the trusty silver samsonite is packed and ready for mr. supershuttle to arrive


we haven’t been able to get ANYWHERE near the MacBook Air these past few days as who-we-are-in-RL has been very busy Completing Tasks before we head on the Trip to (three islands in) Europe.

but here we are.


happy that who-we-are-in-RL has been pulling in the consultancy gigs to keep us in satin wraps, sleep-eye-masks and Ponds Cold Cream and now Packed, ready for the off.

we *used* to order a car but we’ve been told to be more Prudent *sighs* so mr. supershuttle will be arriving on the dot of…….(oops, can’t find the List right now – there are too Many Around – with scribbled notes like “empty trash”, “hold mail”, call S, email K back, pack snacks – yummy grapes – we picked them out – do Radio Interview, have very nice coffee with MPz over at Alfred’s and……gosh……sort of later, anyway).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

can you see the Vibrant (teamgloria pink) sash to the left? That’s because the samsonite (which has been with us for Many a trip) burst apart on a conveyor belt (small plane, Italy, long story, wasn’t allowed to ride up top with us) and it was Mortifying in Milan.

so we strap it up tight these days.

what’s that?


you’re right.

a lot of black clothing.


which might Not be appropriate when we get to the 2nd and 3rd islands we’re going to on this trip (it’s Perfectly Splendid for London on the island of the United Kingdom).

heigh ho.

we’re sort of too tired to worry about it now.

there’s a sky blue pashmina in there and a white linen shirt.

that’ll do for Island Mornings we’re sure.

did we tell you Why we’re going to Deia?

(not just because of the Anais Nin short story although that was, of course, a draw, as you might expect).

you see who-we-are-in-RL is giving a Workshop (most exciting).

sophsBloomRetreats2014isn’t that Absolutely Fabulous? ;-)

we thought so.

while she’s been busy writing and tie-ing-up-last-minute-tasks and Pitching Projects:


8c287df8ba0311e3ad271296246e27d8_8we’ve been hanging out in cafes and finishing up the last pages in the last month’s moleskine and writing in the new moleskine just to get it nicely broken in.



2f9f5336b9bd11e3818812cca6e3d38e_8and enjoying the latest edition that has reached these shores of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

8b887c44ba1311e3bad51265e271254f_8lots of driving (with shopping lists for Needed Items for the Trip – what happens to those Adaptors each time we fly?) 


and admiring the rosy pink glow of the (extremely early) los angeles’ morning-ness.


we might well be Very intermittent with our correspondence over the next few days as we fly over There and endure jet lag and meet up with family and friends and peek out from under an umbrella and sniff the salt air of the town of our birthplace and very early Youth.

while probably getting extremely sentimental and perhaps even a little, well, Inspired to write something New.

see you on the other side (not of the Veil, the planet).



cabbages and roses, tea cups, strawberries for breakfast, hand-written notes and a hello from India.

monday started Awfully Well:

there were left-over strawberries for breakfast (from our delightful tea-at-home with mP on sunday at 4pm)

and a new tea cup to admire from yesterday’s post-swim-shopping at tea & sympathy in greenwich village…

a lovely note to re-read and prop up on a candlestick to enjoy later..

we love it when people send us cards with a special “note for gloria” (especially when we’re slipping into the corporate drag for the Day Job)

#vivaClandestineLives – darlings ;)

a new moleskine (as you can see by the top picture, we have Quite Run out of space in the current one)

moleskine #133 (the picture is a repro on card from a vintage photograph – early 60s? Italy? – bought at the Perry St street fair on saturday in greenwich village – love his light tweed and casual-carrying-of-box-brownie and her tailored day dress with binoculars)

and we’re also dreaming of buying some Toile from Cabbages and Roses to ask Jonathan to find us a seamstress to whip them up into divine little throw pillows to guard against the fainting-couch-posing that will inevitably overcome us as the dastardly new york summer approaches.

all this – and a Lunch with some Fashionable People (yes, work, but in Such Glam situations from time-to-time), a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum after hours and then supper with the lovely B tonight.

isn’t life delicious?

what are your plans for today?

do share.

you know – in the comment-y place – yes, just there – do….we love hearing from you.

just today we had a “like” from a doctor – look! FROM INDIA. isn’t that glorious. we love India. Well, we’ve only been to New Delhi, on business, but it was extraordinary.

where is everybody? #moleskine

so we joined moleskine “world” – or “myMoleskine” as they call it (if you want to have a look for yourself, dear moleskine-lover – it’s at – you guessed it –

but we seem to be the only entity with the desire to upload a picture (ironic, non?)

how sweet we look.

not sure what we’re going to do on the site.

but it was fun to join.

yet not Nearly as much fun as it was going-through-our-moleskine-collection (last night – in a tidying fit)

look! the First Set (from April 2003++)

and here are a few random ones from then – until now…

these were all from before-becoming-teamgloria*

but you can definitely see a Theme emerging, right?

such fun.

happy friday, darlings.

this is what the Village looked like this morning en route to an Early Morning Meeting for the Day Job.

some Committee has established a Bulletin Board at the corner of Charlton.

just in case the interweb stops working…..

thank god we can all stay in touch if it does.

such a charmingly sweet addition to the ‘hood.

