a day in Portugal.

a day of driving, dogs (both excited and dozing in equal measure), lunch, Family of Origin (both heart-warming and full of sadness in equal parts), British television via satellite and excellent supper on-a-tray and more driving and much of it photographed to share with You.











We’ve always known a blog helps.

Even when we can’t write in Great Detail.

But sometimes just knowing that many of you walked us through you-know-what. Both those of you who know us in RL and those of you who only know us Here (and goodness knows we are More us here than Out There it feels). The thing is, we couldn’t tell them about Tobias the tumor story while it was happening. For many reasons. Some were good reasons (how do you tell your parents you are waiting to see if you have cancer?). Others were not necessarily good but necessary reasons (not everyone can Cope when stuff is not happening to them but to others and they are frightened and perhaps ill equipped). And god knows they have Their Own Issues (there are many reasons we find it Helpful to Have. A. Therapist, darlings).

What we are trying to say is that today was easier because we knew you’d be there at the end of it.

Thank you.

Hope you like the photographs.

It made today more beautiful looking for beauty to share here later.

A couple of times we almost let the name gloria slip ;)

In time, we guess, we will tell.

And if you’re reading this then – we did the best we could at the time.

smart is over. intelligence wins.

dialogue from within an elevator today (inside a super high security building – you couldn’t even LEAVE without showing ID – oh, my).

*teamgloria is dressed in a black trench coat and dark glasses in this scene.

MAN: sorry. didn’t mean to bash you with my bag.

tg: no worries. i know how to fight back.

MAN: [turns around] hey, [laughs] you look like a spy in the trench coat and dark glasses.

tg: [small smile] you never know.

MAN: [silence]

we are aware that the packed elevator turned round to study us carefully (being in a high security building, and all). we just stayed very still and terribly inscrutable and calmly checked our blackberry. nobody spoke. as the elevator/lift/electronicconveyance doors open, the crowd parted and we walked out first.

as if on a mission.

yes, darlings – WE LOVED IT.

don’t tell ;-)

ok. so (forgive) – we can’t tell you where we were – or why we were there – but oh, The View from the 50th floor corridors-of-power indeed! (take a look)

there was even a jetty…..(but we didn’t arrive by boat – this time)

and it was a Truly International set of fabulous women from the USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden and we heard a few other accents but those were the ones we met.


did we let that slip?

yes. almost everyone in the room was female.

the corridors of power are indeed changing.

and the speaker was incredible.

a pensive weekend ahead, digesting everything we’ve learned.

oh life is getting Very Exciting, darlings.


respite at the library, MFK Fisher and plotting.

we weren’t feeling so tip top today.

it was our first week back, after all.

so we told the Day Job we’d work from home and rest.

and so we did. and in between the work stints, we had a nice lie down and did some deep breathing and the nausea from the calcium pills (yup, still on them) passed eventually.

during those moments, we read MFK Fisher’s lovely “Serve it Forth” (part of the lovely lady-of-letters care package) and it helped.

here are our two favourite/favorite/chosen passages:

then we took in a little sunshine (Such a Nice Day Today) as well as an hour or so in tranquil repose at the local library:

then (because we live in NYC and Have No Food In The Fridge, darlings) we went to our local cafe at the end of the street/block and saw a couple of friends.

so nice to have a little bite to eat and enjoy a small amount of genius Plotting.

what about?


couldn’t POSSIBLY say.


tranquil lunch: we will miss this (final day: medical leave)

we will miss these tranquil lunches – just us and a notebook and a novel and at least an hour stretching into the afternoon.

this medical leave has changed us; for the better.

more later, darlings.

but may we say we are looking Quite Sleek with our new haircut (still growing it out for future california life but a new shape and yummy shine – our own colour/color/shade – a radical rebellion in Corporate Life ;)

off for a walk with Jonathan.

and we started our day at ‘snice (cafe in soho) with the very sleek corporate warrior (on blessed hiatus so he had time to meet) jT and talked about love and relationships and magic. You know – our usual conversations during this pause in our life.

Not Looking Forward to returning tomorrow (and just heard that our favourite/favorite people are Abroad so ho hum on the re-entry feeling)

more later, definitely. doing lots of pix for our final day of medical leave………

did you have a good hurricane?


am on the phone with a friend who just called from the Other Coast and his opening words were:

did you have a good hurricane?

only a delicious friend from the South could say something like that with such elegant wit.

we just had to share it with you.

on another note, we had lunch with a beautiful friend who was carrying her It Bag from her former life and we both gazed at it a while. And then carried on with our lunch and were incredibly upbeat and thoughtful and a bit of business and a lot of bonding.

in other words, the perfect lunch.

it’s a lovely day in NYC today.

and on wednesday we leave for the Other Coast.

when in doubt, les deux magots

if you were here now, we’d spend the afternoon talking over the state of the world, les annees folle, Godard et les troubles de monsieur galliano.

wouldn’t it be delicious?

we’re having the salade deux magots, perrier – et apres, a rather large cafe creme.


leaving for england in a few hours. our (day job) work is done in continental europe. we’re not sure we’re any more enlightened about the task(s) ahead – but we assure you we were utterly charming throughout the whole process ;)

Oh, did we mention we had lunch with a Duke today?

As an adjunct or even one might say adjacent experience to the day job, we had lunch with a Duke today.

Actually, as we are in Paris, one ought to say: nous avons le experience charmante au dejeuner avec le Duc—-

Gosh. No. We’re NOT telling you which one.

But there only twenty extant, darlings.

Aren’t we having the MOST delicious time?

Oh yes.

And when we told him about our relief at arriving at the hotel after the travel-mare of yesterday and then gasping in joy at not one but TWO balconies, the Duc said:

“mais oui, our family, friends and lovers think we have the most glamorous time but rarely do we get two balconies”

(did you notice how he slyly used the word lovers? Ducs in France can do that. Dukes in England would not).

We were not alone. Fear not. There were several people at lunch today. Only one Duc. And only one team gloria. The Duc had to gently suggest we start eating as the men were starving. They were waiting for us to begin. Being a lady and all. But not a Duc. Sadly.

Although pre the revolution (not American, the other one, in France) we would have been Comtesse (Gloria).

Imagine the frocks.

tapas, divine

tapas with two of the most gloriously fabulous fashion-y and chic types of madrid – the kind of individuals who ride vintage vespas and shoot late-night party footage and are generally too, too, divine.
thank you for lunch – and the inspiration

sad to leave madrid :(

see you in italy later darlings – will post from milan!

taking a moment to rest under the shade of a tree on a proper stone bench, surrounded by sleepy spaniards who would prefer a siesta than a long afternoon back at the office…….teamgloria agrees.


lunch with leo lerman

we walked to the swimming pool (closed due to easter sunday) so found ourself in a most team gloria expedition to a second-hand bookshop and there he was.

So we brought him home for lunch and settled in for a splendidly long afternoon.