in the archives at the Academy of Motion Pictures with a pencil and a #moleskine notebook


a ravishing day and most soothing day.


partly because we purchased this divine candle from R. Ashwell which is one of those that she uses at her lovely-house-in-TX

so – back to our Day –

the Doctor was Superb!

we like her Very Much.

she took us off the nasty calcium supplements and told us to eat more food that contained calcium instead (new medical studies apparently) and gave us a Helpful Sheet (we only spotted collard greens and cottage cheese and orange juice before we felt a little Faint but We Shall Persevere).

it was So Hot here yesterday that everyone stayed indoors but we felt very Mad Dogs and English(wo)men and Took a Walk (also suggested by the Doctor which was a lovely thing). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we happened to be in Santa Monica and it looked a Lot Like Greece. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthen after some Work Tasks (yes, we believe we have Located an Attorney – we’ll let you know later this week) we went to The Library at the Academy of Motion Pictures (as opposed to ones that stay Very Still). 


we adore a cloister. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and a Romanesque or Spanish Arch from 1927 (shockingly this building was originally a Water Treatment Plant – isn’t that Astonishing that one would build such a glorious edifice for h20?).

now we cannot show you pictures from Inside the Library because Only-Pencils-and-Notebooks-are-Allowed (everything else goes in an old school metal locker downstairs by the vast oversize Gloria Swanson poster)

but here are our notebooks with the Pencil Markings.

oh! we had the Loveliest time. 

we held the original Press Book from 1931 for Dorothy Arzner‘s film “Working Girls” and saw all the articles that were written by the Press Team and Free Lance (they wrote it as two separate words in those days) with Gaps in Them (so a local theatre and the newspapers nearby could insert opening date and theatre address) but basically have a fully written Feature about the movie Ready To Go – they called this Re-Vamping!

love it.

we’re going to use that now.

did we ever tell you we used to do this (and might do it again, shortly *lookstocamera*) – here’s one we wrote for The Devil Wears Prada when we did some work for 20th Century Fox. Fun!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and here are our notes from studying Items from the Gladys Hall Collection.

we are a Tiny bit obsessed by Gladys Hall.

and we squealed (silently) when holding her Date Books from the 1930s *shivers*

we Expected to see “tea with Joan (Crawford)” on a date in June but the Pages Were Blank.

mystified as to why they made them into the Collection we scanned through the blank pages until we got to written ones – oh! the Date Book was her notes of articles published, paid or Carried Over.

imagine writing “Luise Rainer” or “Clark Gable” – Photoplay – PAID. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and then we held her Letters in our hands *sighs* and copied out some Lines.

isn’t it astonishing to see someone’s Home Address from the Past on a letter?

it seems that the house at 1807 Benedict Canyon is still the original house from 1928 and was once lived in by not only Gladys Hall (and her portrait photographer husband Russell Ball) but by the Hollywood writer Dorothy Calhoun and has not been bought or sold since the 1970s so either somebody glorious still lives there (or the descendants of someone Movie-Related) – maybe we’ll Write to them and ask them if we can Interview them.

and also some materials pertaining to the membership (and home addresses – thrilling) of the Hollywood Women’s Press Club in 1952 (Ms. Hall was a founding member along with Louella Parsons in 1928)- does it still exist? We can’t find any record of it for Today…….apart from the Golden Apple Awards (praising co-operative Stars – they used to do Sour Apple notices too – you can Imagine what That was for).

one of these members was Nora Laing – as you can see she Wrote for the World from her home in Hollywood – we found an Audio recording of her talking about belief – isn’t this Extraordinary to hear someone speak from the Past? Especially with an accent of England-Empire-via-South-Africa? Brought tears to our eyes.



the Other treasures in her collection were the Short Stories submitted to the Smart Set (we almost used this title when we started a Magazine at University with Ms. Gabrielle Morris – in the end we both settled on the Aesthete – *blush* – we were Very Young.)

oh, darlings *sighs*

it was a glorious afternoon.

now when we were at the Library, one has to Declare one’s Intentions to enter the archives (or, more correctly, Request materials from the man at desk 2 with a stunning handlebar moustache) and one is given a pencil (of course) and a Piece of card in order to do so.

we chewed the pencil a while (sorry, William) and thought about it and then wrote (carefully and neatly)

not sure yet – possibly research for a novel about 1930s Hollywood.


wouldn’t That be delicious?

well – we are Here.


poetic license over beirut coffee then fun and spangles with anita loos.


oh we do love writing a weekly column.

and sometimes it’s adorable to re-read and realize that one Can get Rather poetic over a cup of strongly aromatic Beirut coffee.


indulge us. 


of course we haven’t actually eaten anything as sweet as the Outhmaliyyè since we went to rest awhile at Pi On Sunset due to the (gulp) stats provided by our new doctor *coughs* but there you go – fiction is sweet – and we did get to have a Lovely Nap after eating there.


talking of fiction (moving swiftly on) – we Happened to find ourselves between appointments at the Academy of Motion Pictures Margaret Herrick Library yesterday – as one does.


we adore a library.

especially one that has Actual paper clippings in Manilla Envelopes and is Very Strict about only bringing in pencils (and it has been Years since we swooned over the sound of an electric pencil sharpener darlings) and no digital-devices (bliss).

we poured over the Envelopes that we requested and thought we’d share a few Quotes with you here.

yes – quite naturally we spent Some Time lingering over the Anita Loos cuttings (as we know, we adore Ms. Loos)

(The Fun and the Spangles, July 10th 1974, New York Post, Eugenia Sheppard interviews Anita Loos)

“When I see today’s movies with sordid plots and much less pretty girls, I remember the fun and the spangles.”

“Most of the stars just read their own lines to find out what kind of clothes they were going to wear.”

(on the occasion of Ms. Loos’ 80th birthday: April 26th, 1973)

“She wouldn’t stay in bed,” Miss Loos said, sipping coffee at the Russian Tea Room. “She’d be up hustling, getting to a job in some public relations organization.”

(talking about a modern Lorelei Lee)

“I can’t wait to get to my desk each morning. As soon as I found out there was money in ink, I dropped acting and stocked up on ink.”

and we thought our friend The Perfumed Dandy would enjoy these moments-in-beauteous-words from our friend Lorelei herself, helped by Ms. Loos of course, from Harper’s BAZAAR April 1964.

Perfume and what it means to girls like I 
by Lorelei Lee

“But if, on entering a taxi, a girl fails to inspire the Driver with a compliment about your perfumery, I always feel the trip is a failure from the start and she really ought to go back home and consult her perfume bottles.”

“For I always find that the perfume most adored by a Taxi Driver of distinction will also intreege (sic) the more affluent types of gentlemen on Wall Street.”


what fragrance are you wearing right now?

and are you impressing a Taxi Driver or a gentlemen on Wall Street at the same time?


you are clever.


and deeply glamorous.