on that-strange-international-book-of-everyone-but-us.

Love-Is-All-You-Need-poster-03 love_is_all_you_need-1

we felt So Much Better after the movies (we always do).

Pierce Brosnan is splendid and Nobody wears a blue shirt with such a good effect on the Irish eyes – all brooding and broken and trying-hard but needs-love.

Do see it.

it’s Very moving – there’s illness and redemption and doing-up-a-villa-in-Italy (what’s not to love there) and a wedding-being-planned and stolen kisses and buying pretty dresses and balconies and gazing into the blue azure beyond.


we sobbed.

and not just because of the small business administration snafu with the Bank.

a delicious evening avec @Populaire_film


Quelle deliciousness-of-a-film-experience – Populaire!

which we saw at a screening (don’t you Adore a Screening?) chez the french film festival in los angeles last night.


rosy-rose-pink, typewriters, flouncy dresses, flouncy misses-with-attitude, Paris! (and les banlieus and how-to-escape through one’s Talents – Oh, how we Relate), dancing! romain dupris being all pouty-charmant-suave-and-a-tiny-bit-naughty, Enchanting Déborah François and a small but perfect cameo role for the exquisite Bérénice Bejo.


the sets! the glamour! the cinephile references to everything from icy blondes shot by that strange little english man,  to la Divine Deneueve (circa 1964), La Musique! the fast-paced-romance which built to a (very sexy) red-hued love scene *blush*.


moving swiftly on.

and we stayed afterwards for the Director Q&A (we adore a directors q+a) and saw how Completely Delicious it must feel when one has made one’s First Film


voila! Monsieur Régis Roinsard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnow that’s what we in the trade call Happiness.


bravo, Monsieur Régis Roinsard!





movie night @downtownindie – haunting, beautiful, wonderful – @ElectrickChild


do you remember the last time you saw a movie that you had to keep replaying over in your mind because its delicious images and strange ideas and haunting scenes and beauteousness needed re-examining and carefully recording to your central cortex?

we had that experience last night.

and when the lights went up we turned to our magical movie companion and said:

THAT was an important film.

and it was.

watch the Trailer here and then come back (we need to get a refill of the dark embrace of caffeine………see you in a minute)

wasn’t that Wonderful?

Electrick Children is a Tale of (pause) well, it has many elements – community, control, decadence, discovering, enlightening, faith, family, honesty, innocence, kissing, love, las vegas, music, neon, passion, passing out, road trips, skateboards, touching, trucks, utah.

may we show you some Stills (as they say in the business) to get you in the right psychic frame (another Biz-style-bit-of-vocab come to think of it)?

1_blonde 5_trip 9_van 10_dino 17_green url-1 url url

the cast is transcendently emotionally eloquent and heart-breaking – Julia Garner is luminous – her purity is spell-binding and her forthright honesty makes you catch-your-breath at her Bravery.

Rory Culkin (youngest of the 7 Culkins) is all shut down emotion that suddenly bursts forth through his huge expressive eyes – one Longs for them to find out what-they-need-to-know and to find-each-other and somehow move beyond the straightened circumstances that they find themselves on – and all this to a lilting and evocative soundtrack from those shy-guitar-playing-behind-fringes geniuses at Team Love (another team!).

we would love to have a long lunch with the director, Rebecca Thomas, sometime – such curious tales she must know – from her time growing up in utah and las vegas (as a mainstream mormon not cloistered as in her Film – but she still did a mission to Japan so Please write a Movie about that, Rebecca, we’re deeply curious to know More) – there’s an interview with her here which we enjoyed very much.

an Important Movie.

also – as you know, darlings, it’s Very Important to find a cinema-with-atmosphere if one is to see life-changing Tales.

when we lived in NYC, of course, it was the Film Forum (among others) – do you remember when we interviewed the head of that glorious place?

growing up (well, attempting to do so) in Brighton, England – it was the Duke of Yorks where we had many preconceptions of Life burst into cinematic bubbles while lying back on the torn and faded red velvet seats on the top balcony in a haze of smoke rings.

and now we’re in Los Angeles, there are Many places to visit for cinematic pleasure (this being Hollywood, n all) but last night was a New place (to us) – and added to the slightly off-beat and moving away from reality sensation as it is Downtown (a lawless and curious place after dark) – the Downtown Independent – which is accessed (by car, to be safe – park in the Lot right next door on s. main st) very near the streets strung up with twinkle lights.


after the movie?

our magical movie companion suggested the hometown 1940s style red squishy pleather booth seating Nickel Diner where we’re Pretty Sure our waiter was an Actor (of course) who played a serious baddy in the last series of Moonlighting (#weadoremoonlighting) and we opened even more birthday gifts.

a truly Brilliant night.

when we woke up this morning, the images from Electrick Children still flowing through our frontal lobe we realized why we (in particular) had felt So Affected by this Story.

will you indulge us for a moment?

the movie’s central theme (well one of them – tis a multi-strand as we’ve tried to show in this “post”) is the transforming effect of music.

we’ve had many moments of alchemical morphing through music – time and place – but none so vividly as seeing Depeche Mode in concert in *looksvaguelytocamera* sometime during the mid(?) 80s (we had Run Away from Boarding School with our friends and escaped to London).

we tried to capture what it felt like for the YA novel we just delivered to our agent (such a lovely word) in NYC – Emerald.

an excerpt here?

you are Most Kind.

