beatles covers, mozart mash-ups and photographing scrapbooks.


we *Are* enjoying 2014 already especially now everyone seems to be “Back At School” (for some reason we felt like the smart orphan who had to board during the hols because her rich relatives were in zurich sorting out the family misfortunes and so spent one’s time with the janitor learning how to play poker by the boiler and improving one’s Beethoven in the deserted Music School).

perhaps this would have been our playlist of the last quiet evening before the Trunks thumped into the lobby and the sound of several hundred lace-up Clarks shoes thundered up the main staircase:

and we’re sure we would have spent a most profitable evening Photographing old scrapbooks to look Back (in a good way) and see how Far We Have Come.



the Research into French Films will become clear once we have interviewed and been published on our Next story about a deeply interesting individual (for these films are his principal source of Inspiration, we’ve heard). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a most lovely dawn. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this is where we rested for a while to listen to the soundtrack we just shared with you.

(we’re on the Glenn Morrison now – are you enjoying it? wait until you get to the Mozart Mash-up from Egypt! that was a Find and no mistake)



you guessed it.

we Have been Photographing scrapbooks (this is London – circa 2004).

and our most beloved phrases typed out carefully and printed and pasted. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we see we Referenced that one properly.

and yes, we Do identify. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


gosh. this is the first time we lived in Santa Monica (2004 again). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

always been Drawn to philosophy it seems. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and heart-breaking poetry…..



this was also from 2004 (all from the same scrapbook, more to come another time) from when we sophie-sat-somewhere-south-of-wilshire-boulevard (the splendid canine bottom left) – who sadly is no longer with us.


what’s this?

who-we-are-in-RL has decided to change her headshot on the Various sites, including the about the Book – ah – the blue-blue shirt – Very Terence Conran, love.

happy monday wherever you are, darlings.

isn’t that egyptian one just Rousing?!

we like to play it on a loop and go back to the Beatles cover at the beginning.

but perhaps that’s just us.

we have no judgement on your music choices.

having some fairly dodgy ones ourselves.


making memories is an odd way to pass the time.


we’ve been thinking (never a good idea before the dark embrace of caffeine truly kicks in, but there you go, it’s tuesday) about the just-over-four-months that we’ve now been Back in sunny southern california.


we have been faithfully documenting ideas and notions in the moleskine journals (#151 in case you’re keeping count)

– actually #124 was quite lovely in its own way

– and back in Nov 2011 we met someone who had an Orange moleskine and a very swish pair of heels – gosh that DOES seem like a lifetime ago (isn’t that the point of recording and noting Events so one can understand the passage of Time?).

wowzer! (yes, we pressed the “search” button) – here’s where we Photographed early moleskines from #1 onwards.

you see #1 was to stop us going cRazY during the not-knowing-if-our-work-visa-to-the-USA would get renewed (this was back in April 2003 – a decade ago).

so we started to write to uncover and reveal and other sorts of words that mean Finding Out What is Going On.

it helped that we were in Claridges for the first one (alas not staying there – merely for tea as we recall – it’s Very close to the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we don’t Just write in moleskines journals.

sometimes we make little notes about people, places and things that we want to write about in books and movies in tiny notebooks that lovely people send us from Berlin.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we often write by candlelight (this is the wild flowers inspired one from shabby chic to celebrate rachel ashwell’s prairie).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

you see writers-that-have-inspired-us-since-childhood Always kept notebooks. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

it was recording the witty and wonderful Mr. Nathan Gibson (hat-maker-to-the-stars) and his bon mots in her own notebooks that inspired Anita when she came to write the character of Dorothy in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

you see memories can be made anywhere.

but they are especially delicious when Made in Malibu.*

*wear sunscreen and a large becoming hat at all times.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand Most Often they are made while driving silently at night with the sunset ahead and the mountains to the right.

(memories – not notes – although we Will confess to scribbling down pen marks in the little shorthand book that we carry in the car but ONLY when stopped at the red light).

