inky twilight and indigo dawn and a poem from mr. A.E


there was an inky twilight last night –



When the unquiet hours depart
And far away their tumults cease,
Within the twilight of the heart
We bathe in peace, are stilled with peace.

The fire that slew us through the day
For angry deed or sin of sense
Now is the star and homeward ray
To us who bow in penitence.

We kiss the lips of bygone pain
And find a secret sweet in them:
The thorns once dripped with shadowy rain
Are bright upon each diadem.

Ceases the old pathetic strife,
The struggle with the scarlet sin:
The mad enchanted laugh of life
Tempts not the soul that sees within.

No riotous and fairy song
Allures the prodigals who bow
Within the home of law, and throng
Before the mystic Father now,

Where faces of the elder years,
High souls absolved from grief and sin,
Leaning from our ancestral spheres
Beckon the wounded spirit in.

George William Russell (‘A. E.’) 1867-1935

549ae2d0b4eb11e3a9a012b4cf9f5219_8and then – up again – before the sun – driving East into the indigo dawn – another day begins.


that was Rather Profound.


we can be.

may you (also) live in interesting times.

(adorable) *wink* to (hmmm, let’s see) #camera4

oatmeal and old hollywood gossip at nate’ n al

good morning darlings – from the Other Coast.

always good to start the day at nate’ n al – where, a few years ago, we were here for a hollywood business breakfast meeting over denver omelet and plentyofcoffee and it was the morning of the Academy Awards and all the lovely waitresses of a uncertain age were decked out by Harry Winston in celebration of the Oscars – isn’t that darling! as little debbie reynolds might have said………

GLORIAous to be here.

slept beautifully after a gathering of friends by candlelight by the lake-of-silver to catch up and slip into the L.A. vibe – all elegant-yet-slouchy in flip flops and a loose celestial blue pashmina around the team gloria lightly bronzed (a bit of beijing sunshine and yet mostly jergens firming if you know what we mean ;) shoulders.

drive, baby – off to disney (yes, we’ll take a sneaky pix on the lot if we don’t get caught!)

later, dude.