a moment of reverie to the music of Arvo Part


a few pictures from today:


but first this:


isn’t it SUBLIME?

it’s a piece by Arvo Pärt

turn off the lights – leaving just the reading lamp by your chair – light a gardenia candle – and close your eyes (that’s what we’re doing right after we t y p e t h i s l i n e).


wasn’t that WONDERFUL?

makes you want to weep, non? (in a Very good way.)

more pictures?

bien sur.




8a22a43e6f3f11e383b71261062e4ae8_8 d54e94846f5011e387f812631f7314a1_8

and another piece of beauteous music?

we *almost* run out of supplies so we went back to the Library (we Adore a Library) and found there were quite a few more pieces at the Requested Materials Desk (thank goodness).


it’s so delicious the way one can Request materials and there they are – at some point – when brought in from Another Branch (via what mode of transport? are they all low tech and Metro these days? or a Large Van? Limo?)

a little more Arvo?


Arvo Pärt, Roland Barthes and (shortly) Cahiers du Cinema?



the end of the year finds us in a Deeply reflective mode.

or perhaps we’re doing Research for an Article.


even though – yes, yes, we Know, it’s meant to be the “holidays”, but dear god(s), they’ve gone on Quite Long Enough.

bring back civilization.

or as near as we get to it in Los Angeles.

foreign films, taking the long road home, evening heat (and a new piece for #HuffPo)


we had the most delicious day yesterday – packed with meetings and interesting people and a drive down mullholland drive and a Foreign Film from 1972 and who-we-are-in-RL had another piece published (which we thought was rather Saucy and Surprising in its use of Dating Tips with Marketing Campaigns – whodda-thought? Well, she did, clearly and that’s splendid).


Bien sûr as they say in all the best parisian-style cafes around the world.


valets standing to attention like sentries outside a Palace (any palace, pick a palace). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the splendid-ness of a Local Library (local to where-we-were-driving-briefly yesterday so we Had to pop in). #weadorealibraryOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the sky was SO blue (and the temperature SO high). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

splendid. splendid. splendid. 1972. alain delon. catherine deneuve. un flic. une marvel.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

can you see how hot it was (and this was the evening time)? #phew. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we took the (very) long way home. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

because we could.

before you go!

justaddattitude wrote a very lovely and poignant and deeply interesting piece here about media-that-is-sociable and we just wanted to share it in case you didn’t get it in your post box today.

isn’t life delicious?

we. think. so

library book sale, roses, chandelier – and a gift wrap lesson from @yolksilverlake


we’re Exhausted (in a very good way).

we drove…….*looksvaguelyintothemiddledistance*…….well, a long way, anyway

and there were lovely things to see, as one might expect.


a carousel (or as the Americans call them – a Merry-Go-Round) and one of those whirly-fans.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

an Italian baroqueness of a chandelier – we adore a chandelier – at Victori Ana (read it quickly, it took us a few moments) in Montrose (no website! if you want to visit here’s the RL address:

2311 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA

an exceedingly Pretty “home accents” shop with french soaps, scented candles and decorative place settings – we’re going to try and persuade george to come with us in November – they take a week – and three members of staff – to Decorate For The Holidays – we received a personal invite (you’re so clever, yes, the chandelier-gazing did it, darlings). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we popped in to the friends-of-littlerock-library book sale (ok, we drove 100 miles seduced by the concept of driving on pearblossom highway – not a pear or a blossom for miles until we saw these gorgeous blowsy roses in a jam jar). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAan Amusing Amount of Georgette Heyer for sale (somebody clearly just went cold turkey in littlerock – or received an e-reading-digital-device for their Birthday).

talking of home accents shops (which we were a few moments ago – the caption with the chandelier if you missed it) – we’ve Always been Impressed by how Nicely they wrap everything at Yolk in silver lake.

so we decided to ask for a Demo.

yes, we filmed it.

come on.

you Knew we would.

impressive, right?

and the whole alternative nail polish shades?

Very Big in Los Angeles right now.


that *might* well be the first time we’ve ever mentioned Nail Polish here.

fancy that.

progress: one library card and (almost) a car lease


we’re getting there……


the sunshine has invigorated us massively (as they used to say in madchester) and the *coughing* has (almost) but not Quite subsided (we are So Tired of sugar-free medicated lozenges). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

cutting Right down on the caffeine (it’s best, when one is Driving and not commuting on the New York Subway anymore). 19a7b07e60fd11e2ba8122000a1f9262_7and we have a LIBRARY CARD!

this is the view from inside the west hollywood library.

we got Ever so excited when the lovely lady on the front desk asked for ID and we had to tell her that the DMV (department of motor vehicles for our friends in England – hello, william and sarah in London and sophie up in Scotland and the other people showing up on our “stats” but not identified by Name – *waving*) would not let us have an appointment until the 25th (sigh).

