1st sighting in Brighton, England – and Bella Basks By The Book on the Other Coast.


the notes are Pouring in!

we feel ever so overwhelmed and grateful.

here’s the 1st sighting in Brighton, England!


do you see how closely the book is nestling in between Ms. G. Elliot’s Middlemarch while looking slightly shyly over at J G Ballard (as many do)? *shivers* we’re Hono(u)red to be in such august shelf space.

thank you for this Sighting from Brighton from the splendid catherine with whom (alongside Viv and cat) we shared a House in a village while all students at London University (the house was called Cloud 9 – not after the celestial heavens but after the splendidly feminist play by Ms. Caryl Churchill)

and may we introduce you to Bella?

BellaSuggestsYouReadHTSSIACWas you can see Bella is already very fond of the book.

we had a feeling we might get some furry friends because the book’s cover has a little sheen to it which we thought Instantly was nice to brush up against on the way to visit the View over Manhattan or the city of your choice and Residence.

thank you to S on the Other Coast for the lovely shot of Bella Basking By The Book.

do send pictures when it arrives at Your part of the world.

it really is thrilling to see the book out there.

you are all VERY very very Kind.


signing off now – who-we-are-in-RL needs the laptop to as her editors in England and CHINA have just sent notes and she must Re-Write as all Writers Must.

what a delicious life.

isn’t it?

#howtostaysaneinacrazyworld hanging from a Chandelier somewhere in the glittering canyons of manhattan.


our lovely friend Donna sent us a Sighting of the book swinging from a Chandelier!

BuyMyClosetsightingisn’t that glorious?

and to make it Even more delicious – there’s a Video Too!



we Do have really g l a m o r o u s  friends.


more sightings please!



#Her is the reason we were in a hotel room in manhattan with mr. joaquin phoenix and mr. spike jonze for #HerTheMovie



do you recall when we were in Manhattan (in a gorgeous hotel suite) and could Not tell you why we were there?


this is why.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.23.07 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.23.52 AM


we DO have a Most delicious life these days.


oh you’re right.


the article is in Spanish!

(how clever who-we-are-in-RL appears to be *innocentsmile*)

sadly we can’t share the original (syndication in process to other Esquire potential happening now you see).

but here’s a sneak peek.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.30.44 AM


If you’re feeling a general sense of malaise about real world relationships, you’ll feel comforted by the movie, “Her”, from writer/director Spike Jonze. The film is set in the not too distant future, in a Los Angeles that looks a lot like downtown Shanghai and stars Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, a ghostwriter of other peoples’ intimate correspondence.

Theodore is definitely suffering from a lack of love. He’s unwilling to sign his divorce papers and has retreated to his apartment where he plays 3D virtual reality video games in desperate isolation.

The only hot action he gets is disembodied; in sex chat rooms accessed via his mobile device where the lonely, sleepless souls roam in the small hours, with their ever-darkening appetites. Which sets us up nicely for the premise of the movie: can you fall in love with a sentient artificially intelligent being that only exists in the ether of the cloud-based Internet, piped into your earpiece, whispering sweet nothings into your troubled psyche?

In the movie the answer is yes.

a bit further on…..

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.33.44 AM


Jonze is anxious to position the movie as a love story and not a dystopian tale. He told Esquire: “Really I was writing about relationships and I wanted it to work on both levels. A lot of people are afraid of both technology and intimacy – and that’s what the movie is about.” But this is a movie about where we are heading and what that means for love, human relationships and our dependence on technologically advanced devices.

In an effort to learn more about Jonze’s vision of a future where operating systems fall in love with us, and vice versa, we interviewed several experts from robot anthropologists (yes this job now exists) to neuroscientists and famous thinkers in the field.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.38.13 AM


Which brings us neatly to Joaquin Phoenix. If you want to find an actor that portrays human alienation and detachment and pain beautifully, you can do no better than cast Phoenix. Famously obtuse in press interviews, he is a remarkably gifted actor, whose pain and experience of a fractured reality is almost too much to watch onscreen.

Jonze met Phoenix over a decade ago when the actor read for “Adaptation” (the role that went to Nicolas Cage) and always admired Phoenix’s dedication as an actor. “Joaquin brings so much heart and sincerity to the role. Even though Theodore holds so much sadness, he also has a capacity for joy and playfulness and it’s a sweet contrast, all of which Joaquin brings to the performance—and more.  I felt that I watched him become Theodore.”

Phoenix agrees with his director that he tries to be purely instinctual these days when approaching a role.