(and tantalizingly speaks of a New Establishment to be opening soon with a Counter – “perhaps for dining” – the mind swims with anticipation.)

yes, spring Has Sprung!

so much to record.

so many moleskines to fill up with ideas and dreams and potions and portents and deliciousness.

jet lag (movie), jet lag (reality) and a stopped clock always tells the right time twice a day


the bedside clock battery failed.

and our internal clock is still re-adjusting from jetlag.

which we watched last night, actually.

but we Made it in on time (ED: just, darling).

and spent a few moments letting the caffeine kick in while writing in the moleskine (#132, just in case you’re keeping count, darlings)

inspiration double page spread in moleskine #132: gilt, bronze, cherubs, tiles, blue, peonies, staircases, chandeliers, paneled gorgeousness and Vita Sackville-West (the 1 subway to midtown was much improved as a result).

we’ve been a Little bit behind all day – due to the failing of the clock battery, we think – but as you know…

Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day

*you knew this was coming, right? ;-)

roll on end-of-jet-lag

(just in time for us to leave again end June…….#forEngland)

and now off for a cup of tea (ahem – Very Important Meeting) with someone splendid.

dreaming of castaways and discs and books and luxuries #desertislanddiscs

darlings, good morning.

are you having a lovely sunday?

we found ourselves lying on the sofa with the morning coffee and a stack of books, listening to Desert Island Discs….(on air since 1942!) more specifically, to a vintage program/programme featuring the delicious and delightful and Very Naughty Australian Barry Humphries who understands a Few Things about having an alter ego, too, of course.

Desert Island Discs is one of those British Institutions which has now released its Archive (we adore the word Archive) including the choices (alas Not the programme, as yet) from Nancy Spain…..isn’t she smart and clever to include Maud from the redoubtable Joyce Grenfell (“Thank you, children”). 

this is the sort of publicity shot we would like to have for our next chapter.

especially with a lovely BBC microphone*

(*did we tell you we’ve made a few aural appearances on BBC Radio? it was Before we became teamgloria, when we still lived in England – and we never kept a taped copy – it Was a While ago – maybe when we enter the next chapter, we’ll ask the BBC if they still have it…..wouldn’t that be delicious?)

back to Desert Island Discs.

so it got us thinking….

which would be Our 8 choices?

will you indulge us? (if you’ve read thus far, we think you Might – and we bless you for that…)

here goes – with a little colour/color/explanation….but not a great deal as we don’t want to spoil it for the actual moment when we Do get asked.

1. A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procul Harum – we were Very Small when we heard this first and remembering clearly turning over the vinyl and seeing the words:

to be listened to in the spirit in which it was made

ah yes. there were Early Indications of our seeking solace in the dark arts of the forbidden and the destructive, even then.

2. True by Spandau Ballet – this brings back Nervousness about Boarding School – walking to the dreaded dances on a saturday night, clad in taffeta and awkwardly brandishing an Iron Lady lipstick from Miss Selfridge, just in case one had to snog someone later and replenish. (we actually wrote a very meaningful, for us, scene about this era in our movie script – awaiting our next chapter – called Emerald or Running from the Rain, depending on whether movie executives need us to be super-clear or allow euphemism and allusion)

3. La Wally from the soundtrack of Diva – when we first saw the film we collapsed into a heap of longing for Gitanes, running-away-to-Paris, having lovers, a floating blue tank and a bath in the middle of a loft, and gangsters and Love.

4. Texas – I don’t want a lover. (we’d rather Not go into Huge detail here but let’s just say when we played this track on constant repeat we Did want a lover and we got several and it was a case of we didn’t know which gender of lover we wanted – until we did – Enough Said, for now, darlings – giggle)

5. Sister Golden Hair by America – by this point in the (pre) teamgloria story we’d moved to the USA and spent a Lot of Time listening to the radio while driving down Ventura Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway and growing our hair long and getting slim and wearing denim and being a Tiny Bit glamorous and generally Very Californian. #goodMemories

6. Recuerdame – La Quinta Estacion – bringing us Almost up to date, darlings, this track reminds us of when we started doing Lots of International Travel and asked our colleagues in Foreign Lands (before we visited them) to do us a “soundtrack” and this one featured heavily on our Latin America journeys. Isn’t it just operatic and soulful and divine?

7. Super Junior – our first time in Korea blew our mind – we’d never been anywhere so confusing and exhilarating and so reminiscent of the mid-80s yet mixed with Bladerunner  moments and boy bands and girl bands that looked like boy (george) bands in skater skirts from Vivienne Westwood’s collections of puffballs.

8. the final choice (thank you for having us, Kirsty) would have to be one of the songs that inspired us to become teamgloria. We almost chose a Doris Day (as she’s the true inspiration) but nothing beats this one to sum up our happiness and Sheer giggly-ness and joy at becoming who(m) we are now (and becoming next).

So we also get to choose a book and a luxury (in the imaginary appearance on Desert Island Discs).