and then she looked at our New York Driving License and typed in our (real) name and said:

did you used to live at (insert address from 2005)?


darlings – we were still On File.

so exciting.

we paid our money for an expired (or should that be to “re-spire” our membership) card and here we are – as if we’d never left.

the Car situation?

thank you for asking.

we popped down to a leasing place that has been in Town since the 1940s (we do not exaggerate) and parked our rental (something in silver by chrysler) and sat on a vintage 1970s brown leather sofa and waited for a lovely leasing agent who talked us through the Process to get approved and we admired the photographs of famous people who had signed pictures to her to thank her for leasing them a Car and then left about 35 minutes later having seen a Few Vehicles (yes, we were looking at size and colo(u)r and she kindly pointed out useful things like Mileage and so on) and now We Wait.

the nicest thing about leasing a car in Southern California is that you get a hug too before you get back in your rental.

we like that.

it’s a very friendly place.

so we’re making progress – library card (done), car lease (almost), car insurance (done – when we’ve signed and faxed it tomorrow morning).

we do miss Jonathan though.

he did most of this for us Back East.

(small princess-y moment – sigh).

but we can do this.

with your help.

thanks for listening, darlings.

are you having a delicious day?

if you had a library card for los angeles which book would you request today?


thoughts in the library.

so we had a delicious breakfast meeting about 20 blocks, or perhaps a little more, north of where we were (at home – nothing mysterious or clandestine to report, darlings, fear not) and decided to get up Terribly early – and walk.

which was delicious.

for a few reasons – one is that we saw the Dawn in all its rosy-peach-y-ness.

and another reason was we realized we’d got up So awfully early that we could lie around and sink into the dark embrace of caffeine and read large coffee table books.

luckily we have a Lot Of Those.

(isn’t the light tranquil resting on what we call the Gertrude-Lawrence-movie-star-blanket with satin wrap as-visual-accessory? we think so.)

and so we walked to the meeting and felt all Energized by the early morning-ness of it all (and surprised a few construction men by trilling out a cheery “Good Morning!” in a very Nancy Mitford sort-of-a-way) and got to the place of business (which was Very Fashionable and celebrity-adjacent – shhhh – no telling of whom we speak) – and – thank the god(s) – had a Chandelier in the entrance hall 0r Vestibule as we believe one might call it.

sadly – because we were being all Fancy and Footloose free (not in the Kevin Bacon sense, you understand) we forgot to bring our bag let alone bag-with-camera (sigh) so no photograph of the chandelier (but it was a Most Excellent one).

and then we walked (more than 20 blocks – we counted) and had Another Meeting (with someone who we might well work with but actually consider a friend) and they had gone to the wrong location so we had a Most Amusing phone conversation where we said:

oh god – what shoes are you wearing? can you make it down here?

which is the sort of thing that we learned to say when we moved to NYC (where everyone walks – but only in the right footwear).

they laughed (brilliantly) and said.

it’s Friday – we’re in Flats.

we did an understanding sigh of relief and then secretly wondered if there’s a dress-code-for-fridays in manhattan that Someone forgot to give us………maybe there is. we’ll be checking peoples’ feet today.

(pause: looking around the library – everyone is in flats – but that’s because we’re in the library and not many Fashion people come to the library or if they do, they Dress Down).

oh yes.

we’re in the Library!

it’s the Nicest part of our new life – between meetings and giving special-advice-if-asked – we come to the library.

this one was built in the early nineteen-hundreds.

so we feel Very much at home.

although an awful lot of us are on Laptops and there’s not a card catalog(ue) to be found (which is a pity, because we loved those).

because we told you who we are in RL (although She is Quite Different out there to us talking to you like this – if that isn’t too confusing and if it is – try being us ;-)

we thought we could tell you about the library that we used to Study in as a young student (of varying morals but a rather voracious appetite for Learning and Life).

firstly – here’s the outside of the building (yes, that’s sort of why we picked this university as we were rather shallow, on occasion, and very much an Aesthete).

isn’t it glorious? we thought so.

and here’s a shot of the inside of the Library where we spent a Great Deal of time (and some of it studying but quite a lot of it flirting, actually).

look at those delicious vaulted ceilings (although that carpet is new – not sure about that – and the white stacks – hmmm – we remember something Very dark and brooding – must have had a Decorator in – and one With A Vision no doubt).

and here’s a Charming close-up and very atmospheric shot from someone with a blog called Focused Moments – we’re going to ask for their permission so hopefully this is still here for you to look at if you return….

in fact all this Thinking about libraries, reminded us of a screenplay that we Started a while ago but life got exhaustingly glam with all the jetset travel and we had to abandon (and the characters stopped telling us where they wanted to go at that time – perhaps they’ll start again now with this attention we’re about to Shine on them, hmmm?

would you like a little excerpt?

it’s from a memory we expanded on from our First week in university.

we’ll set the scene for you – we heard there was a protest at the Library and we decided to go and investigate (our early journalist-impulses already Very much in evidence) and we tripped over a few characters whom we’ve combined into two or more throughout the story – not Totally true to RL – you know, inspired by.

here we go.

do you have a nice warm cup of tea to hand?

we’ll wait……

oh yes, a lovely Spode.

where were we…

She walks on through the archway, a statue of Queen Victoria, in the distance. A group of STUDENTS run past. One stops.

