perdu en route

dearest reader

send a soothing bubble bath, a warm blanket (preferably in the softest camel hue of cashmere/wool mix) and a pot of tea and a proper china cup and saucer…………

………….for we are perdu en route. or at least our tired soul and sense of humour/humor is most definitely missing………….

we missed our flight from milan to paris – rescued our baggage (sadly 11.5 kilos pushed the silver samsonite over the edge for european planes and they whisked him away as we wiped away a frightened tear.

the next time we saw silver samsonite he was abandoned in lost luggage with a nasty blue plastic fastener (which took air france an age to remove just now) – we sprung him free – checked into later flight (alas Orly, not CDG this one) and had to see him be taken away again

And THEN on arrival in paris he had been burst open!

quelle horreur!!

all team gloria’s cables for all our hi-tech devices (and satin – blush – undergarments) EXPOSED.

the shame. the frustration. the fury burgeoning in our growly stomach.

the taxi queue was so horribly long that we bought a train ticket (in french, if you fancy that ;)

and will find our way to the hotel TOO many hours later than planned……….with scotch tape (gaffer tape for you theatrical types) keeping silver samsonite from exposing himself once more.

grumpy. tired. and a bit plump from too much bread, cheese and (ahem) gallette gateau second est une choux avec creme.


need. to. sleep.


sont-ils luxembourg our sant-michel la prochaine?!