a fabulous night with Lady Rizo: hanging out with our fellow refugees from the banal into a world of glitter, blonde beehives and ballgowns and chanteuses.

not to share Too many details, but we have therapy on Saturday mornings (such a reflexive way to start the weekend) and the revelation de jour is that perhaps we have been drifting back into the world of glitter, drag queen ballgowns, fierce females, dark and twisted torchsongs and late night walks through twinkly manhattan to sit awhile and talk outside a closed cupcake bakery until almost midnight, wrapped up tight against the cold, because we are looking for our Tribe.


We definitely want to be in the same tribe as Lady Rizo.


We took the elegant jsT to the cabaret to see Lady Rizo. The lady was electrifying. What a voice! Quelle delicious banter! Such a fierce and naughty persona. And yet. And yet. If you close your eyes, the lady’s songs will make you weep. Open them and she’ll make you obey her every whim. Especially when she strokes her blonde up-do back into place and we, the devotees, must sigh seductively.


The disheveled state of undress by the climax of the show is utterly charming.

“it’s hard to do this without my lashes, bitches. But I will try, darlings.

Isn’t she Just Delicious?