STUDENT 1 Are you going to the protest at the library?

EMERALD What’s wrong with the library?

STUDENT 2 She’s a witty one. (beat) It’s to argue against the cuts.

EMERALD Are they serving drinks?

They don’t hear her – already EXITED, in a rush. Emerald brings out a bottle of wine from her bag.

EMERALD (CONT’D) It’s alright. I’m fully prepared.

She follows them.


Christopher, VISCOUNT CHATHAM, and JIM KEITHLEY – both 18 – both in black tie, are lying on the polished parquet floor of an Edwardian-era library. Christopher is the son of a minor English aristocrat with perfectly chiselled cheekbones. Jim is a working class boy made good. Very handsome, very thin.

JIM What did you say you were studying?

Christopher rolls over to lean on his hands and consider Jim.

CHRISTOPHER I didn’t. (beat) In fact, I think it’s the height of bad taste to ask.

JIM It’s what everyone asks in the first week.

CHRISTOPHER Exactly. (beat) Popular taste is bad taste.

JIM Popular taste is the future. All advertising depends on it.

CHRISTOPHER I say, are you a Communist?

JIM I was considering it. (beat) How about you?

CHRISTOPHER I have a (sadly) very minor title.

JIM What kind of title?

CHRISTOPHER I’m a Viscount. But of a bit of England that fell off the map circa early seventeen-hundreds.

JIM You’re joking.

CHRISTOPHER It’s actually beyond a joke. So Communism is a rather unlikely path, dear boy.

JIM I’m not your dear boy.

CHRISTOPHER Are you going to play hard to get?

Jim blushes, furiously. Christopher stares as Emerald ENTERS. She unbuttons her coat to reveal a thrift store 1920s shimmery dress.

EMERALD Hello there.

She steps over Christopher’ prone body and moves to the shelves of books, swaying slightly. Both men stare at her.

CHRISTOPHER Are you into girls or boys?

Emerald swings round, a book of love poetry in her hand which she stuffs down the back of her knickers.

EMERALD I thought the point of University is that one didn’t have to choose anymore.

CHRISTOPHER What a glorious answer. (beat) Are you clever?

EMERALD Of course. (beat) Aren’t you?


Christopher jerks his finger at Jim who sits up and looks between them both as if they are exotic animals at the zoo.

EMERALD But you’re not?

CHRISTOPHER Not terribly. No.

EMERALD How did you get in? (beat) Aren’t we all meant to be clever?

JIM He was just telling me that his family have been coming here for five hundred years.

Emerald scratches the bridge of her nose, a nervous tic.

EMERALD Are you a Communist?

JIM I’m considering it.


CHRISTOPHER Why on earth would you do that?

EMERALD To achieve equality.

JIM Right on.


EMERALD Don’t tell him to shut up.

CHRISTOPHER You don’t even know him.

EMERALD It’s the first week at University, I don’t know anyone.

JIM You know us, now.

EMERALD Thank god. (beat) We must be friends for ever.

She sways again. Jim and Christopher get up and stand either side of her. They walk down the long corridor to the library exit.

CHRISTOPHER Won’t you get caught with that book in your underwear?

EMERALD I am protesting the cuts. (beat) And if they cut the poetry section first they won’t miss it.


Emerald does sound rather familiar…..


are you having a Splendid Friday, darlings?

spent time in any libraries recently?

we Do recommend it.

you have Such interesting thoughts – and encounters – and delicious reveries – in a Library.

respite at the library, MFK Fisher and plotting.

we weren’t feeling so tip top today.

it was our first week back, after all.

so we told the Day Job we’d work from home and rest.

and so we did. and in between the work stints, we had a nice lie down and did some deep breathing and the nausea from the calcium pills (yup, still on them) passed eventually.

during those moments, we read MFK Fisher’s lovely “Serve it Forth” (part of the lovely lady-of-letters care package) and it helped.

here are our two favourite/favorite/chosen passages:

then we took in a little sunshine (Such a Nice Day Today) as well as an hour or so in tranquil repose at the local library:

then (because we live in NYC and Have No Food In The Fridge, darlings) we went to our local cafe at the end of the street/block and saw a couple of friends.

so nice to have a little bite to eat and enjoy a small amount of genius Plotting.

what about?


couldn’t POSSIBLY say.