inky twilight and indigo dawn and a poem from mr. A.E


there was an inky twilight last night –



When the unquiet hours depart
And far away their tumults cease,
Within the twilight of the heart
We bathe in peace, are stilled with peace.

The fire that slew us through the day
For angry deed or sin of sense
Now is the star and homeward ray
To us who bow in penitence.

We kiss the lips of bygone pain
And find a secret sweet in them:
The thorns once dripped with shadowy rain
Are bright upon each diadem.

Ceases the old pathetic strife,
The struggle with the scarlet sin:
The mad enchanted laugh of life
Tempts not the soul that sees within.

No riotous and fairy song
Allures the prodigals who bow
Within the home of law, and throng
Before the mystic Father now,

Where faces of the elder years,
High souls absolved from grief and sin,
Leaning from our ancestral spheres
Beckon the wounded spirit in.

George William Russell (‘A. E.’) 1867-1935

549ae2d0b4eb11e3a9a012b4cf9f5219_8and then – up again – before the sun – driving East into the indigo dawn – another day begins.


that was Rather Profound.


we can be.

may you (also) live in interesting times.

(adorable) *wink* to (hmmm, let’s see) #camera4

so there was an EARTHQUAKE this morning….



so there was an earthquake this morning here in the city of angels.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.35.55 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.36.44 AM


we’ve been in a few (not many at all) during our first residence in los angeles but this was the first one where it happened at 06:30 hours and we had not set the alarm and so was woken up by a strong shaking as if someone was telling us we were Awfully Late For School.

the shower doors in the ensuite shook alarmingly but did not shatter and we remembered to move away from anything glass….

…….but considering the (lovely) bed is between a wall of wardrobes with sliding glass doors and a (splendid) picture window looking out onto a vista of los angeles, we decided to just put the (soft, cotton) sheets and (comforting) comforter/duvet and (several) pillows over our head and Wait For It To Pass.

then it did.

after what felt like AGES.

considering we’d been in the middle of  most Curious dream (highlights included our childhood house, 9 black cats squirming happily to see us, one jumped up and we recognized the spirit/descendent? of the cat – Muffin – from when who-we-are-in-RL was about 11 – with a Leap of Joy and – Very Strangely – Elvis – the singer – with long blonde Viking hair and a rough beard outside the used furniture shop nearby) – it was all a bit Weird.

and not just the dream (although that was super weird – translations anyone? do give us your interpretation).

and in other news.


we watched The Magic Roundabout while cutting up the strawberries from the farmers market.


Magic Roundabout. 

possible reason for strange tripp-y-dream?
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthere’s nothing like fresh lemons in a jug of cold water in the fridge.


luckily George has returned from France with birthday gifts for who-we-are-in-RL and we particularly needed some soothing lavender after the EARTHQUAKE THIS MORNING. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and the soap smells glorious. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

last night – up in the hollywood hills – not knowing that an EARTHQUAKE WAS ABOUT TO HIT IN TWELVE HOURS.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhich really is a big lesson for us all (but perhaps not everyone needs to learn this).


that one Never Knows What is about to HAPPEN.



but if there are roses and quietness again, everything will re-settle into a new formation and things will start moving in perhaps not the direction one Thought but the general Voyage Inside that one needs.

before we go, just really to record this for the future, we sat on a Knole Sofa yesterday, high up in a Canyon somewhere in the Beverly Hills area.

we could not take photographs (sadly) and we’re not sure we can ever write about the experience (no hook, no public open day, no forthcoming vast coffee table book or movie location per se).

but we sat on a Knole Sofa.

and that was glorious.

and yes, we’ve seen the Original at Knole itself.

but one cannot sit on the original sofa (too threadbare, too protected by the National Trust) and only very special invited guests can sit on the one we went to yesterday.


all this AND an EARTHQUAKE.

whatever next?


we are driving into Topanga Canyon shortly.

yes, there will be pictures.

but not a Knole Sofa.


a tiny bit shaken after the EARTHQUAKE.




hello spring! words by e e cummings, music by mozart and flowers lovingly captured by teamgloria


it’s spring!

firstly some music!

and now some poetry – intermingled with flowers that we took yesterday on a walk with who-we-are-in-RL for her birthday.


