(almost) 5 hours on-the-road.



that was an Exceedingly Long Drive back (traffic, snafus, engine lights going on – oops – all ok now, more traffic, other people in accidents – sad moment – and more Traffic).

(almost) 5 hours.


but SUCH a lovely business trip that turned into an all-round nice experience on both ends with some sight-seeing and movie reference-making.

picture roll please

(we were pretending we were doing a slide show then – like some indomitable matron after she has returned from INDIA at the local library’s evening gala).


this is where the business meetings took place – rather brave new world. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and here’s sight-seeing beforehand….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

yes! that is the Maritime Museum – clever you for spotting that. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



now this picture is for Gallivanta – it’s the Star Of India – the vessel on which people emigrated from England to New Zealand from 1863 onwards.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this is dawn over Coronado Island this morning. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Coronado is a very special and magical place. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

it’s where a certain young newspaper journalist turned author wrote about OzOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and these lovely brochures from the past were in the small museum on Orange Avenue (which is the main or high street) and the hotel itself is just down the way.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

right on the beach itself.

with a very feeling-glow-y-about-the-Future sort of a sky and view of the Pacific Ocean as you can see. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

yes. it *does* look familiar doesn’t it?

that’s because a GLORIOUS film was shot here.

Some-Like-it-Hot-marilyn-monroe-16355443-1416-2005 sight-lines-cleared-some-like-it-hot

just perfection.

sadly the hotel itself is rather ordinary these days.

we were hoping to write about it – but it was full of people with lanyards and name badges rushing off to seminars about graduate learning techniques and so on.

not a movie star in sight.

or a fashion photographer.


talking about fashion (because, well, we were)….

due to the magical nature of scheduled digital-publishing dates, our piece on the Beverly Center went live while we were out of Town

and in even more delicious news from Abroad – guess who is on newsstands in AUSTRALIA on Monday?


not literally.

the article that we wrote for an English publication was “picked up for syndication” (such a delicious phrase) and sent to Australia where it was accompanied with a DEEPLY glamorous shot from Monsieur. P. Demarchelier.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 10.55.49 PM

easier to see in Portable Document Format here: Harper’s Bazaar Australia January 2014


Harper’s Bazaar and Australia.

it’s just getting all Rather Exciting, darlings.


did you see what the article has been Re-Named Down Under?

Making A U-Turn


we did.

and we did a few today on the drive back from San Diego too.

real ones.

not just metaphorical ones.

although those are deeply important.

and a bit scary, to be honest.

but there you go.

we did one.

twiggy, the movie.


we shot another friends-with-fur (their own) movie just recently.

this was with twiggy (not that one – although we’re a HUGE fan)

when we went over and met with twiggy (the friend-with-fur, not 1960s model and all-round fantastic human being) we talked through story ideas and yet we sensed that twiggy was Not Paying Attention.

she lay back on the red all-weather-proof chaise in the back garden by the pool and looked at us from under her long eyelashes.

let’s go Blonde.

she said.

how Blonde?

we asked, curiously.

As Blonde as it gets baby.

she replied.


we had to think for a moment.

we came back with tear sheets from old 1930s and Forties Hollywood fan magazines.

twiggy barked happily.

let’s do Jean, MarionMarilyn and the one that has all those clever licensing deals!


Jessica Simpson?

yeah – that girl is no dummy.

said twiggy, suddenly falling into something of an L.A Noir pose.

we started to roll the camera.

and Blonde it was.

very Blonde.

blondes and apple pie.


we have had a Most delicious morning (scroll down for pictures or wait just a tiny second and we’ll tell you what transpired) and just Dashed Home to write the Column for this week’s Where Shall We Meet (we’re doing an art supply store in the Valley down the road from a early 70s pie shop – just to give you a Preview and heads up).

so – this morning – we went to the Apple Pan


this is where Marilyn Monroe and Truman Capote used to go when they snuck out of 20th Century Fox (just a few blocks east on Pico, love) – the legend is (we say that all encompassing phrase because we Can’t Find the Reference in Mr. Capote’s diary entries that we Know we’ve read about this) that Marilyn would tie a headscarf on and no one would recognize her.


*thank you to Ghosts and Garters for this lovely shot and a very nice anecdote. 

we’re pretty sure they sat where We sat this morning as it has a good view of the door but is Slightly Hidden by the coffee machine and the old-fashioned register/till (nothing has changed here since 1947 when it opened).


we came with a beautiful blonde too (of Course we were playing the part of the Writer, darlings) – Nina Vogel – known to us Arty Interweb types as “Mamzellev” (in RL, she’s the CEO of a glorious agency called Black Lodges with Mr. Steven Vogel (who weirdly enough went to the Same University as Us – not the same College – or *coughs* the same Year – but isn’t that a curious Coincidence?)


Nina is in Town for the month on business and pleasure with Mr. Vogel (their agency is based in Hamburg, Germany but they Travel A Great Deal which is awfully glamorous) and so we said “let’s meet at the Apple Pan”.

actually we need to back up a Little.

We got Introduced to Nina via the divine Miss Jules Berlin (do you recall she came to NYC and we had Tea back in December when we still lived on the Other Coast?)

and any-friend-of-miss-jules is a friend-of-ours so we said “let’s meet at the Apple Pan” (you see, it was After Julia suggested it, we would not have been so forward before). 


we just knew that Nina would understand the significance of meeting where Marilyn and Truman sat and shared an all-american meal (we split a hamburger, egg salad sandwich and a slice of apple pie a la mode) because she not only has the Right Hair (and as you know that’s Very Important in Los Angeles, darlings) but also gets the deliciousness of re-tracing Movie History on a Sunday Morning when we are both europeans and from Other Lands but the silver screen has that certain allure.

well that – and also because we Wanted to go to Chateau Marmont but it’ll be ever so crowded with rock stars and their mothers today probably having inappropriate boundary conversations over a bloody mary and picking at a buttermilk scone.

best avoided at all costs.

so much nicer to sit at the counter at the Apple Pan and feel all american and optimistic.