a lovely post about george (1904).

gosh – our good friend george – who blogs over at 1904 – has been interviewed over at a most glamorous and elegant spot on the interweb called little augury!

it’s a delicious interview and well worth dropping on by.

+ do visit george at his home too (well, not his actual home – although it is lovely and we do enjoy popping round for tea and the view of the los angeles palm trees whenever West) but here……

*the image is shown on little augury and is a true exemplar of the artist’s thought process (doesn’t george have divine hand-writing?) as he created his new novel which, when it is available on Amazon, we are going to do a full post (and not just because dearest george said we inspired the character of celia – oh, ok – yes, we confess – that’s a big reason – we adore being a-Muse-ing, darlings)

how is team gloria?

oh – bless you for asking.

cRaZY with the jet-lag. manic from the caffeine and swinging in and out of joy (HOME!), despair (sept 9th!) and back again.

so, pretty much as usual over here, darlings, thank you for checking in….