Spring is like a perhaps hand 
(which comes carefully 
out of Nowhere)arranging 
a window,into which people look(while 
people stare
arranging and changing placing 
carefully there a strange 
thing and a known thing here)and

changing everything carefully

e.e. cummings


O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have

fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched

,has the naughty thumb
of science prodded

beauty       .how
often have religions taken
thee upon their scraggy knees
squeezing and

buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive

to the incomparable
couch of death thy

thou answerest

them only with


e. e. cummings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbirthdays are getting easier and easier.

they used to be (almost) unbearably painful days for reasons we cannot divulge but which had (occasionally) nothing to do with us. the passing of time can be (if one lets it) be pregnant with regret or awful deeds OR – and here’s where we return to the sunny channel once again – they can be a deep but quite lovely Sigh about Everything that’s happened and what-is-about-to-happen-next and gosh-did-that-really-happen and did we get back to LosAngelesAgain (yes!), is who-we-are-in-RL now An Author (hurrah!)

in the meantime, there’s always mr. Mozart to wave us into a springtime of deliciousness…..

isn’t Monday always filled to the brim with potential?

we. think. so.

do you?

the author returns home a little wan and ready for something on a tray.

hello darlings

Author Here.


we made a little movie.

will you Indulge us?

did you like it?

it took HOURS (so deceptive, just sixty seconds of actual completed footage, you have No Idea – or maybe you’re as obsessive compulsive about your Tasks too and so you Do).

yesterday was an Overwhelmingly good experience.

thank goodness there were all the attributes that we need in order to feel balanced again.


actually several.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa painted ceiling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlook at the DATE….. *shivers*


a nice english porcelain tea service.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand the set of Many A Movie

we had a lovely day of driving to Century City and interviewing someone special for a Where Shall We Meet (here’s this week’s one before we Forget) then getting back-into-the-perfectly-prius to drive all the way Downtown to wait (at the Biltmore, above) until a parcel we needed to pick up was Prepared (it’s all to do with something exciting that who-we-are-in-RL is writing for ELLE China if you can imagine That) and then back-into-the-car again (this being Los Angeles) and stopping at the Grove to admire the Twinkle lights…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand wait for our good friend Richard…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvery near the Fountain


and then *blushing_furiously* go inside Barnes & Noble to visit the lovely freshly launched book.

by that time we were Rather Exhausted and so, like the Master, Mr. Noel Coward, we drove (again) home for something on a Tray.

Something on a Tray

by Noël Coward

Advancing years may bring about
A rather sweet nostalgia
In spite of rheumatism and gout
And, certainly, neuralgia.
And so, when we have churned our way
Through luncheon and a matinée,
We gratefully to bed retire
To rest our aching, creaking vertebrae
And have a little something on a tray.

Some ageing ladies with a groan
Renounce all beauty lotions,
They dab their brows with eau-de-Cologne
And turn to their devotions,
We face the process of decay
Attired in a négligé
And with hot bottles at our toes
We cosily in bed repose
Enjoying, in a rather languid way,
A little ‘eggy’ something on a tray.

Advancing years that many dread
Still have their compensations,
We turn when youth and passion have fled
To more sedate sensations,
And when we’ve fought our weary way
Through some exhausting social day
We thankfully to bed retire
With pleasant book and crackling fire
And, like Salome in a bygone day,
Enjoy a little something on a tray.

