fantasies and realities – writing, dreaming and picking up the meds.


we drift between fantasy (of the movie variety) and realities (off to the Chemist in a moment to get those horrid little pills that have replaced our thyroid function – *shudder* post-surgery) and then come back to Write (always delicious) and dream some more.

bcb397defb9311e2ad9722000a9e2977_7And then people send electronic post from Abroad asking us what size we wear (thrilling! a Photo Shoot for an Article – more on that another time – of course it’s not for Us but who-we-are-in-RL but we’ll definitely tag along and tell you what it’s like) and other people from the sub-Saharan portion of the world *mysticallookoffcamera* ask about our Availability for work and then – well – it’s probably almost Time for Lunch.


(that wasn’t just for lunch although we are a tiny bit hungry so it was foremost in the mind as it’s been hours since we had no-sugar-added Alpen which we buy from Laurel Canyon stores because they stock it for all the British musicians renting houses nearby.)

in the meantime – we’ve been Busy:

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.31.48 AM

we wrote a nice piece (at least we think so – hope you agree) about Yolk.


this week we also went to a delicious private screening room (Extremely Comfortable Seats) and saw a very funny (and rather twisted, actually – so be warned if you see it) British Comedy.

aren’t those British people Naughty!

but Exceedingly nice.

why yes – we did write about it.

thank you for asking.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.38.48 AM

and now we Must concentrate.

we have a deadline for some lucrative writing work.

(*sighs* we adore saying that).


from a couch, darkly recovering from an allergy to new meds.

sad update from Earlier (do switch to other blogs if this is becoming Too Much – we’d like to ;)

……….so by 11AM the “turning red and Hot” feeling has transposed itself Rather Hideously to Covered in hives (yes, nasty blotchy scratchy itchy horrible-ness) and a Swoon-y feeling (and not over Movie stars or interior designers heading-to-milan, or downtown hair-genius-creatives) and a Pounding Headache.

Now we avoid the Internet when it comes to seeking Solace (apart from your blogs, of course) but we Panicked and yes, Looked – we were having an Allergic reaction to the new Dosage.

Quelle depression, darlings.

There’s Nothing scarier that one’s body screaming “WTF is THIS you put inside us?!”

And there’s nowhere to run when it is one’s own body.

(a metaphor for our teen years, now we come to think on it………)

The surgeon said go home and rest and hydrate and go back to the former dosage.

So we Fell into one of those yellow cars and leaned back, our eyes closed, desperate to be Home.

Not soon enough (side effects = nausea) but just in time (enough said) we were home -schoolbags Tossed on the couch and passed out for 4 hours.

we Ventured forth just now to Find a late spare-yet-healthy-lunch in the cool darkness of the tiny italian nearby with garish ceramics and kind smiles.

And now we’re back lying here – the view from so many Hours post-surgery.

The only good thing (see how we Search for thus) is that the new dosage was a generic (we checked the label on the orange – shudder – plastic – sigh – bottle) Not a Brand Name.

You see?

Our body rejected the mundane in favor/favour/preference/orientation to the Expensive stuff ;)

Clever body.

– – – final thought – don’t you think the lighting with our toes left of frame is Ever so Slightly reminiscent of Goya, darlings?

How fitting as we leave – on Business – for Espana, sunday……

turning Red

In an unwelcome preview of becoming More Mature, in time, we had a Horrible heat flash suddenly descend upon us this morning.

It must be due to the increased (don’t ask) dosage of the post-surgery Synthroid.

So scary.

We were at the Post Office (such a rare occurrence but we wanted to send gifts to a new’ish mama in England) and then it happened – we just started to burn up – Literally!

All overcome and rosy, we stumbled into the street (Parcel safely on its way to England just in case you wondered) and in Utter Confusion and bewilderment attempted to Calm down.

Thank god(s) for Large Dark Glasses.

Not a good start to the day……………..

As the Americans say “we are So Over this sickness crap”.

Or as the Brits declare “this illness Lark is Beyond a joke”.

Our fellow Clandestine Columnist provides cheer in our secret emails back and forth and always includes the Delightful cry of the French Knights of Olden days – Haut Les Coeurs!

*sort of Chin up, chaps! But ever so much more glam and french and delicious and Rather Rousing!

Send calm cooling thoughts, darlings – we need it.