we made a book. with pictures. and words. mostly pictures.

we made a book.

with pictures. and words. (actually, mostly pictures, taken all over the world during our travels). but the words are VERY carefully chosen.

so much fun.

and now we’re going to get it dropped off at our agent’s office (huge grin) and she’s going to take it “to market”…

apparently that’s what they call it – it’s not an actual market – although we hear that you can go to frankfurt once a year and they have lots of books and agents and publishers all in one place to do exactly that – why frankfurt? who knows…

Apples in union square market

Walked all the way from midtown to union square, bought an apple from the market and continued on in the rain. It’s amazing how much more you notice when not under an umbrella. But my hat is soaked and the ends of my growing-out-20s-bob kinda curly. One almost might say flippy. A little Doris. Day. With freckles. Definitely rambling now. Happy bloody Friday people.