The Hammersmith Odeon loomed large and bursting with life as the cab swung round the last roundabout. A long queue of black leather coats stretched as far as the eye could see. They swept in on Sven’s special VIP status tickets and waited in the vast auditorium for what felt forever.

Suddenly the loudest, most insistent drumbeat shot out across the thousands of souls gathered in the darkness.

A single spotlight burst onto the stage, looking for something or someone.

A white t-shirt, taut, stretched across an emaciated frame, already drenched in the sweat of an adrenaline-fueled god. The light pool expanded to expose shockingly revealingly tight black leather hips, then motorcycle boots. The beats became louder and louder, pulsating through each body.

Then, like a crack of lighting breaking across the stage, strobes shot across the bows of the frenzied throng gathered for this intense experience at the end of a working week they had already forgotten.

It was the most seductive, enticing opening – but it felt wrong, bad and somehow sexual. Emerald was confused and excited. The crowd was on its feet dancing wildly, Bacchants all at the feet of the on-stage Dionysius. Ancient, spiritual, decadent – all this flowed through Emerald Katz and she felt re-born.

She knew it was sex. Not actual sex, but close enough to thrill her with its presence. This was the apex of intensity. This was what could happen one day. This is the logical progression of Henry grinding into her that time on the snogging couch at Tremell House. Emerald felt a vast surge of unknown sensations inside her. She looked around at the crowd, moving almost insanely, possessed, their mouths parted, their bodies drenched.

But they knew, didn’t they? They knew what this feeling was: sex and lust and passion. It was a powerful, transformative force. She let herself get swept into the experience and reached for Henry’s hand. They were both consumed by the darkness, the secrecy, the smell of sweat on writhing bodies, the eroticism of the unknown spreading, taking her into its lair, pulsating in her veins. They had all tasted more of life, she knew that, but she was one of them.

just in case you’re curious – the latest from Depeche Mode is here – Dave Gahan lives closer to the edge of reality/sanity/decadence and we’re so relieved he’s still here to tell the Tale.

This is Quite the Nicest thing about having a blog – one can talk about so many things – movies and books and ideas and music and love and transformation and neon lights in vegas and rescuing each other from the banal and the humdrum into a life beyond beauty.

thank you Rebecca Thomas for making your movie.

may there be Many More.

power, love, magic and southern gothic gowns: #beautifulcreatures


it’s late.

we just got back.

but had to write Now while the words are in our head.


beautiful creatures is sumptuous and surprising and elegant and shockingly beautiful and raging-with-lust-and-magic in a sticky darkly humid southern heat.


a great cast – gloriously shot against a landscape of swollen overhanging trees and rotting succulents with southern undercurrents of violence and one-hell-of-a-family-dinner

Jeremy Irons is glorious.

a debonair dandy with a dark soul. url

Alice Englert, who plays Lena “We prefer the word Caster” (to witch), is mesmerizing – and then we realized why – she’s Jane Campion‘s daughter.

writer/director Richard LaGravenese took these extraordinary books that talk about personal power and finding your own centre/center/soul and forging a Path that’s yours – but turned in a script that layered a smart (and snappy teen banter like something out of the 1930s or a beat pix from beatniks in love with the novels-of-freedom and the road-calling) with a deep, dark longing that recalls another, much earlier love story – we couldn’t put our finger on it – but then, when listening to interviews with the Clever Mr. LaGravenese (who also wrote another of our personal favo(u)rite movies about Finding Out Who You Are no matter what that path is revealed to be – Living Out Loud) he mentioned the love story – Romeo and Juliet – and more specifically the Franco Zeffrelli movie version (we’re sure the Bard liked this one) – from 1968 that influenced him…….and the visual parallels are indeed clear, despite a different time – and Place – the underlying story is a triumph of passion entwined with destiny.



and we just thought we were going to see a light but gorgeous-looking Teen flick.

oh gosh, no.

this was a sublime cinematic treasury of beauty.

do go and see it. 

you were almost-sixteen, once upon a time, right?

we’d almost forgotten what it felt like.



like you’re on the



of something dangerous and yet exhilarating.
all at the same time.

a sleepless night with keats.



are you still awake?

tis late, we know.


everyone is sleeping in the apartment building over here.

but us.

our candles are burning brightly for we have stayed up – warm, cosy, under the blankets and smooth sheets – to watch Bright Star.

we Thought we had told you about our experience (not quite meeting for we never shook hands or embraced on both cheeks as per our usual definition of Meeting someone) of seeing Jane Campion speak at the Director’s Guild in Manhattan.

but it must have been before we became teamgloria………….how curious that there were Movie Screenings that happened before we could tell you about them.

