words by anais nin, lucy wadham and the Buddha intermingling with pictures by teamgloria


we feel a little Quiet (in a good way) and resolved in many issues and softly pleased (and yet humble) and also deeply rested and restored.

so just a few words from anais, lucy wadham and the Buddha (gosh, you’re right, that IS an eclectic mix) interspersed with pictures from our day.

before we creep into the boudoir with a vintage hardback memoir from edna ferber (thank you library requested materials service).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfrom the weekend’s Financial Times (we’re very fond of Ms. Lucy Wadham’s words)


gosh. this is a helpful site for a little more background on the Buddha. *deep_bow_of_respect* OR you could always track down a copy of Mr. Richard Gere’s production made-for-television which we heard is Rather Go(o)d(ly) too.


“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
― Anaïs Nin


“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
― Anaïs NinThe Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 1: 1931-1934


“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.”
― Anaïs Nin


“The role of a writer is not to say what we can all say, but what we are unable to say.”
― Anaïs Nin

and in other news…..the delightful Miss Jules Berlin is in NEW YORK and stopped by a bookshop to buy her American-born copy of our book!

we are so very grateful for such friends as these.

8f613600a31e11e3841c123ff65d194d_8and it’s only MONDAY.



we have an ISBN number…and an artistic crush on Mr. Neil Jordan


we are “Mid-Edit” with The Publisher of the forthcoming (can February 2014 be counted as forthcoming? or far off? so hard to tell in this fast-paced-interweb-world) BOOK and it’s a thrilling back and forth conversation with learned copy editors and design chiefs – a whirl of loveliness about “what did you mean here?” and “can you expand?” and “Andrew McCarthy wasn’t in About Last Night” (we got our Movies mixed up in the List section of books-we-read and movies-we-watched while on medical leave!)

it’s delicious.

but the Most Glorious moment happened when we went through all the bumpf that that they use to Make A Book – like copyright line and so on.

we stopped dead in our tracks with our fingers poised over the keyboard.

there. it. was.



we must return to our Notes but we just wanted to visit you Here and leave a few pictures from yesterday.

*wavingfromlosangeles* (we’re lying back on the vast pillow-y-pillows as it feels very Lady Author to edit chez one’s boudoir ;-)

a few notes between pictures and then we Really must Dash…….


yes, the sky turned pink the other evening – like a night in a small Tuscan village. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we’ve been sleeping badly as it’s Just So Hot at night (not hot flashes – as yet – although those will be exciting when they arrive but it was 90 degrees whatever that is in old money last night) – the air conditioning unit is Very Loud so we avoid it – but needs must – hot milk with a cinnamon stick is a good pre-sleep-soother. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as is a satin throw and soft white cotton sheets and something small and sprigged in the flower department on a pillowcase, darlings. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

in MALIBU yesterday for an appointment with destiny.

beautiful pink roses. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and lamps as if from a carriage house in a grand country Pile In Sussex. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

softly blowing lavender in the side verges along the roadside. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and Bougainvillea everywhere! 


and now to our newest passion.

neil jordan.

we watched Breakfast on Pluto – how had we MISSED THIS BEFORE?

it was unbelievable – joyful, painful, glorious and oh-so-wickedly-funny and then heart-breaking……

here’s the trailer (hope you can see it in NZ or do ask Mr. Google for a local version!)

so we decided we needed to learn more about Mr. Jordan’s work (yes, yes, we had heard of him – The Crying Game was ELECTRIFYING when we first sat in that darkened cinema in brighton and wept at the screen – but we didn’t know whether we’d read his novels……..we’ve read a Lot as you know so sometimes we forget….)

so we went to a bookshop and there it was – a copy of Neil Jordan.



it’s a sign.

we’ve decided we need to work on his next film.

so we’re going to Write To Him.

of course we’ll let you know, love.

we tell you everything.

(actually that’s not True – we leave a Lot Out – but the basic Plot is here).

then we drove up to Hollywoodland to meet with Miss Jules Berlin as it was her last day in Los Angeles *sighs* and brought her a copy of Mr. Raymond Chandler‘s quotes.

some of the quotes were So Good that we had to photograph them in our car before we meet up with Julia.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand there you have it.

we are in possession of our first ISBN number.

a letter is forming in our head to write to Mr. Neil Jordan because we want to work for him.

and Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles is still very much extant.


and sort of shivery at the same time.

happy monday, btw (as the young people say).

how’s it going so far?


nice hat.


have you been working out?

shoulder pads?

they’re back?