“It depends on the movie – depends on the character – I’ve tried more and more to react to the moment, I used to impose my ideas on the scene too much and I wanted to get to a place where I respond to the moment as I get older I impose my ideas of what it should be and be more instinctual instead.”

so there you have it.

the reason we were in a hotel room in October in Manhattan and could not tell you that who we were with was Mr. Joaquin Phoenix and Mr. Spike Jonze.

did we like the movie?

oh, yes.

v e r y  m u c h.

in a delicious unsettling and glorious way.

manhattan moments and brilliant bits of brooklyn too.


a lovely day!

pictures first.

actually only pictures.

s o   t i r e d.

we must sip ginger tea and get ready for meetings tomorrow morning (at our Publishers – such a lovely Prospect).


and more manhattan tomorrow.

then plane ride 2 in the 10 flights there and back on the Voyage Out To South Africa.


it’s all going rather well.

melancholia mixed with deliciousness.



such an ODD feeling back in Manhattan and the sheer irony of drawing back the shades this morning – or finding the button that denoted “morning” which electronically opened the blackout shades and then another button that said “open shears” which we worked out meant net curtains and not gardening implements to deadhead roses and seeing Our Former Employer’s Skyscraper bold as you like, slap bang in the middle of our View.

how we giggled.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe had a sense of deja Vu about this trip (as surprisingly last minute-and-fleeting-of-a-business-glam-experience as it was) and also a deep melancholia at what-had-happened-before and what happens next (whatever That Is).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAluckily we have friends in KOREA who can explain it to us (because we’re Terribly International) as this feeling came over us at just about Twilight (Manhattan does a very good moody almost-winter late evening silky dusk you see that somehow tears the heart strings)b88676ac351f11e3a3ff22000a1fb762_8here’s what lovely heej_lee left as a virtual note on our picture post on Instagram (so Modern as William would say)>>>>>

“We have this phrase in Korean, 시원섭섭, which means you’re glad in part but you’re also nostalgic/missing the old days in part. Hope the trip down memory lane is a pleasant one. :)”

isn’t that just perfect?

and so better summed up thus – 시원섭섭 – than in English characters or a Western Idiom.

yes, that’s EXACTLY how it feels being back here – until tomorrow night – so, alas fleeting, and we have been working Non-Stop so cannot see anyone for social occasions This Time (forgive!

f22fca92351b11e3951622000ab5aaa3_8thank goodness for the chandeliers or we would have been quite overwhelmed after our long day working (at an undisclosed location with we-signed-that-we-would-not-say-who)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand also for a stolen hour between leaving the work and finding our friends downtown and then across-a-bridge (more on that Tomorrow):

6a0a1042351511e39f2e22000a1fb37d_8manhattan does a dark wood tavern very well – luckily they had refreshingly sparklingly italian mineral water because we needed that after jet-lag-work-experience (although the work was Glam and very exciting and we WISH we could tell you who it was – you’ll have to wait until January – can you believe that? but it’s worth the w a i t, darlings).

so we checked out of the hotel suite (with chandelier) and took the subway here and there and over to that platform and now to Here – and then, as we sit here writing to you, freshly showered and mascara all removed and well-fed (but not overly so) and quietly winding down……..a small furry creature awaits our presence.


958a01d4353b11e3928022000a9f3c6c_8It’s SPARKY!


goodnight, darlings – from the East Coast.

somewhere in midtown in a butterscotch and cream moire silk hotel room

well – darlings – take a look at these pictures! – taken from various vantage points of the vast suite that we found ourselves in somewhere in midtown manhattan – at two different times in the day (because we’ve been working Very Hard and not here much).


a very blue (and rather chilly for our california blood) skies today on This Coast – but gorgeously optimistic and sort of throw-your-hat-in-the-air MTM kind of a day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and just LOOK at this suite, darlings. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

how chic and gorgeous and grateful we feel for such a Palace.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and – yes – *sighshappily* – a chandelier.

we ADORE a chandelier

and take a look at that night-time view – it’s the sort of View that a writer has in the Movies (but only sales people on someone else’s travel schedule usually get to see in RL) – but for tonight – it’s ours.

of course we’re on West Coast time and we haven’t sleep a full night since Friday because we left on the jet plane at 11.20PM L.A time and -oh! the fire engines and sirens BLARING outside reminded us of the FrEnZY of Manhattan.

such fun.

lots to do.

what a deeply curiously interesting new chapter this is turning out to BE.

off to Manhattan to do a hopefully passable impression of Hugh Grant.