To whom did we tell before?

We remembered feeling Utterly Light-headed and dreamy and full of promise and hope and poetry and bluebell woods and calico petticoats.


We did ask a Question (we always enjoy asking Directors a question for we are terribly Keen to learn, for our own future exploits and excitements).

what’s that?

yes. you’re right. a few of our favo(u)rite actors are indeed present in this movie. the gifted and lovely Ms. Cornish, Mr. Whishaw (whom we are eagerly awaiting in the second series of The Hour – if you scroll down this post – ahem – what appears to be a Rather Long and enthusiastic post, you’ll see a moment from that script and our own musings therein) and Mr. Schneider (his performance in The Beloved impressed us greatly and was No. 10 in our list of summer movies during our hiatus from teamgloria in case you want a recap here).

Alas we cannot recall the Question that we asked Jane Campion now (may we call her Jane? – yet we feel sure that she has a cool nickname that one would use but only Know if one truly knew her).


at the screening at the Director’s Guild.

frowning (prettily).

Something about Hampstead and England and how-she-researched and why and wherefore and oh – let’s have some poetry.

a little something from Keats?

why yes.

lie back on the pale apricot satin chaise and tea shall be arriving shortly while Mr. Keats reads to us.

Bright Star
Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art —
Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night
And watching, with eternal lids apart,
Like Nature’s patient, sleepless Eremite,
The moving waters at their priestlike task
Of pure ablution round earth’s human shores,
Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors —
No — yet still stedfast, still unchangeable,
Pillow’d upon my fair love’s ripening breast,
To feel for ever its soft swell and fall,
Awake for ever in a sweet unrest,
Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,
And so live ever — or else swoon to death.


there is something tragic yet sensuous in the state of Denmark #aRoyalAffair


From the opening scenes in 18th century England – all repressed lips and licentious guidance and heaving bosoms – to a long journey into the kingdom of Denmark – by coach and horses with scandalous novels in the trunk and a virginity as a ticket to survive…….as one might expect – thriling, darlings.

And That was just the first five minutes.


a royal affair is astonishing. 

Yet we must warn you.

Tis a European historical Tale.


Corruption, anguish, the plight of women and nary an upbeat ending or message.

Actually, that’s not Entirely True.

Happiness. No.

Hope. Yes.

take our word for it. You’ll find yourself longing for candlelight opera houses, rough horseback galloping through misty rain and hiding a key to the secret back staircase and slipping notes inside banned texts from The Enlightenment.

Or at least cooking to Handel and opening the blinds to the inky night’s sky to dream.

recognition and empty streets and vintage fashion and movie memories


That’s a delicious surprise…….we woke up to the splendid news that granta magazine had become a teamgloria reader and several Staff members re-tweeted us – here’s one!



That’s the lovely thing about time zones. One can go to sleep and wake up with recognition from Abroad!

Today was full of blustery walks to meetings and appointments and taking time to adjust to the new season.





Now this fashionable stop was a welcome respite from the Rain.

In a tiny Bijou boite of a store on w10th (240 to be exact) we stopped dead outside the window of Madame Matovu because we saw a book by Carrie Donovan.

We entered.


We used to have Carrie Donovan’s office.

We said; not knowing if the Proprietor would know of whom we spoke.



rosemary wettenhall said.

She was amazing. We don’t have anyone that is Quite like her these day!

We were so excited to find another CD fashion devotee that we stayed a while and took a note of her excellent merchandise and will make a Plan to Return.

Gorgeous place.


Well. Wouldn’t you?

What’s that?

Oh. Yes. We did have CD’s office. We forgot we could not tell You Before.

The fashion editor’s office for The Bazaar became our office in 2006 when (who we are in real life) we moved in to “head up mobile for Hearst Magazines USA (But we shall Not Dwell on our Other Life here, darlings). We felt CD still lurked there, waiting for a memo from you know who.


So we put a picture of CD in a sparkly frame and had the distinct impression she was Very Pleased.

The rest of our day?

Rushed. But pleasurable.

And a swim.


Such a giggle that our gym has a chandelier!

Non? Precious. As DV would have said. (not that she would have known what a gym was….)

Before we go – look at what we saw en route en passant Greenwich village.




Did we ever tell You we used to keep Richard Bohringer in gauloises or was it gitanes on a movie set?

Yes. Monsieur Bohringer himself

Can you guess which movie?

Two clues: we wore Gaultier and Richard spoke (broken) English.

Do guess.

It’ll be fun.