When weary from the fray
Something on a tray
Sends weariness away,
Something on a tray,
Thank God, thank God we say,
For something on a tray.

it’s Rather fun being an Author.

we highly recommend it, darlings.

quiet moments while waiting.


such a lovely 24 hours.

and even more precious because we are Waiting (sort of patiently) for Responses to Requested Ideas and so we *thought_hard* about new things to write about and carefully typed them up with references and everything and “hooks” (if you’re not familiar and not everyone Is with this term it means Timely which is Everything in journalism circles) and sent them out Into the World.

and now we wait. for a little while. because we are aware that we are Very fast when it comes to Ideas and the careful-typing-bit and so not Everyone (or even Anyone) expected our emails so soon.

plenty to do in the meantime – – – – –

fear not.



we got up before Dawn this morning and drove East to see friends for breakfast and take a walk and enjoy the mellow sunshine (being not too naughty to gloat when there are snowstorms – brrrrr – in Many other places around the globe right now)20140121_190735

and last night we snuck down using the goods elevator to admire the pool at The Beverly Hills Hotel because our dear friend Barry (who had escaped the snowstorm on That Coast) was in Town with his niece Miss. S and he had invited yours truly as well as Mr. Chris and Mr. Victor and we had the MOST delicious time in, you guessed it, The Polo Lounge (note to non-existent sub-editor: chk: Polo reference? no horses or small mints with holes in them that we could see at all).

now we couldn’t take Photographs (it would be deeply frowned on by the hangers on surrounding their Talent charges which, we are happy to tell you, included a man-with-black-fingernails, a Movie Mogul and Miss. P. Anderson last night – all True) but we can tell you that the lobby is a symphony of beige (the good stuff, not a lack-of-imagination) softly intertwined with the Most flattering lighting for anyone over the age of 12.

and there you have it.



the slightly decadent life in L.A – as shown here by a stag (that is a stag, right?) atop of a Rather ornate surround that reminded one of a faded Estate in Tuscany that has been abandoned by the son and heir because he wanted to go and make pop videos for MTV in the 80s and is now lived in by the aged aunt who reads Dante and weeps into her tisane.

in other news:

we Tidied up a lot and threw away three bags (some of “trash” as the Americans call it – the others to be recycled into something New by the paper mill people, not us, and a bag of books to leave downstairs by the washing machines for another resident to Enjoy) not that we had any clutter to begin but it’s amazing how Invigorating cleaning and tidying can be while one is Waiting. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

who-we-are-in-RL has a Very important call on Monday morning with someone Abroad so we decided to re-frame some of our work so we can have an extra nice background to the call (yup, it’s a video call, which usually she can’t cope with but the backdrop is such a Nice talking point that All Will Be Well). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there’s also lots of magazines to read and take close-up pictures of for our friends on Instagram. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


even as the light fades slowly and rather beautifully like a Vermeer (or do you see another sort of light going on? it does feel Nordic actually, non?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

oh good!

this week’s column just came out. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.42.33 PMso lots to do.

but what do we do a Lot while we Wait?

drink a lot of coffee.


a193b61a82f111e3ab4012f602fa8bc2_8thank goodness for sweet baristas who amuse us with the pictures-in-foam.

small mercies, darlings, small mercies.



#HerTheMovie part ii and life in L.A on a general note


such a pleasant surprise!

who-we-are-in-RL also got a copy of her article about Mr. Spike Jones which was written for a UK publication (so Modern, as William would say – appearing in two languages!)




in other news……3e3b30c07cbb11e3b05212a6e2c83f33_8

lots of driving at twilight….30d681747d3211e3a0a00e0a1b2b9a73_8

working not necessarily feverishly but with definite purpose during the daylight hours (and what lovely daylight it is over on This Coast). d0fa94607c6511e39a7f12e9e786c5f7_8

the roses are particularly creamy at this time of year. e8ca38527cc911e39df312c88b6315b6_8and magical evenings galore.


whatever next?

who knows (we sort of hope Some people do – but there again – life is a mystery and no mistake)?

that’s the best thing about being Here in L.A – anything could happen.

which is the opposite of the same-thing-happening-every-day (and we’ve been There and sometimes it was Nice to know that things were trundling on but really, to be honest, we’re Not that sort of person who truly appreciates, how can we put this – stability, domesticity and/or Routine).

so – let’s wait and see.

shall we?