Book? It has to be a Noel.

and luxury?

an un-ending supply of moleskine and pens that-never-run-out-from-5-star-hotels please.

so we can write.

and we hope we have smuggled a pashmina in our hand luggage to this mystical mythical desert island so we can write on the beach as the waves lap our feet and the stars twinkle above.

not sure what colour/color/shade we’d bring – perhaps this vivid red one which we just bought for our trip to Madrid (as LaVieJetSet starts up again in a matter of weeks)?

making soup, a bold orange moleskine and a carrie donovan view, darlings.

we have no idea what possessed us.

(****update: but clearly we weren’t the only people making soup today ;-)

the thought of wanting to nest when we return tonight (we’ve been Very Sociable recently and a night in might be a good idea)?

or just that autumn is turning into winter (albeit very sunny today with a slight nip in the air).

anyway. we made soup.

at 8AM this morning.


but rather fun. chopping and looking-at-the-clock and making morning coffee post-one-hour-Synthroid-time and then letting it cook while we checked our International Emails and answered a few.

the house will smell delicious when we return tonight.

and the windows gently steamed up from the soup bubbling on the cooker/stove while we took a shower at the other end of a (not very long) corridor/hallway/picture gallery

we’re having a Jolly good day in the office so far.

a lovely bold orange moleskine and splendid clutch bag (with Very glam owner who reminded us a Lot of a Carrie Donovan circa 1965 with the fabulous glasses and swingy-go-to-it-spray-fragrance-and-shimmy-forwards sort of a joie de vivre)

and due to the clocks changing, it is dark now when we leave.

gotham looks very pretty at this time of year, by night.

don’t you agree?

a Very Carrie Donovan view from the office while slipping into stern black pumps, re-arranging the double-strand-of-pearls and heading out to a reception on the arm of Calvin Klein.

sleepless in manhattan: european movies, a new moleskine and Veronique Vienne’s “The Art of Being a Woman” (never too late to learn, darlings)


the Best thing about sleeplessness (see – we Always attempt to look on the bright side, as You Know) is the joy of watching and reading and writing and listening to such glorious cultural artifacts as these:

here are the movies we watched:

our review: naughtiness north of hollywood boulevard, music industry ravages, late night wonderings/wanderings and awakenings at the chateau marmont (such a Delicious Courtyard – we spent one of our mid-thirties birthdays having tea on the Terrace and Visit Often)

our review: spaghetti and grace. finding family. love in the kitchen. the importance of a really great set of iron-bottom pans. the more deeply felt importance of knowing exactly what’s in a sauce, while blindfold. kissing. lots of kissing. and even more seductive discussion of the culinary arts.

team gloria take: paris, strikes, lost in a car, lost in a city, lost in the environs, no longer lost, the nearest to a silent movie made in the past fifty years, lingering longing. Paris. what more can we say?

we also decorated and decoupaged the cover of a (fresh) moleskine – #123 in case you’re curious.

and made a large pot of tea and brought it back into the boudoir (So Nice not to call it the “sick room” or convalescent room although, we guess, we are still, you know, convalescing – in between doing the Day Job and being creative) and read Veronique Vienne’s delicious book on the “The Art of Being a Woman”.

here is a our favorite/favourite/choicest page and Quote:

#veroniquevienne p.126/

step into a draped silk jersey dress as sensual as a shiver.

oh, darlings.

isn’t that divine?

it reminded us of Private Lives. the BBC production, contained in this box set which the delicious ABM gave us a few weeks ago. starring Penelope Keith (who is Up There with Judi Dench in our humble opinion as one of those indomitable english women of Note)

don’t you agree that Private Lives is his best?

some the most divine lines (and satin bias cut gowns to boot):

don’t quibble, Sybil.

Jagged with sophistication.

foreign travel is the thing.

talking of Foreign Travel (although much here is foreign to us, and not to our American friends), we just had a Very Important work meeting where the possibility of heading to the Other Coast – but further up – was raised.

oh we do hope so.

it’s been Ages since we embraced la vie jet set.

of course we Are off to the Other Coast for the festival of thanksgiving and then again to see the sunrise over the pale lilac mountains in Ojai for new year’s.

but, you know, just a tiny bit of travel would be Ever so Nice. we’ve been in Manhattan for MONTHS. due to you know what.

mitford sisters and moleskine journals.

glorious people: something terribly important to team gloria is the word:

————mitford ———–

it sends a tiny little shiver down our spine in a most delicious way ;-)

the mitford sisters were be-bobbed, horribly un-educated (mitford pere didn’t believe in it – for girls) and yet utterly charming, witty and rather smart.

yes – a true inspiration. which is why they decorate the moleskine in the photograph below which was taken on a trip to england (most specifically to bibendum) where we whiled away a most pleasant afternoon writing in a moleskine and sipping a milky coffee.

team gloria is on moleskine number 115 – yes, we have a lot of thoughts worth recording or worth emptying from our befuddled brain – like OW at the prospect of a long needle perforating tobias the tumor at 2pm tomorrow…