#laChapter to laurel canyon and a blue-blue sky.


a truly Tremendous pinky-blue then blue-blue-blue sky here in Los Angeles today.


and most specifically, the words of Mr. Tennessee Williams from August 13th, 1950 about Writers and their search for a place to write (where the sky is blue).

Perhaps you might find the Italian islands to be your place to write. You could go to Capri but it is too much of a picture postcard for my taste and it is the only place I know where the human male manages to out-dress the female. Ischia has equally fine bathing at more accessible beaches and the vacationers do not put on such highfalutin airs and outrageous plumage! W.H. Auden lives there, and if you’re an American or British writer, you may have to apply to him for your visa.

I have not yet been to Sicily this year. Truman Capote has unfurled his Bronzini scarf above the fashionable resort of Taormina. He is supposedly in D.H. Lawrence’s old house.

more blue-blue Hues, we think……..


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand Quite by surprise, there’s a new place to eat breakfast in downtown Los Angeles (or #dtla as the young people and those-in-marketing-with-interesting-glasses-and-shoes call it) and it’s called the Ace Hotel.



you’re absolutely right – the “Ace” is in the old United Artists building where Ms. M. Pickford and Mr. C. Chaplin had a THEATRE.

the Original opening was on December 26, 1927 with “My Best Girl,” a silent film starring Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers (more details here on mr.google)

we’re sure you Already know this but Ms. M. Pickford and Mr. C. Chaplin started United Artists in 1919 to exit, hopefully gracefully, the large Corporations of Hollywood and start anew with their own Talents (and profits) at the helm.


where were we?

oh yes.

fancy a quick Trip down memory lane?

sit back and *sigh_happily*

00071989 00013682 Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.08.28 PMand – here’s the best bit – the THEATRE is still THERE.

sadly it’s currently a “construction site” (translation for the Brits: the builders are In) so we could not see it but, naturally, we Requested the Telephone Number of the Person in Charge (we always do this) and we will be Making An Appointment to view the THEATRE shortly.

but it was a delicious place to spend time this morning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhowever, and we would be Very remiss in not taking a moment to tell you this – #dtla – despite the Hype – is still a pretty dangerous place In Parts.

which might give one a *shiver* of anticipation.

or not.

depending on your upbringing and desire to run away to the Big Smoke (of wherever the Big City was of your own hopefully mis-spent-Youth).

there is, in fact, a decay and yet a decadence in downtown L.A – a despair and yet a divine sense of Renewal – and if you’re looking for something Authentic (or a lot like NYC in the early to mid 1970s) – it’s all there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtalking of the 1970s (as we just were) – who-we-are-in-RL was getting a tiny bit Nostalgic for the days of Joni Mitchell and slightly flared *shudder* trousers (she was a child – but it still didn’t suit her as a Look and most especially not in Ecru or Beige but we digress).

here’s today’s piece in Los Angeles, I’m Yours, from a very different part of town.

but with the same blue-blue-blue Sky, darlings.


a walk up the canyon….


we took a walk up the Canyon yesterday – ostensibly to meet Another Expatriate Writer (don’t you adore Foreign Correspondents?) and then, because we took such nice pictures, to return home to write Next Week’s “Where Shall We Meet” for our delicious Editor at Los Angeles, I’m Yours.

the final piece will be posted Wed (at noon, Pacific Time) so we’ll just give you a taste of the delights of our meandering walk……

You’ll pass Honey Drive and Happy Lane and feel your blood pressure drop considerably. Look up at the Italianate houses as you drift by with ironwork 19th century lanterns, admiring butterflies and hummingbirds and carved cherubs (sometimes wearing sunglasses left by naughty residents), affirmations chalked on stone steps leading to houses with novels piled up winsomely in the paint peeling window frames. If you drive up, you’ll miss all this.








admiring the sunrise.



exhale on ventura highway

we have no idea if we have the apartment – we just dropped off the Application and a small amount of cash to get it processed by the Powers that Be and we will know tomorrow.

but we Do believe that the right apartment will find us – and have been told as much over the years.

plus it’s Quite the Nicest way to think.

don’t you agree?

a few pictures?

why yes.

we just left silverlake (thank you maria!) and have moved into a hotel for the last two nights before we return to NYC – hopefully with lease in hand and start to make Plans to Pack.


this is dawn breaking over los angeles (somewhat wistfully as you can see) on christmas morning as we broke bread (well, pain au chocolat with a side of berries to be honest) with George.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this is a cutie no doubt able-to-be-purchased (perhaps for next Holiday season, darlings?) from Yolk as we were staying with Maria – who owns Yolk (and has an Eye for colo{u}r and cute whimsical things as you can tell). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this is Rosie who is often whimsical and sometimes naughty (and lives with Maria). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

these two chargers (don’t they look like Horses in a way? – so proud and tall and glorious)? are Ballou and Snowball (snowball is the black one).

