antidote to a tiny disappointment


we had a Tiny Disappointment today.

just a little bruised feeling, tis all.

You understand, we know.

So – what is to be Done to cheer ourselves up?

well, let’s see.

how about twilight in the library?


and pausing on the corner of La Brea and Melrose to watch the sunset before reading a collection of short stories by sylvia townsend-warner in a small cafe?


and learning more about precious people who love Piaf and Robert Palmer and lusty espressos in Paris and American art magazines back home (D – the responses are splendid!)

while Other wonderful friends are walking the dog(s) in soft pale olive groves

a beauteous friend is Juicing Art in Berlin.

while someone Brave and glorious across town from The Juicer is starting a revolution.

and we have some new poetry to examine and relish and adore from Your Comments to an Earlier Post

there was a Long Chat with someone delicious in Manhattan to Talk and laugh and giggle a little into the back cushions on the soft sofa.


so – disappointing news?

Quelle disappointment?


all. gone/


sweet dreams, darlings.