very exciting! who-we-are-in-RL has been Packed and Ready for the past 12 hours awaiting the Red Eye flight Tonight across the entire USA continent to the Other Side and the other Coast, in fact – for a WHIRLWIND business trip as a member of the global press corps.


which means – in effect – although we cannot (yet) tell you the Movie she’s seeing or the Movie Stars and Hollywood Director she is interviewing – she will, in fact, be doing a passable impression of Hugh Grant.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 4.11.15 PM

do you recall this scene in Notting Hill? not sure if you can see this transmission in your territory:

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 4.11.03 PM

It’s all Tremendously Exciting – although we won’t be “crushing” on the Star/Director/CombinationOfBoth – as splendid as they both are – unlike Mr. Hugh Grant did with the lovely Ms. Julia Roberts (and who can blame him?)

so – that’s Ahead – for the next two days.

what else?

So Many Things (thank you for asking – *winninglooktocamera* – love)/.

let’s see – there was a cup of coffee with someone glamorous (you can tell by the Aviator shades and yes, we were discussing The Book)


the day started early with a drive and a delightful conversation with George but he had to go off and do things with his Family so we went alone to Chateau Marmont (see how you *almost* felt sad for us and then sat back in your comfy chair to say “oh well, Chateau Marmont, and very nice that is too!” – and you’re right. It. Is).

and we read a selection of the International press while eating eggs. always a winning combination.


and the Print Edition (Traditional Version) arrived in the Post of RED so we got to see who-we-are-in-RL on the Contributors Page (first time EVER!)

and she also was asked to write a small “blog post” to promote The Book (and the article in this month’s Red)


then after All That we had to come home and do the List of Things we Must Not forget (passport etc – even though it’s Domestic Travel and one CAN use a driving license to get to NYC, as an immigrant, one is always Advised to bring a passport) db446d90338311e39dfb22000a9e5ac6_8

we felt Rather exhausted at the thought of a car arriving to take us to the airport for 11PM (we so rarely see 11PM, darlings) so we rested well for a few moments and read a little more of the International Press (because that’s what members of the Global Press Corps do of a weekend, naturally).

we *almost* forgot to share this week’s column with you – it’s been Very busy over here doing research for the Hugh Grant impression (and he didn’t have to read a ton of books on artificial intelligence and neuroscience and Robots and the meaning of Life/Love and neural networks either – he just faked it with a vintage copy of Horse and Hound).
Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 4.18.08 PM

of course Mr. Hugh John Mungo Grant is an ACTOR and we are – well – we are – hmmmm – not Entirely sure what we are.

but it’s awfully delicious finding out.

see you on the Other Coast.

we’re staying at one of Mr. Trump’s hotels.

Hopefully in a Room with a View – we adore those.

Don’t you?

an elegant goodbye to manhattan


you wouldn’t know from our pictures that it was hell-ish-y humid today in manhattan or that we got a Tiny Bit Frustrated with the Bank (don’t ask – it’s ok now – we just didn’t understand why it was So Difficult to deposit our advance check into a new teamgloria bank account – they didn’t seem Nearly as Excited about it as we are *sighs*) Or that we traversed All the way across from south to north and west to east to tie up loose ends and get things Done and so on and so forth

you couldn’t tell any of that from our pictures because it’s Not that sort of a blog

it’s one that just celebrates glorious people, places and things (like the delicious cheese and crackers plate with some figs and a large iced glass of water that John just put in front of us telling us to “hydrate before setting off for the airport!” – quelle loveliness).

so here’s our day in Pictures without the frustrating and hot and a tiny bit perspiring-ness-bits.

just loveliness.



there was a darling exhibition at The Plaza for Mr. Lurhman’s upcoming movie (in fact Many of the windows on Fifth Avenue were heralding this event – what those in the Industry call “quite a media and added value spend” – for some reason)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


very gloria.


and what’s Not to love about a chandelier?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this is a pot of coffee that we had – no, not at The Plaza – we prefer the ambience (for coffee) at the St. Regis (as you can see we were making our way across Town at this point). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

plus they have the loveliest art deco statues downstairs. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



can you see how hot it was?

such bring colo(u)rs/shade/hues just Pop in the sizzling heat

now on another note (before we Dash Into A Cab!)

we also stopped in and saw a harrowingly beautiful exhibition called “We Went Back” at ICP which was ASTONISHING and you can see a commentary about that here (we wept)

it’s always edifying to see art when one travels.

just in case you’re in NYC.

there’s a lovely little exhibition down at ‘sNice.

if you hadn’t heard.

and now we’re sipping sleepy time tea #aftertheexhibition


just got back from the exhibition.

it was Quite an Oeuvre – in not a bad way at all – but we’re so overwhelmed by seeing all the lovely people and the nice things that they said and quite frankly realizing that because we had the Flu when we left NYC, we didn’t really get to say goodbye and so perhaps tonight was goodbye or not but yes, probably and there were people from all areas of our life which was a little bit uncomfortable at times and sometimes Rather Lovely and Sweet and then strange again and we Did take some pictures but couldn’t get the angles that we wanted and so we’ve just got one to show you.