while we wait we lurk in bookshops idly (ok, fervently) wondering what it’ll be like to have our FIRST EVER BOOK in an actual Book Shop.


bloody lovely, most probably.

we’ll let you know.


a walk up the canyon….


we took a walk up the Canyon yesterday – ostensibly to meet Another Expatriate Writer (don’t you adore Foreign Correspondents?) and then, because we took such nice pictures, to return home to write Next Week’s “Where Shall We Meet” for our delicious Editor at Los Angeles, I’m Yours.

the final piece will be posted Wed (at noon, Pacific Time) so we’ll just give you a taste of the delights of our meandering walk……

You’ll pass Honey Drive and Happy Lane and feel your blood pressure drop considerably. Look up at the Italianate houses as you drift by with ironwork 19th century lanterns, admiring butterflies and hummingbirds and carved cherubs (sometimes wearing sunglasses left by naughty residents), affirmations chalked on stone steps leading to houses with novels piled up winsomely in the paint peeling window frames. If you drive up, you’ll miss all this.








admiring the sunrise.



The Year Of Living Gloriously.



it’s almost here.

2014 is *waiting* in the wings, adjusting its tulle wings and making sure the coronet is on properly and a list of Adventures to be had in the script – one last quick scan of its Lines – and a quick peek into the audience behind the stage manager’s left shoulder and a thumbs up at the guys hanging on the lighting rig, ready with the follow spot.

while 2013 wraps up its speech, takes a look at 2014 with a shy and quite weary, by now, smile, and Prepares to leave to go back, get recycled by all the souls up there who are busy-busy-taking-notes and getting ready to Inspire Writers and Directors and Actors and Animators (most especially those) all around the world to Immortalis/z/e what they have Absorbed and learned and found necessary to express in some Literary or Cinematic form (or perhaps a graphic novel or two, we adore those).

and You?

how do you wind up the year and make sure everything’s tidy and present and clean and neat and Complete?

do. tell.

over here at teamgloria towers?

mostly we’ve found that glitter is involved at some point – and of course a Collection of Moleskines.

what else?


shall we look?


we spent some time this morning doing laundry and Packing for the Convent (we’re off to a Contemplatives Retreat in the morning in, yes, a convent). 805cd822709b11e383d012dabd1c8057_8

and admiring the sunbursting through the mesh that protects our sleeping form from night flying creatures (both mythical and related-to-the-fruit-fly). 844b38ea70ee11e38c8c12afb5ad8ea8_8

we had a (surprisingly large) cafe au lait with Mr. Dub Williams who is an Artist and gave us some of his latest work, which we are Delighted to put in the scrapbook. 

while doing laundry we noticed a small bag on the shelf by the mailboxes (which are in a recess next to the laundry room you see) and Peeked inside – it was an abandoned set of glitter tubes (remnants of a christmas eve crafting?) – we knew it was for The Taking because that’s where we all leave stuff-we-do-not-need-anymore (it functions a bit like a lending library – funny enough – all the buildings we lived in NYC – apart from one – because there was no available shelf – had lending libraries of some sort of another in the Laundry room)

some of the glitter shades were not ones we truly appreciate, so we left those for Others.

and nabbed the silver, pale blue and French Navy.

and now we have a somewhat nautical shimmering Feature on the windowsill. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we also sorted through the last year of Moleskines (some call it Memories – we call it Material ;-)

then we gathered up all the delicious scraps not-yet-scrapbooked – YES! we made it to not just One but TWO contributors pages in 2013 (such a hono(u)r!) and put them in the plastic folder to be sellotaped (other brands are available as they used to say on the BBC) when the photographic prints arrive from mr. internet. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

pausing to slip down into the calmer waters that lie beneath fears and nonsense.

more pausing.

