another journalist turned author comes to stay (in the pages of her novel). #LaelWertenbaker


if you’re on the Other Coast – or all the way across there in northern Europe – here’s the sunshine from here to cheer you up and remind you that spring is if not around the corner then at least Possible.

4d12c7fe92a311e3b5c712f7c4b3dcac_8rooftop pools are just so optimistic, don’t you think?

and a feat of engineering of course.69658de291ef11e38e39123e0d74e4df_8we’ve been hard at work over here.

fe26bdce929f11e3aa500e149370af7a_8when not grabbing some lunch at a Philippe Starck hotel

and then settling down to finish reading a novel because the time difference in the countries that one awaits responses from today is so Vast that they are Asleep.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso we read (always delicious). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAespecially when the Author started out as a Journalist (as well *smiles*). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and writes about New York…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand London….and Hollywood (by Ship – wouldn’t have That been amazing?)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand life on the Boulevard of silent movie star lairs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthere’s something about an Author’s work waiting on the arm of the sofa for one’s Return (from one’s accountant which was actually a nice, if incomplete, Tax experience – Mercury is so very much in retrograde tis true – we shall return Post the 28th of this month.)

that is so appealing and also strange.

we settled down to read and got completely caught up in the story and suddenly three whole HOURS had gone by.

which is fine.

Australia is awake now.

China we’re not so sure (but they never sleep anyway).

and who-we-are-in-RL decided we still had time to write a little review about the book.

it felt only polite considering Lael Wertenbaker had been Such good company for the afternoon.

just in case you’re not on goodreads (and we are aware that, as they like to say on the BBC, Other Brands Are Available), here’s the review in full.


a woman – in her 80s – lies with “locked in syndrome” (just like Jean-Dominique Bauby:… “the Diving Bell and the Butterly) and communicates by blinking her eyes.

trapped inside her motionless body she goes inwards; looking for evidence in a long life that she Mattered.

born in NY before the turn of the 20th century, the book goes from Montana mining settlements through NYC prohibition and the market crash to Hollywood and back East again.

much to wonder at.

despite the unsettling nature of “hearing” the thoughts of a woman who can no longer speak.

The author, Lael Wertenbaker, clearly drew on her own life (although it looks like the main character is her mother’s generation and the daughter, Wendy, a journalist, is Lael).…

read (almost) the whole novel in a three hour stretch – needed to stay with Lael’s voice – not because I wanted to know what was going to happen (that bit is clear from the outset) but to sit and listen to a story of a life that had not been recorded and only now, as the woman is dying, is examined.

the perilous voyage (of the title) is the going within to see how one lived.


sometimes *wistful_sigh* we wonder about the people who will return from a day at work and there she’ll be – Our Book – waiting for them – and hopefully they’ll find something therein to soothe, uplift or have a winsome sigh over.

then there are the people who (as of yesterday) not even yet Received their copy from mr. amazon and were Kind Enough to do a little Preview!

hopefully you can see this Transmission in your territory:

there’s a lovely Fragrance review first and then Mr. Lanier (cue it up for 06:37 minutes) leads into his second “spot” with these words (which we ADORED)

“it’s a great fragrance with a nice casual look of slacks, a white blouse and a blazer”

doesn’t that make you want to Run Out Right Now and find a tailor? Love!

then (cue 07:00 minutes) Mr. Lanier starts to talk about – well – *blush* – Us.

how delicious.

how very, very delicious.

thank you dear.

we might have to Request that everyone who does a video review slips into a little something satin…….considering we wrote most of the book wearing something very similar.