@missjulesberlin in #hollywood, darlings.


guess who came to town!



it was in the Title.



yes! – – – – – –  > missjulesberlin

it was a lovely day.


we drove from the hollywood hills to silver lake.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

yes. this is silver lake. and we went to visit @tjenamoss at Yolk!


and past the hollywood studios. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

warner bros, disney and paramount and universal (but only from the freeway)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and miss jules took lots of pictures.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we went to admire the art at LacmaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and she gave us beautiful gifts from berlinOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAas did another glorious person in BERLIN (who had sent the small package of wonderful pieces with miss jules herself! thank you!)

and – wait……


why, yes.

we DID make a little movie of today.

you are Most Kind.

we adore working with Professionals. 

notes from friday: 1844 californian adobe, #HuffPo, message sent to berlin and received from JAPAN #glorious


we are so very excited – who-we-are-in-RL is writing film reviews for our good friend Arianna – isn’t that splendid?

not many know, of course, that she (RL, not our good friend Arianna) started writing film reviews as a young (and so very deeply naive) student at the London University newspaper which is (still!) rather aptly named – London Student.

ah yes.

the years in the dark, looking up at the silver screen……..




on another note.

our writing research for next week’s column in Los Angeles, I’m Yours took us to Calabasas and back in 90-degree burning sunshine (whatever that is in old money) yesterday.

we weren’t writing about the Leonis Adobe per se but we can’t resist popping into a museum when there are a few moments free on the calendar.

why yes!

we *did* take pictures.

you are most kind for asking.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA so as we cut down from the extreme heat of Calabasas through Topanga Canyon (cue 60s music) and down to the Pacific Ocean we paused at the red lights (befitting all traffic regulations) and this is the picture we took for our friend miss jules who is Heading HERE from Berlin on Monday!

we posted the picture on Instagram (how modern, as William would say)

and then one of our virtual friends from JAPAN


yes, JAPAN!

left us a billet doux on the photograph to tell us that the blue we had captured (we adore blue-blue-blue) reminded him of Kitano.

well, this was a cultural reference we did not hitherto know (which is very exciting – we love new knowledge pod moments).



don’t open a new browser window and visit mr. google – we’ve done it for you….

and an article here



isn’t that amazing?

a european-Living-in-LosAngeles visits an adobe structure built in 1844 and drives to the Pacific Ocean – takes a photograph for a friend in Berlin and someone in Japan tells us about a whole cultural movement around the shade blue-blue-of-LA-Ocean_and-sky that we did not previously know – in the space of a few  h o u r s.

now that, ladies and gentlemen and undecided gender warriors, is The Future of storytelling and communication.

right here.

a m a z i n g.


we must tell Arianna – she’ll love that.

better trickery: ordering Library Materials, blowing bubbles and Writing a new novel.


we were a Tiny bit Despondent earlier but after a Lot of Action and reading all your Clever suggestions at the end of that Post, we perked up no end and went online and ordered some Library Materials (so much more financially prudent than Ordering via Amazon and it’s all pre-1960 – can’t wait to share it with You).

miss Jules suggested blowing soap bubbles to engender happiness so we did…..


and Then the mysteriously-glorious writer-editor-minnesänger went one Further and brought our attention to the fact that bubbles-are-not-just-for-children anymore – look!

William said “commune with the waves” which is gloriously transcendent and very English (particularly if the Sea is Wild and Cornish).

George was singing a ditty from the Twenties and apparently that works – we just tried it – it Does!

Stacy reminded us to Just Begin.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 3.28.38 PM

and so we did.

having delivered Emerald to our lovely agent in New York (such a splendid phrase, non?)

we have Started the Next One.

Meet Marion, darlings.

Marion peered out of the window as the taxi swung into Church Row, Hampstead. She could not see much because it was raining. Of course it was raining, she thought, this is England. At least it made the grass green and the houses look freshly washed and brushed up.

Leaning back she pulled her gloves on tightly and tried to remember what her boss back in New York had said: something about the London office needing rescuing. She knew it was a ruse. But things had got just a tiny bit too much in New York and she agreed to this transfer. Besides, it was only a year. How bad could it be?

A few moments later the taxi pulled up outside a tall white house with casement windows and a brightly painted red front door. A woman in sensible tweed skirt and cashmere lilac sweater set was standing with a clipboard, barely sheltering from the rain, in front of the door. Marion sighed. The woman was wearing pearls and lace-up brogues. Seriously? Did the English really play their part to the hilt so convincingly?