then we looked Back again at the Moleskines 2013.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand took a few notes and made what started to look a Lot like a Table of Contents *shiver* for a new book…..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAall about how we went from This (yup, this was the View from who-we-are-in-RL’s office in 2011)

to – well – this:
and decided to jump full-time into this:

teamgloriaimageand (asked OneStopNYC to) Pack up the Apartment (and Life) on That Coast while we took a train and a plane and a car rental and an apartment lease and a new drivers license and – well – Made it Back to This Coast.  

viewer2and we thought about What it had Taken (to do all that) and how Brave we had to be to jump off the (metaphorical) cliff and how Difficult (and scary) Setting up a New Life had been but then there was the LONG AWAITED GREEN CARD‘s arrival and MANY Adventures and writing every day and taking photographs and delivering the final book Manuscript to our Publisher (such a perfectly perfect Phrase) and seeing our First Technology Cover in over 17 *gulps* Years and Secret Consulting gigs and Judging (in a good way) in South Africa and hiring a Lawyer and transferring our Corporation to this Coast and – well – we had to take a step back and *smile*

looks like we might have Something to Share as a result.

so we’ve started writing it – the 2nd book (actually we’ve written a lot more than that but this is another non-fiction not the novels although we really do hope that our Agent can sell Those in 2014 as a result of the “buzz” or whatever they call it technically around the First)

anyway – it’s going to be called (for now)

The Year Of Living Gloriously: how to re-boot your Life

oh good.

we like it too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso do Please welcome moleskine #160; where we start writing it, darlings


there’s a Strict no cellphone/laptop Policy at the Convent (as you might expect).

so we’ll see you back here – pronto – late Jan 1st 2014 – *wavingfromlosangeles*

thanks for being here throughout 2013 – it really helped.


it really did.

we (seriously) could Not have done this without You.


christmas prep in cinema and song.


we don’t celebrate christmas in RL.

but we ADORE it at the cinema and in Song.

so we’ve been doing Lots of that.

to start off this piece of “post” with good cheer and a rousing Voice – ladies and gentlemen and those as yet in transition or of the 3.5 gender classification – we give you Darlene LOVE*!


*if Mr. google won’t let you see that Transmission in your territory Ms Love has a room of her own (online) as every woman really must.

now – let’s see – what other Prep have we been doing?

do you have a large pot of tea nearby?

we should warn you – there’s Quite a few pieces of photographic exposition with a not-so-deep (although there’s always subtext as Mr. Barthes would have opined).

we’ll wait…..


oh good.

you’re back.

let’s go…..Christmas Prep – voila!


we’ve been Writing (too early to say what it is – but Ideas are Ruminating)4eeb5e4a6a6e11e3b74b1270dd981a11_8

we went to visit the (outside of the) house-of-Christopher in the Santa Monica Canyon on a lovely Saturday morning (mini) road trip with George.6a5ba20c6b4a11e3bb561286f3f88ddb_8

and spent time gazing out into the Ocean (actually this shot was yesterday – we do need to sort through our Slideshow but we’re in Haste to post before heading out into Monday you see – the perils of not Pauline, but a busy life-of-not-Brian but teamgloria darlings)7e0556f069e611e3a47a127177f7ba2e_8

oh! this evening was delicious – this was Friday and we went a-caroling with our lovely friend RH and it turned out to be Christmas Songs as opposed to “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (we like that one, most particularly) but it was still such Fun. 8c2bb58c6b1a11e3a73f0e21cff7f392_8

what’s this?



the sunrises have been gorgeous this season. just had to share another one.

ah! this is at the Natural History Museum – it’s called Heroic Figure – a museum is always a lovely place to visit right before everyone heads inside their houses to pop on a christmas sweater and peel the carrots, non? edifying. indeed. 47edbe0069ea11e3abd812de0c587746_8

here we go – out of order – the Christmas Song Experience in downtown los angeles. 50a889c86ace11e3a27f0e1c4bab99dd_8

and so many CHANDELIERS are in Town this season!63add1366b7811e3ac8712ae8506c2d1_8

yesterday evening we had another cinematic christmas reverie – with Beguiling Hollywood and the Mister (yup, in RL – we had a blog outing and it was delicious and there was cashmere worn against the slightly surprising low temperature of Hollywood Boulevard by night).

