even laundry can be fun if you know how to behave.


we finished our work tasks at a nice and early hour yesterday and realized we had a TON of laundry to do.


(that wasn’t just for laundry – although we will admit that in Manhattan, we dropped it off every friday morning, super early before heading to the office, and picked it up when we got the saturday edition of the Financial Times, Times Have Changed – we do our own Laundry now).

back to *horrors*!

because the (small but perfectly sweet with a view of the front plantings and fragrant they are too) Laundry Room at teamgloria (apartment) towers – was CLOSED (new floor being put in, which is very nice, but rendered the room Unavailable).

we *thought* for a moment about dropping off the two (rather large) bags for a Service Wash and then we reconsidered (we have time, and we are being Prudent with cash) – popped the bags in the perfectly Prius and drove to the nearby Laundromat/Launderette.

It was an engaging experience.

Because ANYTHING can be so if one has an eye for Adventure and a nose for a Hollywood reference or two and just takes a look around to sink into the Atmosphere.

so. we. did.

at first glance it was not a Great deal like the Levi’s 501 advertisement (if you can’t see this transmission in your territory ask your mr.local.google for “Levi’s 50s nick kamen”, you’re welcome)


but then it WAS (the actors woke up and came to do their Laundry before heading out to the gym and, hopefully, an audition).

we took a look around (the wash cycle is 29 minutes and the drying cycle 30 so we had some time to Observe our surroundings).

there was a Spanish soap opera – telenovelas – playing – and then we switched to a ladies-in-a-row-at-a-roundish-table talking about Matters of the Day (movie stars, something clever with a fillet of fish and a beauty treatment), a 3D bas relief mural on the back wall, several vending machines (for washing powder – but we bought our own – and snacks – again, we brought a small picnic), outdoor tables (this is california, despite being March), a gossipy attendant (we chatted for a while, because she put up a postcard for the book a while ago and remembered us) and Lots of People Watching.

magic clean++4-2-2011-14-51-42

we did feel a little Doris while folding the clothes (always nice).


while also remembering our (mis-spent but useful for material) Youth watching ground-breaking films like this one. 

we always keep an eye on the Machines because there was that One episode back in – when? 1980-something? when Cindy Beale put her washing in the Albert Square launderette and it Got Stolen (this would be SO awful – not the programme – we quite liked it – strangely enough – and its Still Running!).

EastEnders-bartenders-Cindy-19finally – after all the People watching (and writing in our moleskine and enjoying the small picnic outside on the white cast iron tables not bolted down but you’d be hard pressed to nick them) – the laundry was done and folded and another engaging experience was made Better by a good Attitude.


Thankful that the laundry room is now Open in teamgloria (apartment) towers, we may not have to see the Laundromat again for a while – but we are open to (many) new experiences. Or even re-inventing old ones.


so we went to the Movies.

3c249b66b6de11e3a787123c4a08efd0_8 b7ffc7cab6dd11e38dfb1285e255b5db_8always delicious to see a chandelier – especially at a movie picture palace.

where we saw…….


what’s that?

what did we Think of it.



let’s see.

it was perfect for a friday after doing laundry.



it was sensuous and full of longing but little meaning apart from why do we meet the people we do and what happens if we follow them up to hotel rooms (probably best not attempted outside Paris) and tell them Secrets that we cannot tell the people in our real life – whatever real life is – does it exist?

even the middle bit – where they hold hands and see amusing street musicians and feel close-in-a-crowd (we are not ruining the plot for you – it’s a Film/e Francais/e – being a bit Violette LeDuc there et pourquoi pas?) and have Big Questions about their Lives and France (the two are Always intertwined), trains (might) be Missed or Caught and regretted, or not.

yes, it’s a French movie.

and that’s why it’s perfect for a Friday after doing Laundry.

just so you know.

what have you seen recently?



oh, glorious.

hello, saturday.


and all our clothes are freshly washed.


home. sweet. soft linens. lavender scented. home.



darlings – we are HOME!


we arrived home (although you know we are at home anywhere we lay our cloche hat and gloves, of course, being a Citizen of the world and living virtually on the interweb as one does) in L.A sometime *saidvaguely* yesterday…..

and had the Nicest conversation with our taxi driver (and got some tips about visiting a new ‘hood: লিটল বাংলাদেশ = Little Bangladesh because we adore a spicy curry from time to time) and then unpacked (because we ALWAYS unpack instantly and the silver samsonite emitted a sweet fragrance of English washing powder as William said we could do a load of laundry in Whitstable – so very grateful for that) and watched an episode of English Television while eating a quick (brown rice gluten free) pasta supper (tomatoes, spinach, peas and a few saucy slices of light baby-bel with a healthy sprinkling of turmeric) and then slipped between our own lavender scented linens…….

……….waking up a full TWELVE HOURS LATER.

thank goodness we didn’t make any plans, darlings.


such a blissful rest!

what’s that?




that’s when we woke up.

actually, that’s what the clock said (because we were in NYC when the clocks went back for daylight savings and we have an old fashioned battery-powered elegant ladies’ boudoir 1930s style clock which is not connected to any interweb time-changing power source).

so – *coughs* 2AM.


2AM is not that helpful a time to wake up.

but there you go.

luckily we live in Los Angeles.

so, for the second time in 24 hours we asked Mr. Google for a 24 hour diner (you may recall yesterday – was it yesterday, really? when we took the A train from JFK into the city to eat at the Washington Square Diner) and he said: “try Fred 62

so we did.

and it was amusingly packed with young people satisfying their craving for carbohydrates at the counter.

then we took a walk (quite safe here) and became all misty and grateful at Where Life Has Brought Us and that sort of appropriate-for-the-early-hours-of-the-morning-with-jet-lag feeling.

the realiz(s)ation that we had No milk in the fridge (and had just used the last of the mini baby-bel) meant we went to the 24 hour grocery shop (on Vine and Melrose in case you’re ever here and in need of supplies at an unsocial hour) and Stocked Up.


the Technical Term for these is “shelf wobblers” (we know that because we worked in Commercial Content for a time and even wrote copy for a meal replacement bar – we’re very flexible, darlings)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

so happy to be back in L.A! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and then we did laundry, unpacked the groceries.

wrote a piece for Good Housekeeping (March 2014 issue! the UK one! so excited!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand stood in silence at the window (the one in the living room) and watched the sunrise.

what a truly glorious life.


now we’re off to the Post Office (it just opened) to pick up our mail/post (they have been holding it for us since Nov 2 – at least we Hope they Have – gulp) and the Library (where there are Many pieces of Requested Items just waiting for us!) and then we’ll probably have to crash again as we’re due to meet-up-with-friends later, which is always delightful.

you have a beautiful tuesday out there.

stay warm if you’re in the northern hemisphere and take a wrap if you’re in south africa, just for effect.

pearls, fashionable people and twilight falls on fairfax.


Such a delicious day!

we wore pearls and had the Nicest conversations with (deeply) Fashionable People.

and then there was a long(ish) walk at twilight admiring the small but perfect neon signs on fairfax.

56cdfd04ac1c11e285b022000a9f15de_7 5768df58ac3111e2bb4e22000aaa0771_7 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand now we’re doing laundry because we have the Most interesting people to meet tomorrow and we haven’t any more (sky) blue t-shirts freshly pressed and folded between lavender sachets (yes, lavender sachets) in the top drawer.

did you have a lovely day?

tuesdays are generally pretty good, non?