Marion paid the driver and opened the cab door. The driver sprung open the trunk but did not move to get her luggage. She wondered if she had not tipped him enough. Perhaps they just didn’t do luggage removal here in England. She struggled with the bags a little and smeared some mud on her camel coat. The coat had been pristine when she left New York, but a few moments in England and it was soaking and had a mud stain. Great.

The woman with the clipboard called out, cheerily, “Are you on your own?” but stayed firmly inside the doorway. Marion lugged her bags up the front path and dumped them hard on the stone step.

“In a metaphysical sense or in reality?” she asked. The woman – whose name appeared to be Diana Knoll-West, according to her business card – was undefeated.

“We assumed you’d be bringing your family,” Diana said. “It’s rather a large house for one.”

After living in a Manhattan apartment for the past seven years, Marion thought the house on Church Row was rather large, but she was damned if she was going to say so. “I have rather a large life,” she said, and gestured for Diana to open the door so they could both get out of the rain. Diana was not a former Head Girl of Cheltenham Ladies College for nothing. She drew herself up to her full height, which was actually not that impressive, and looked at Marion with a tiny bit of condescension. “Gosh. I forgot how confident you Americans are!”

“Brash, I believe, is the word you Brits use, Diana” said Marion, and took the keys out of Diana’s hands and opened the door.

what do you think, darlings?


well, it seems that who we are in RL has just popped next door to apply mascara and head out into the World in her guise as Special (digital) Advisor to be helpful and gainfully employed.

of course we are going to stay in with an apricot face scrub and lie winsomely on the sofa with a pashmina loosely draped and a selection of British DVDs and continue with The House on Church Row (which is already a completed screenplay so writing the Novel is going to be dreamy – a Lot Happens in Hampstead – you’ll see).

moleskines, magazines and more: an entirely subjective guide to deliciously small shops in #losangeles


we were inspired (greatly) by @missjulesberlin who posted this morning – from berlin (how glitteringly gritty and inspired-a-place) – about her favo(u)rite places to shop. 

so we thought we’d do the Same (especially as we are trying to recall from our previous sojourn Here where to buy Essential Supplies like moleskines and magazines and chicory-laden-coffee and more). Of course, the choice to shop in a small place is a decision to browse and get-to-know-the-owners and meet-locals and generally be charmed by one’s retail experience.

we don’t have anything against big shops (per se) – but we get Overwhelmed Very Easily (because we rely so much on visual stimulation and they either have Too Much or none at all and can be Rather Ugly – we-do-not-do-ugly, as you know). But when one wants to save money (always prudent) and has storage for bulk items…….*looksdoubtfullytocamera*……then we understand they can be a good thing.

but here are small shops.

and delicious ones.


snacks/tea/milky-coffee ready?

(we just had a rosemary and salt italian cracker with cucumber and a yoghurt dip – and it’s only 07:56 in los angeles – curious – doing the 1970s dinner party theme again and not sure why – we never question – that way odd Alice in Wonderland inner gazing lies, darlings ;-)

here we go!


this is the 60s.

whenever we take Laurel Canyon to the Valley we stop here at the Canyon Country Store.

it sells everything (and a lot of travel sizes on the left as you go in for small toothpastes to have in the car and mini bottles of baby shampoo which are adorable) including Marmite (because Lots of British Musicians live in Laurel Canyon).

Do you know Dylan Jones? He is a hipster par excellence and edits and has edited many a glorious English magazine. We’ve never actually met face to face but we used to see him at some of the ridiculously glam parties back in London when we were a baby journalist and he was sort of in the gods (as per Eton’s sixth form prefects immortalized by the languid Mr. Everett in Another Country).

Anyway – he – Mr. Dylan Jones, not the languid Mr. Everett, wrote a Very Good article about the Laurel Canyon stores here.

the Canyon has kept the funky, rainbow-coloured charm of the Love Generation, something that is most apparent when visiting the Canyon Country Store, the neighbourhood social hub. Wedged along the twisting Laurel Canyon Boulevard in the Santa Monica Mountains, this is the place mentioned in Jim Morrison’s “Love Street” (“I see you live on Love Street/ There’s this store where the creatures meet…”), the wooden-floored grocery shop/deli/liquor store/café that is still the place to go for Canyon dwellers with the munchies, or for those after an espresso having spent all night partying in the Valley. Here they’ll find Dandy Don’s ice-cream, Dave’s Kombucha (fermented tea), bespoke sandwiches, hearts of palm salads, and the almost-but-not-quite-legendary decaf almond milk latte.

where next, darlings?

let’s drive down Hollywood Boulevard (of broken dreams and grown men playing characters from Star Wars for the Tourists) and go East to Silver Lake*.