what did we see?

why – Mr. Grant!

you know who used to go to Movies at the Egyptian, don’t you?

yes. Ms. Pickford *shivers*


so this was Yesterday *thinks* – yes, yesterday – and we were Most amused to find a roaring fire at Shutters On The Beach (it really is on the Beach and there are indeed Lots of Shutters, all painted white like a Ralph Lauren photo shoot from 1987.)


this is another christmas display – complete with fake snow on-the-hour (how nice of it to be Timed – and not cold at all) – at The Grove – where we saw another Christmas movie with our friend the Duke that was very funny and sometimes so Naughty (in a funny way not a dodgy movie in the back alley of Soho, London shops sort of a manner we hasten to add) that we had to giggle and stifle a *gasp*. 98821b0e6a8011e3a9d60e8644d622dc_8

now in between all this festive cultural activity we had had to Stop and rest a little while to enjoy european magazines and a pot-of-tea (no change there then – a year-round enjoyment, that one). d4d1e2d26a6d11e390ca0e8c429a00d0_8

out of order in the slideshow again (yes, we do know how to “re-Org” but we just don’t have Time today – forgive?) – this is the view from Christopher Isherwood’s house – yes – i n s p i r i n g indeed for him and mr. Bachardy who still lives there (we did Not disturb him, we have exquisite manners and just wait for an invitation for an iced coffee and a tour of the studio someday). daf465da6b7c11e3a7201273a5a26904_8

ah. this is where we saw Cary Grant (on screen) last night with Beguiling Hollywood and the Misterdd59c2146aca11e3a5570e29e0bdbc01_8

and even more chandeliers in a shop front on Melrose as we walked home from the Grove (because don’t even THINK of parking during the christmas season and a 40 minute walk there and slightly faster back because we didn’t dawdle looking at people’s decorations in their front lawn plots because it was much colder on the return trip is lovely)f26f30006ad211e3a84012a4aeb4a794_8

and so to rest once more.

what’s that?

why yes, that IS an El Royale mug – we received a gift from our friend the Duke as he is a Resident there now – isn’t that delicious?

so there you go – a rousing start with Darlene Love, followed by Messrs. Grant (Cary and Hugh, different films) and Mr. Tyler Perry (a very different cultural experience) movies  – we also forgot to mention that, the other evening, the night before we got stopped at Border Control *shivers*, we went to see Love Actually with miss whistle and her extended friends-and-family and there was quite a bit of passing-the-kleenex-around-to-mop-up-happy-tears.

after all that upbeat christmas fare, we really must watch a dark and brooding French film – which we Last talked about *gasps* TWO YEARS AGO – just after – well – you-know-what happened.

there’s nothing like foreign families engaged in bitter drama to really bring home the joy of celebrating in whatever-way-or-Not-one-chooses.

just saying.


and fade to (not quite) black.


what have YOU seen during this build-up-to-christmas?

do. tell.

and pictures of trees are always welcome.

we get sort of a contact high, it’s rather delicious.

a sunday morning in los angeles


this is a deeply *strange* time of year.

everyone is waiting breathlessly for the end of 2013.

winding down.

finishing up work. getting ready-to-fly (if that’s what they need to do).

no one is sure whether it’s still Polite to email about work issues or whether we’d be interrupting.

so we don’t.

we finish what’s on the schedule.

and then – *looksaround* – wait for 2014.

but it’s still *counts* quite a few days away……

so – we’ll take Pictures and listen to Music and Watch foreign Films and Read and take long walks and drives and enjoy it.


how about you?



we adore the foreign films of Christophe Honore. so terribly delicious french.

if you can see this transmission in your territory




margaret tells of her own escape-from-corporate-america here…..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and there you go.

music and movies and books and loveliness-with-white-roses for a sunday morning in los angeles.



this is almost exactly how we thought it would turn out.

which is delicious.

as for the rest?


that will reveal itself in time.


we. hope.