the unexpected strange melancholy of sense memory.



how was your wednesday?

oh good.

we had a strange one.

it started very early – 5AM actually –OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and there was a drive across town (into the sunrise) and meeting up with friends and then listening to someone who needed to talk (we just listen, we have no particular or even general training but it’s a nice human trait; to listen) and then a drive back and some work emails and who-we-are-in-RL had Plenty to be getting on with (the calls came back, the commissions from Abroad are here – we’ve not seen her much at All today) and – most Excitingly – there was a Pre-Recorded Radio Interview to do….6e5e3134942711e38f071285a6421f42_8and then we’re not sure what happened.

the rest of the day was shot (as the Americans call it – not literally – no firearms here).

you see…


the Thing (there is indeed a Thing) about making-a-living via one’s ImaginationOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and force of will and inspiration and ability-to-ask-interesting-questions and Spin a Tale and let the listener feel as if They Were There is –  – – – –


when we *do* that – we are there too, you see.

and if the Experience we are Recounting was at all painful (yes, Tobias et al) – which it often is – but delivered with a Light Touch (we are known for a Light Touch you see) – we, well, there’s no way to say this but directly –

we relive it all over again.

which is *gulps* painful.

so the day was shot.

we took an extended nap. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit’s now almost 10PM and we’ve managed to pick up the pieces of the psyche and get back to work (which will make thursday surreal we’re sure) for probably several hours.

all is well.

but we just wanted to let You know.

because – well – you Know.

and that’s delicious.

while being Rather Comforting.


(while picking up tea cup and taking a thoughtful sip).c0808128936a11e3b7090effa017eb17_8on a more Upbeat note (as you know we do like an Upbeat Moment), whenever we just Happened to be Passing a major bookshop chain, we like to pop in, use the (extra special) British accent and ask the Person in charge of Customer Service whether they have ordered copies of you-know-what (because although mr. amazon has been delivering copies early to our friends in the USA, bookshops are Much Stricter and Wait for the “on sale date” which is 18th Feb, you see).

the Nicest thing about doing this (and yes, we always buy something to be suitably grateful) is that one gets to show them that who-we-are-in-RL is Very Excited about (our) the book.

did you know that if you are Very Nice to booksellers and show up in Person they generally order more while you’re standing there?

2b5915e6937a11e3a7a90e7c491880f5_8true story (happened in 3 bookshops recently).

isn’t that glorious?

we are Very Touched.

if you’re anywhere near Santa Monica next Tuesday, do pop upstairs at B&N (yes, “self-help” or “self-improvement”) as there should be a nice stack up there.

or if you happen to be at The Grove (and there are a lot of nice movies opening so you might well be, if only in spirit) at, say, seven PM (19:00 hours if you’re a european), well, we will see you there.

apparently a lovely new book will be fanned out elegantly On The Front Table (just as you enter, before the International magazine stand on the right).

gosh, no.

not doing a signing. per se.

although they’ve asked us to sign a few at our leisure that they’ll have upstairs on the table with signed copies.

we just want to visit it.

to see what it looks like – you know – in a public space – on its own – enticing potential purchasers to pick it up and take a look.


it’s rather nerve-wracking all this, you see.

which is probably why we took an extended nap this afternoon after pre-recording the Radio Interview with the lovely Diane Ray (being broadcast at 11AM Pacific Standard Time on Monday).

just to “re-calibrate”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwonder if Anne Scott-James did that when Sketches From A Life came out.

deducing from the signature (lovely flourish, non?) but no dedication we’re assuming that ASJ signed these for a bookshop (perhaps Foyles?) and then left them there in a neat pile while she dashed off to have tea at a chum’s flat on the King’s Road.

we’re certainly glad of her company right now.

as we write in the book (said airily and with a little cute smile): books *do* make good companions. Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.12.17 PMas do interior designers in fact (yes, we thought that was a neat connection too) we encouraged our Readers at Los Angeles I’m Yours to grab one this week and visit Mulligans. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.15.34 PMgosh. is that the Time?



10.17PM in L.A (wednesday)

SO – that makes it 2.17PM (thursday) in CHINA?

where one of our Newest editors is sitting, waiting for our notes for a piece for their June issue.

yes, we’re now (also) writing for CHINA.


together with the published pieces and commissions for publications in Australia, UK, Mexico and now CHINA………that means we can (most officially) say we are now:

A Foreign Correspondent.

at last.


dreams do come true.

and some of them take twenty years.

which makes them all the sweeter, sweeties.

guess who wrote a cover story for Esquire Mexico, darlings? @esquirelat


we Are Impressed.

who-we-are-in-RL has written a Cover Story for Esquire Mexico (and we had no idea she even spoke Spanish……)!