*greg just sent us a text (quelle moderne) to remind us that Silver Lake is thus – two words – we stand corrected and humbled).

now this is spooky – we used to live here.

not just in Silver Lake (for we did – for a brief period from december 2001 to the summer of 2002) but In This House – which is now a shop, and a very good one, called Broome Street General Store.

and here’s the really spooky bit.

the present owner of the Broome Street General Store is called Sophie and moved to L.A from SoHo, NYC.

if you recall – whom-we-are-in-RL is sophia (please note the lower case lettering) and just-moved-back-to-LA-from-SoHo-NYC after living-in-what-is-now-this-shop (years ago).

isn’t that spooky?

things like that happen to us all the time (said airily) but it’s still delicious and a Bit WEird.


the other spooky thing about this place is that we wrote a movie and a novel, while living in this house, both called Releasing Butterflies, about a hollywood executive who got fired and had to take the last job in town, running a half-way house for addicted teens (yup, autobiographical, in parts – but we didn’t get fired and it wasn’t Strictly a Hollywood job but we did have a drive-on-pass-to-Paramount).

so this is the moment where Laurel (the lead character, with a rather nice british accent) meets Michael who lives in what is now broome-street-general-store.

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 8.13.13 AM

so that’s Broome Street General Store (as was) and funny enough the room-mate whom we based Michael on became Mr. Gay. Colorado.Leather or something similar which just goes to show that you really can’t make this stuff up, darlings.

what can one buy at Broome Street today? Lovely ceramics and excellent coffee. Highly recommended.

where next?

let’s go back down Franklin but stop before we get to the last-cappuccino–before-the-101 freeway (where they shot Swingers and a certain popular culture writer leaves his reading glasses behind the counter, so we’ve Heard) and pop into Counterpoint.


now Counterpoint is Very Good for Vinyl (which is making a huge comeback with young people, we note) and also excellent for browsing the almost-valuable-paperbacks behind the glass counter where we found this:


isn’t that a Gorgeous Dior-like-satin gown! (or is it more of an opera coat? hard to tell)

we don’t seem to have the book anymore (did we send it as a gift to someone?) but if you want your own copy there’s one here but you won’t find one at Counterpoint anymore because it’s a single-copy-of-vintage-paperbacks sort of a joint.


magazines are essentials in the same vein as vintage paperbacks from the 60s so your two choices here (amongst a dwindling number of them, it seems) are either Venice – Dola on Abbot Kinney……….


or the newsstand round the side of Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard (still get misty-eyed and whimsical driving up and down Sunset).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAas you can see – both are Al Fresco – this being Southern California – but we have to say Book Soup has the Edge by stringing up twinkle lights year round (just like we do in the kitchen chez teamgloria).

viewer-3now one can’t actually Shop at teamgloria Today – but when the book comes out, we are sure we’ll set up an online store so you can get a signed copy or two. Won’t that be delicious?

where next?

as it’s twilight (and the season of christmas in this picture – yes – from 2011) – let’s go Back Down Sunset to Silver Lake once more to Visit YOLK!


now Yolk is where you’ll find celebrities (shhhh – we are TErribly Discreet over here) mingling among the gloriously curated swedish and other nordic country designs or cute children’s gifts and clever greetings cards and some exquisite be-jewelled-pieces to adorn oneself while flitting around the hollywood hills of an evening.

it’s that sort of store.

a gorgeous store.

people love Yolk on Yelp too (apart from one woman who got upset that she could have found the scented candles on amazon – duh – of course she could – but would she have had a cute little flirt with a hipster movie star from the Hills and got invited to a trunk show by an up and coming designer? or helped a new-in-town-person pick out a particularly juicy orange-glass-heart and giggle together over the greetings cards?

we don’t Think So Lady.

