we have a (few) rooms with a view.


hello, new view.

from new apartment.

in. los. angeles.



speechless (for once ;-)

thank you to George + Maria (who came with us Yesterday for Viewings) + D and heather-in-arles and ruth (who all left us delicious messages of Encouragement Here and William and Eleanor (and bumble ward who sent a delicious wave from laurel canyon and invited us to tea but we couldn’t get there this time as we were at the Bank – cashier’s check – and the new Building – to Sign The Lease and so forth) and Tiara (for tis her true name) at L’Ermitage who was the first actual face to face human we told about our new Place when we got the Call while swimming (well, we had paused on a Lounger at that point) in the Rooftop Pool and Miss Jules Berlin OH! so many people who-help-us-get-through-the-day especially on a day like today when we had to Wait to find out about the apartment.

which we now have.

you know.

in Los Angeles.