Portada_5toAniv_Google baja

now – due to Syndication (in Other Languages – wait! does she speak Those Too? blimey) Issues and the fact that the magazine needs to be on the Newsstand for a while *saidvaguely* – we are Not Allowed to release the whole article.

so here are a few bits.

just for your edification.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.02.03 PM

can you see where it says “Sophia Stuart”? – there’s a little red star on the top of the T – take a look.

and then in white – in verysmallletters?

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.02.23 PM


para teamgloria inc.


(or it could just be that she set up a Company in our name for Tax Purposes……but whatever it is – we l o v e it.)Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.02.55 PM

so this bit says:

Horowitz is a good example of a “power user” of Google’s magic. He switches between the grand vision: “We’re building this for the ages,” to the prosaic and practical daily application: “I use Google+ 80% to do ‘considered social sharing’ amongst the people I choose to share pictures with. And the other 20% of my presence on the network is my work-based activity.”

William Gibson once wrote, “The future’s already here, it’s just not widely distributed” and that’s the bit Google really wants to change, taking expensive technology only used by large companies (like video conferencing) and making it available (and free) to everyone.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.03.24 PM

translation =

Knowledge, and context, are important, but the real magic is that you can now talk naturally to Google and it replies: “Sequential conversation is now possible now with Google Search – but we’re still at the very early stages of what this can become,” said Huffman.

This means that instead of the quick fix answer, you can now carry on a conversation, of sorts. For example, if you want to know which movies Tom Cruise has been in, you click the microphone icon on Google search in the Chrome browser and ask the question directly. If you then say, “how old is he?” It will assume you’re still talking about Mr. Cruise and say, “Tom Cruise is 51 years old”. Ask “Whom is he married to?” and Google will say “Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman – and Others” (sorry, Mimi).

Does all this natural language parsing mean that we will start to treat our digital devices as sentient beings?

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.04.56 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.05.07 PM

this is a very meaningful bit (after we Decoded it using Mr. Google Translate) *mistyeyed*

Kiyo Fujishiro, Senior Manager, Head of Digital Media, MTV Networks Japan, Viacom International Media Networks, saw Google step in after the terrible earthquake in 2011 when, the philanthropic arm of the tech giant, came to help Tokyo’s residents in distress.

“They set up Google Crisis Response to provide on-the-spot guidance including evacuation areas with maps, and Person Finder to locate those lost in the devastation. They also started Mirai no Kioku (“Memories of the Future”), to gather images, videos, digital memories, of scenes in the ravaged areas before the tragedy occurred, collating material from Street View, Picasa and You Tube, so what was lost can once again be shared with Japan, and also the world.”

It’s not just pre-earthquake Japan that Google is preserving and pouring into its Knowledge Graph for future generations. The World Wonders Project is re-creating 17th Century Paris in the digital sphere from scanned in old street maps, books and other ephemera. The Google Art Project has digitized many world-class museums. One complete project is a full rendition of Mexico’s Museo de Antropología’s entire collection, in situ, so you can do a virtual walkthrough as if you were there.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.05.21 PM

and this is how the piece ends (with a quip and a wink, love – how darling of her.)

There are going to be a few glitches with this brave new world. In Minority Report when Cruise’s character runs from the Law his self-driven car is over-ridden – literally – by the police and he’s trapped inside.

Science fiction authors often took their devices into the dark side. A digital assistant, with enough intelligence (more than a human) might well start to appear to act as an independent mind.

Google is very tight-lipped about this. When asked, “Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and worry that you’re building Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey?” the conversation with execs swiftly veered back to describing the nice virtual assistant with the soothing voice who helps point out your flight is leaving for Zurich in an hour’s time.

But it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to picture starting to dial a number from your contacts and Google asks, “Are you sure you want to call her? Based on our analysis of your emails, phone calls, her text messages and a cursory look at her updated Google+ profile, we’d say you’re asking for trouble, sir.”

w e l l .


that is all Rather Clever if you ask us (and we assume you would, as you’re here).

we hope we can share the whole piece with you if it gets syndicated to a magazine that speaks the former colonial overlord of the British Empire language At Some Juncture.

but it was Deeply Interesting.

and we ADORE Mexico.

especially our Editor-in-Chief in Mexico City – lovely chap.


we’ll be writing for them again “para teamgloria inc”

love that bit most especially.

picture albums and reveries


so we’ve been looking through the collection of Photographs from our travels (because we needed to put together something of a slideshow for someone in our RL-existence) and here it is – on a special page called (rather helpfully, we thought): Photos. (or you can click on the picture and it will take you there (the miracles of The Hyperlink – we still remember the first day we learned how to make an “a” tag, ah heady days.)

so many places.

so many memories.

actually, if you’re curious about how we got into digital (and learned about the a “tag”) the story of our digital beginnings is here (but remember it’s about who we are in RL, not our teamglorianess so it’s all “I” and a bit British-in-tone not wonderfully-We as we are here ;-)