Final Stop.

we’re going to drive to Los Feliz now (yes, the land of happy people – or at least morose writers who will be happy when they sell their screenplay or get discovered or just have lunch and stop feeling so bitter and twisted after a decent milkshake at Fred 62 because a certain British Actor is writing in his notebook at the other booth).

let’s go and buy some new moleskine notebooks ourselves, at Blue Rooster Art Supplies.

it’s the sort of place where real painters browse the shelves and ask for large canvases and helped the (themselves artists) staff to roll them up in the back while one waits patiently to purchase a fresh notebook and stares admiringly at the shelves of gouache and consider upgrading from decoupage to a full-on-wall-sized-canvas one day.


so we come to the end of our entirely subjective guide to small shops in Los Angeles.

thanks to Julia for not only inspiring us with her Post about Shops in Berlin – but also sending us a small packet of stationery items FROM BERLIN (you didn’t see that coming did you, darlings?)


aren’t they glorious?


we adore a small packet arriving from Abroad.

Now Julia noticed that the notebooks got a little battered by their journey but we pointed out that Berlin items probably like to get out of the packet during an Airmail Postal Flight and hang out in the back with the envelopes from Italy eating gelato without their seatbelts fastened.


we do think like that.

it makes building a new life and finding new suppliers for essential items like moleskines and coffee and pencils and travel-sized toothpaste a Lot Easier.

where are your favo(u)rite places to shop in your neck of the woods (why do woods have necks? and why would there be a Shop in the Wood?)


did you have a delicious sunday?


Do. Tell.

A delicious sunday?

We did.

In fact it was one of those sundays where we had to Stop for a moment and *giggle* because it was Exactly the sort of sunday that we Imagined when we were very small.

Not as small as this (we are 2.5 in this one)


But maybe not long after…..

The sort of sunday where we woke up with the sun – prepared Tea and Strawberries for a fellow Writer friend (this being George.)


And he arrived bearing incense from an ashram (naturally – this Is California, darlings and fragrant gorgeous incense it is Too).


Then we both sipped tea, delicately enjoyed the fruit and talked a long while…


Before heading off to the Farmers’ market where we purchased salad greens and more delicousness for Later.


And en route au Casa once more, we saw a chandelier!


Now the reason we had a picture to hand of us as a small person is because there’s a Meme going around.

No – this isn’t some strangeness – it’s an idea/concept/interestingness going around the interweb where people tell #5curiousfacts about themselves and then “Tag” others to take-up-the-baton (small sporting reference – rare, for us, we know So little – it took a phonecall with Barry on the Other Coast – for us to find out why everyone at the supermarket last night was frenzied in Buying Of Potato Chips. Apparently they go down well watching large men in vast shoulder pads pass a ball back and forth while someone sings the national anthem – curiously enough)

We digress.

The Meme.

So Here Is someone We tagged who shared her factoids + most excellent they were too.

And Here are ours.


Would you join us?

In the comments or tag us on instagram and we will come and say hello over there.

But if you put your 5 Curious Facts below we would be Thrilled.


We adore Factoids.

Don’t you?

They are particularly appreciated on a sunday.

saturday morning.


it is lovely Here.


we woke up early – padded into the kitchen-ette to make coffee and eat a little yogurt dip and rosemary flatbread cracker (sort of a mini 1970s mixer party for one – terribly LA, now one comes to think about it -it’s not hard to feel Themed here ;)

And then came back to bed, to read.


Admiring the collection of objets from yesterday’s frenzied five hour putting-a-home-together.

It’s now 9.21am in los angeles and someone is mowing a lawn (who has a Lawn?) Or is that the sound of a swimming pool being cleaned? Some sort of electrical motor. Pleasant enough. Oddly identifiable. One of the strange things about moving. New views. And new sounds.


We saw someone last night at a gathering of friends and he said, with a twinkle,

You certainly make life look delicious on instagram



We had No Idea until we looked at him closely and suddenly a Profile Picture came into view and a quite-lovely-photo-stream emerged in our mind’s eye.

And then we giggled.

Sort of becoming gloria for a second, you know, in RL.

Which might be the Key to our new Life here in Los Angeles.

More gloria; less panic.

You know. About what is to come or Not.

Today is beautiful.

Especially because miss jules berlin is having an Alice in Wonderland party in Berlin.

Quelle delicious and glamorous.

We are there in Spirit.

And enjoying it via the magic of instagram.

Happy Saturday, darlings.

What are your plans pour Le Weekend?

주말에 대한 계획은 무엇입니까?

That is for our friends in Korea.

We appear to have a growing number of lovely Visitors from the hermit kingdom (we started following a Very strange and beautiful group of stylish k-pop personages on instagram and we have a feeling they are dropping in to say 안녕하세요.

How nice.