sunday morning at the coffee shop

Mojo Coffee: 128 Charles St, Greenwich Village.

A good place to sit and look out of the window, perched high on a wooden stool, leaning against the painted columns, near the leafy green plants in large terracotta pots, eavesdropping on reiki and yoga teachers comparing notes while they sneak a shot of caffeine before class………

We’re still on european time.

Kinda antsy, as Americans might say.

So jumped out of bed before the sun came up, took a brisk walk into greenwich village and then suddenly realized our high-end corporate Warrior gym was not even open yet.

We need to swim.

How odd to be awake Before even the survival-of-the-fittest-joint opens its doors!

Quelle bizarre.

But not, we guess, that odd, for one living LaVieJetset, darlings.

And finding a new spot to be quiet and think and read and write to you, that opens at 7AM or earlier if the bakery delivery demands, on a Sunday In Manhattan is Most Delightful.

What will today bring?

Wherever you are in the world today, are you having a delicious sunday?

Do tell……….