Lisa and Lyn who looked beautiful.

and then it was all over – two-and-a-half-hours-later and we drifted outside and there was talk of cabs and uptown/downtown and meeting friends and going on somewhere and we just wanted to sit down quietly and take it all in – the seeing-the-photos-on-the-wall and the Friends and More Friends and then take a walk into the Village and turn left up sixth avenue a bit, turn left again, can’t quite remember where – after bleecker anyway, and then feeling a bit tearful about who-knows-what we suddenly thought “oops, forgot to have supper” (that can happen here) and so we ducked into a bodega and bought a Manhattan-Walking-Snack (seltzer, string cheese and a lemon gluten-free bar with nuts if you’re not sure what that Is) and felt a little less weird about everything and Called a friend back in L.A who made us giggle (we ducked into a chemist/drugstore/purveyor-of-aspirin as it’s Far too noisy to talk on a cellular telephone on the street in NYC and the sad-late-night-love-music made us rather Melancholic – does it sell more aspirin? surely not guvnor) and then we got distracted by the Chinese balloons.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAaren’t they delicious?

isn’t there a scene in either Working Girl (party on staten island right before Alec buys her the inappropriate underwear) or Desperately Seeking Susan (when they all pause to watch the commercial in Jersey at Roberta’s house) where we see chinese lanterns that are really similar? or was it Nobody’s Fool with Rosanna Arquette? hmmm.

can you picture it?

can you send us a picture of it?

we couldn’t find it from Mr. Google.

yes, that’s how easily we get distracted from Vast Feelings about where-we-have-lived and who-we-have-known and how Kind people were to come and see the pictures and so on.




and movies.

seen anything good recently?

we need to fly back to L.A tomorrow and catch up on movie watching now that our exhibition is Alive and has a Life of its own on This Coast.

we hope people sit in ‘sNice on sullivan and get to dream a little about faraway places and  so on while sipping their soy latte.

that would be nice.

that’s why we did those pictures anyway.

to engender a smile and a day-dream.

thank you to everyone that came – and those that wanted to but couldn’t get there – and those of you via the Interweb who came in spirit – that was lovely.

but we’re sort of relieved it’s over.

to tell the absolute truth.


trembling before the exhibition


we’re getting a Tiny bit apprehensive about the show’s opening tonight.

sort of not-wanting-to-be-the-centre-of-attention (which is deeply odd consider we spent so many years desirous of the limelight – and we don’t mean the dodgy club on leicester square in London either – although we did spend a few nights of our Youth there, tis true)

and – well – it feels so official – the new life, and all that.

which is good.

but scary.


in the meantime, we take pictures.


sparky was unwilling to wake up this morning – so we made the coffee instead (and rather strong it was too – magnificent blend) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then we went to visit our friend Donna at her company Buy My Closet which is tremendously exciting a place.

although we did notice we seem to have taken pictures of two completely nude mannequins instead of the vast quantities of gorgeous designer threads on offer at the site itself – do lookOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

she even has a Chandelier!



manhattan in springtime is most deliciously fragrant and floral.


and still stern and impressive in Other Parts (this being Madison Avenue as we strolled by).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and there was lots of time to pause for thought. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and reflect on our Life here – and there and elsewhere.

then (and it was only just lunchtime at this Juncture) we took our immigration attorney to lunch to say THANK YOU FOR THE GREEN CARD at a groovy parisian-esque bistro

where we saw the Bourdain himself.


all those times spent sipping black coffee and staring moodily into space during seven years in manhattan – not a peep – back for a mere few hours to pick up a green card, open an exhibition and say thank you to our immigration attorney – voila!


remarkable in fact.


getting a bit nervous now.

and Must get a fresh slim-fit sky-blue t-shirt on with black jeans and the merest dash of chapstick before heading out to meet our friends and *blush* a little at the pictures on the wall that we took.