we took them for a walk in the canyons and hills with Holly yesterday (together with 3 other dogs, not shown – we need to get them to sit still with a treat in front of their eyes next time to get real concentration and amusement and subtle dog-smiles). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ballou poses to order. beautiful. majestic, in fact. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this was the View from the top (which is So Different from the View from the top of a skyscraper and we Mused on that as we stood there, asking the dogs to stand with us and gaze in wonder as the sun fell onto the large-scale multi-million dollar movie star houses below). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

on the way down the hill we saw so many pretty lights and could smell the night-blooming jasmine – a most dreamy and life-affirming walk. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this morning we woke Very Early and with some trepidation.

we were going to view APARTMENTS.

and hopefully find one to live in. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

luckily Maria came with us in bronze clogs so we had the gods-of-style-and-Luck on our side. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this is Jake who lives at Maria’s house too.

he really wanted to come.

he promised to hold our Information Sheet in readiness for prospective landlords but we had to leave him to rest instead.

but he will definitely get to visit.

we went to see a few places (the first one was SCARY). and then found the one we would love to live in, for at least a year (as our lovely friend-in-england, Tina, says – nothing is permanent and that was good to remember). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

after all the Excitement of the Viewings, we dropped off our application and went back to silverlake to admire the new festive paintwork on Yolk and sip a small glass of Perrier and take our leave of the more easterly side of Los angeles (after a Most Diverting trip to see a photographer’s studio – more on that Individual when we Return to the city, we feel sure……fascinating)

with the sun in our eyes we headed West – and took a deep EXHALE on Ventura Highway  (remember the song? it’s always on KEarth101 – the classic-california-radio station and particularly fabulous to sing along with if the moon roof is open and the Shades Are On)

especially if one is wearing a leather jacket and a smile and removing the elastic from the ponytail and letting it cascade over one’s shoulders and get all tangly in the sunshine-breezes while driving a mini cooper down laurel canyon and singing really lustily into the treetops who smile back because we might have a lease pending on an apartment and even if we don’t quite yet, there will be somewhere else, in time, to rest our (cloche) hat.

sleepless in manhattan: european movies, a new moleskine and Veronique Vienne’s “The Art of Being a Woman” (never too late to learn, darlings)


the Best thing about sleeplessness (see – we Always attempt to look on the bright side, as You Know) is the joy of watching and reading and writing and listening to such glorious cultural artifacts as these:

here are the movies we watched:

our review: naughtiness north of hollywood boulevard, music industry ravages, late night wonderings/wanderings and awakenings at the chateau marmont (such a Delicious Courtyard – we spent one of our mid-thirties birthdays having tea on the Terrace and Visit Often)

our review: spaghetti and grace. finding family. love in the kitchen. the importance of a really great set of iron-bottom pans. the more deeply felt importance of knowing exactly what’s in a sauce, while blindfold. kissing. lots of kissing. and even more seductive discussion of the culinary arts.

team gloria take: paris, strikes, lost in a car, lost in a city, lost in the environs, no longer lost, the nearest to a silent movie made in the past fifty years, lingering longing. Paris. what more can we say?

we also decorated and decoupaged the cover of a (fresh) moleskine – #123 in case you’re curious.

and made a large pot of tea and brought it back into the boudoir (So Nice not to call it the “sick room” or convalescent room although, we guess, we are still, you know, convalescing – in between doing the Day Job and being creative) and read Veronique Vienne’s delicious book on the “The Art of Being a Woman”.

here is a our favorite/favourite/choicest page and Quote:

#veroniquevienne p.126/

step into a draped silk jersey dress as sensual as a shiver.

oh, darlings.

isn’t that divine?

it reminded us of Private Lives. the BBC production, contained in this box set which the delicious ABM gave us a few weeks ago. starring Penelope Keith (who is Up There with Judi Dench in our humble opinion as one of those indomitable english women of Note)

don’t you agree that Private Lives is his best?

some the most divine lines (and satin bias cut gowns to boot):

don’t quibble, Sybil.

Jagged with sophistication.

foreign travel is the thing.

talking of Foreign Travel (although much here is foreign to us, and not to our American friends), we just had a Very Important work meeting where the possibility of heading to the Other Coast – but further up – was raised.

oh we do hope so.

it’s been Ages since we embraced la vie jet set.

of course we Are off to the Other Coast for the festival of thanksgiving and then again to see the sunrise over the pale lilac mountains in Ojai for new year’s.

but, you know, just a tiny bit of travel would be Ever so Nice. we’ve been in Manhattan for MONTHS. due to you know what.

buying supplies at Laurel Canyon

after eggs at the mondrian (oh dear, where have the beautiful people gone?) on the sunset strip, team gloria always stops by the stores on laurel canyon for supplies and to get a sense of 1971 in all its glory.

and then we turn to 93.1 for suitable tracks to drive (fast) over mulholland drive, baby.

isn’t this the best life?