breakfast at le caprice then swooning at the sensuality uptown @metmuseum

we are in a complete swoon……..glam breakfast with someone Terribly elegant (with a sexy Marc jacobs black leather boots twist) and Then floating around the Met (and it’s not even noon darlings).


We know how to do a Very good Day Off.

















Yes, darlings. We are Quite Overcome too. Just taken a small table at the far end of the American wing courtyard to catch our breath.

Would rather have fainted onto this chaise with several beautiful people as attentive admirers and sipped a subtle tisane while wickedly plotting a devilishly naughty evening.

The scar is enjoying itself (first time at the met since the surgery).

we have swathed it gently in shades of toffee and butterscotch cashmere.

while we visit our relatives in the Wrightsmans’ Rooms ;)

The scar is Rather Impressed.

We will explain the french revolution to it over a warm milk as a bedtime story…..

when in doubt…..Le Caprice, darlings.

an odd day – full of Missed Connections and Misinformation – but alleviated by breakfast at Le Caprice, a walk across the FREEZING manhattan morning across central park, the Day Job achievements (many, said modestly) and a vigorous Swim at lunchtime, followed by a Raw Juice (who have we Become?!) before returning to work for Very important stuff.

early morning sunshine peeking over the trees and sky-scape of Gotham beyond the Park (yes, we were on the upper east side again – strangely enough)

the ante-room between the Pierre hotel and Le Caprice is Ever so Versailles, non?

as we waited in the prime position of the central booth (hair must be working today, we thought as we shrugged off our winter layers and pulled the cashmere blonde cardigan closer around our shoulders and felt Terribly Glam) for our guest, we perused the wide selection of International Newsprint so generously offered.

and waited.

and waited.

and called our guest:

everything ok, lovely person?

it went to voicemail so we left the message above and then got an email a few moments later.

oh gawd. NEXT friday!


a Bonus breakfast at Le Caprice. we ordered, hastily.

and then virtually Ran (so COLD!) across the park and down into the sniper fire of midtown manhattan to our first meeting of the day.

starting with a lovely breakfast, tout seul, was actually Rather Nice.

especially as it’s Friday.

note to self: too early to wear a turtleneck. the scar from you-know-what was not happy. it got a little itchy and cross.

or maybe it was annoyed that the turtleneck obscured its vision.

yes. that’s exactly how we think…….

don’t you, darlings?


life cafe. love life.

if i wasn’t working today (day job calls – get in the shower, team gloria!) i would take a freshly purchased pen (or the one i’m using which i, um, liberated from le caprice) and sit outside the life cafe in the east village and write at least a thousands words of a novel.

the life cafe is one of those magical places where artists, and those that are somewhat co-dependently meshed with artists and paying their rent, hang out. in fact, it’s where RENT was written – yes, a cafe “as seen in the movies”.

in my dreams – that’s how i’d spend today. how about you?