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”

― Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Earnest

a wall of memories and a view of dreams.


just a Very short post as we’re in between washing machine then drying cycles……*slightlypaniclooktocamera*

#sigh – oh for a Jeeves!

Very Good Jeeves Volume 1

and (looking at that lovely audiobook image) for a 1930s pied-a-terre and a snazzy pair of purple socks with black shiny lace-ups too, actually – that would be splendid (or Topping, as Bertie Wooster, would have said).

we digress (*looksnervouslyatalarm*) and just have 7 mins before having to Dash Downstairs to the Laundry Room (which is actually very nice and bright and has a window which looks out onto the paparazzi who are hanging around – must be someone Famous staying nearby – this is Most Definitely L.A, darlings).

we moved some furniture around today because we wanted to create a Picture Wall – or a wall of memories with:

* some of our articles from when who we are in RL was a Journalist in London, England

* a few landscapes (from our camera lens, not paintbrush) from the book – we thought we could rotate them in and out so at the moment there’s Hong Kong, Norwich and Madrid facing us as we write reminding us of So many things we’ve seen and So many hours of Jet Lag. 

* recent portraits

* one or two portraits from (a long time) before we came to the USA

* an original LP (that’s a Long Playing Record for the young people) of Edith Piaf’s Chansons Parisiennes (we’ve never actually played it as we don’t have a vinyl-playing-machine but the LP is still in the beautiful rendering of a map of Paris and a flirty gendarme from when we found this treasure at the Lincoln Center of Performing Arts Library Sale.


and then there’s also a few other esoteric ephemera from our Travels and Travails to numerous (and numinous) to recount.

so here it is!


we’re Ever so Pleased.

and it means we have re-orientated the table so we can see this View every time we look up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdoesn’t Los Angeles look Rather Tuscan Village at twilight?

so – darlings – hence why we called this post thus:

a wall of memories and a view of dreams



the Laundry Calls.

see you tomorrow (by the way, lovely to see you, as always)


synchronicity: malachy mccourt

at team gloria we particularly relish synchronicity – the “in the flow of the universe” and all that jazz (apologies to Fosse – couldn’t resist – sigh – a flick of the head and an ann reinking swish with a bowler hat and we’re a goner). for example – we were just thinking about someone at the day job and there she was, heading for the elevator, in a splendid navy blue summer frock. we talked for a while. so pleasant an encounter.

ok: back to the point.

so a good friend (dZ) emailed me from the not-humid-coast and said he’d just bought a book by malachy mccourt (dZ bought “singing my him song” i believe but malachy has written many as seen here). and dZ said he’d thought of me – because i have a malachy anecdote (you knew that was coming, right?)

team gloria is very polite, in a lovely 18th century european way (handwritten letters, arriving with white roses, helping with the washing-up) but uses 21st century technology to assist (cross-referencing and tagging interesting humans in a multitude of new and exciting devices with random facts to delight the user as if “just recalled” upon meeting a second time. you know – the names of people’s dogs and the fact that a glorious former executive at a global media company met her boss in the mid-1970s in a pub on the grays inn road and always prefers yellow roses when she stays in london – that sort of thing).

so – back to malachy – we found his book in a local carnegie library many years ago and LOVED it. and so did what we always do – sent a thank you note of appreciation.

AND HE WROTE BACK. (god, we love it when that happens)

so – on a trip west – while on business – malachy contacted team gloria and we had tea (it turned out we have mutual friends in common) – it was the most tranquil and splendidly irish story-telling of an evening, truly.

we’ve stayed in touch. and (not that malachy knows this – but he will soon as we send him this link to make him laugh – he has the best throw your head back and roar with pleasure guffaw – it’s worth seeing) we wrote a short story in his honour/honor. called “malachy’s inn”. which we entered into a competition (shiver with anticipation).

more on that at a later date. we promise.

for now – watch malachy embrace the tradition of the irish storyletter seanchai gene here: