driving in los angeles, dreaming of movie locations


we do an awful lot of Driving here in Los Angeles, as one might imagine, and something that makes it a whole lot Nicer (apart from music which we listen to constantly) is Spotting Movie Locations.


this is the very dog park where Diane Lane meets Mr. Cusack.



in Must Love Dogs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand this, dear friends, is the church where Judy *sighs* Garland RIPS off her veil at the memorial service (such a poignant scene) in A Star Is Born.


can you see this transmission in your territory (we couldn’t find the actual scene so here’s the Technicolo(u)r Trailer instead)

we even take pacific coast highway from malibu and then drive up San Vicente to go to Beverly Hills (a ridiculous route to avoid the freeway but when one has time – when one does – why Not?) because of Dudley Moore in 10.


10corniche3.2021if you can see this (and we’re aware that many of you can’t due to Copyright and so Forth outside the USA *sadlooktocamera*) then if you move the button to the right and find where 08:23 minutes is in This Clip you’ll see how lovely that Drive is (forgive the naughty Objectification done by Mr. Moore – it is a period piece now).


so there you have it.

Three drives and Three movie locations to inspire.

isn’t life delicious?

do you have a Movie Location near You?

or a Location where you’d like to Make a movie?

ah yes.

we have those too.


fresh as paint! #ThoroughlyModernMillie

just a swift one, darlings (we’re terribly late…..)

whenever we feel blue we watch a (you saw this coming, right?) a Julie Andrews movie and – fairly recently – we decided to see Thoroughly Modern Millie again*

*(although caveat to our friends in the People’s Republic of China as the portrayal of your country and its citizens is Not Kind – we are just Warning you……#sigh).

because nobody can be sad for long when they watch Carol Channing doing Jazz Baby

or admire Julie in her aviatrix look.

or cutting up the rug (is that the right expression? sometimes we get Awfully confused) in her flapper-gear (did we tell you that the great-grandmother of teamgloria was a flapper? tis true – it’s in our genes – she was also a nippy at Lyons Corner House in Picadilly – quelle cuteness.)

mary tyler moore, as “Miss Dorothy, from California” is delicious and Fresh As Paint (one of our favorite/favourite/choicest lines in the movie – although one would now use the expression to denote off-the-moment-in-style but in Those Days it was a subtle slur on a chap with wandering hands who was NSIT – Not Safe In Taxis) – with her lack-of-carrying-money-genteelness (an early sign of the crash-to-come) and carrying checks/cheques/credit-notes

julie has Such Charisma!

but the night really belongs to Carol if one is in a zany mood (and who isn’t these days)



back up…

why yes – that is James Fox, looking darling in his Julie-Andrews-impression.

amazing that James went from being such a clean cut (and, in the shot above well-shaven) chap..

to – a mere three years later – this Tour De Force: Performance

actors are so clever.

and brave.

we need to be brave.

but probably not in drag (today, at least).







gender warriors: something a little different, and utterly disarming.

last night we went to the Cabaret to see Justin Vivian Bond.

we know! so Christopher Isherwood and between-the-wars Berlin (many of those darling 30s haircuts in the audience in fact)! the experience was uplifting and unsettling and curiously exhilarating.

as an event, it was also a return to some of the more questioning periods of our life around Gender and Identity and Sexuality – yes, the big questions (we draw your attention for this one to Julie Andrews – no, not as the nun or the nanny but when she donned a dashing chap’s suit and then sequins and life was never the same again under the spotlight).

so – last night – with our friends HH (in from the Other Coast just for the evening – tres glam) and mC and koC (both native east coasters and also deeply experienced in the NYC cabaret scene) – we took our seats for a Most Enlivening evening’s entertainment.

waiting at Joe’s Pub (next to the famous Public Theater on Lafayette) for the night to start (we had just seen David Byrne in the lobby so life was already gleaming and starlike in a very chic way).

we couldn’t get any closer from our supper spot so here’s a better close-up shot of the lovely JVB by Amos Mac from the lovely blog fashion beyond fashion.

here’s how Justin would like to be addressed…..(from justinbond.com)

Key Terms

prefix: mx

pronoun: V

gender: trans or T

full name: Mx Justin Vivian Bond

Many years ago while I was sitting at Cafe Flore in San Francisco, one of my favorite places on earth. I was approached by a transexual woman who engaged me in conversation and during our chat she said to me, “Justin, sooner or later you’re going to have to come down off the fence.”  I was quite taken aback by this statement as I hadn’t really thought of myself as being on a fence. But after some thought I realized what she was saying.  By saying I would have to come down “off the fence” she was saying that sooner or later I would have to make a choice and conform my identity to embrace the gender binary and validate her choice to climb over the fence to the “other side”.  Personally, for me, I have never believed there was another side for me to cross over to.  Sometimes I wish I did.  If I felt there was a clearly defined place for me to go, where I would be welcomed and at peace, I would surely have gone there many years ago.  At times I’ve almost been able to convince myself there was, but for me to claim to be “a woman” would feel just as false as the charade I’ve been asked to play for so much of my life of being “a man”.  Having said that, I will affirm that I do believe there is another side for others; for transexual men and women who fully embrace and are comfortable subscribing to the gender binary -to a polarized notion of gender. But please don’t assume that aspiring to pass is “realness”, because as far as I can see “realness” too is a construct built on shifting sand.  If you insist on serving “realness” don’t be surprised if it is declared to hard too swallow and sent back to the kitchen.  This applies to “real men”, “real women” and all of their enablers.  I’m not interested in the expression of “realness”.  I would like to be afforded the luxury of being free to be as honest as possible and to have my truth be respected.

So I remain on the fence but I am beginning hormone treatments not to become a woman but in order to actualize what I’ve always known myself to be -a trans person.  I want my body to be a declaration and physical manifestation of my transgendered spirit.  When I was younger I used to refer to myself as a “non-op transexual”, meaning I was a transexual who didn’t need to have surgery to assert what I was.  But I was wrong because without assertions people can only make assumptions and I no longer wish to indulge or refute the assumptions or labels other people choose to place on me, I simply want to inhabit my very clear vision of myself.

more here. 

isn’t that lovely?

we’d like to inhabit a very clear vision of ourself too.

and, darlings, that’s Exactly what we are digging into right now, post-surgery. who are we? and why did the blood test results come back with such a bad prognosis? and what are we doing wrong (if anything)? and can our body cope without desperately looking for the missing pieces and trying to overcompensate? where will we be happiest? doing what? is the skyscraper existence merely inspiration for a movie? it is a comedy (we hope so)?

and – in the meantime – through – there will be Cabaret. and Lots of Art and Writing and other glorious stuff.



we miss you, twitter.

btw, we just have to say this: we really miss Twitter (you know we can’t access it inside PRC, right?)

so there are all these conversations going on, inside twitter, and we can’t hear you.

it’s strange.

and lonely.

anyway we also can’t see You Tube (not that we missed that, so much, to be honest) and search results are truncated and weird too.

although team gloria DOES have Google HONG KONG search results (see below) which gave us a little giggle of strangeness.

and when we wanted to reference something we went to imdb (as we always do) and that was blocked too.

did you know what happens inside the people’s republic of china when they censor the inter-web?

you get an error message that says:

because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection

which is not exactly the Cold War spy-level response that we were hoping for :-(

btw, at a business meeting on tuesday we asked one of our colleagues (actually from taiwan) why the Party doesn’t approve of IMDB and he laughed.

it’s to protect local Chinese markets – we have our own IMDB competitor!!

we were SO disappointed.

we really wanted more of an IMDB is subversive with all that decadent western hollywood data about julie andrews…..


we wouldn’t do well here.

it’s now 4.01 AM and we’re starving. so we just thought “perhaps a little chicken and rice and broth and the LARGEST POT OF COFFEE YOU’VE EVEN SEEN PLEASE” would be nice.

but the line was dead.


we got a secret thrill.

are they reading team gloria?

then we used the other phone and ordered.

it’s good to have an overactive imagination.

believe us, it’s not dull being us.

weird. yes.

but never NEVER dull.

happy 90th people’s republic of china!

despite the fact we’ve never dined on the 80th floor of anywhere, we decided against the “western style” restaurant and headed to the 4th floor where we were the only non-chinese person (of course we loved it and did a polite little bow and a nihao to each guest who looked either mildly surprised and/or amused, we couldn’t quite work it out) and read the china morning post where we learned (we’re sure we knew this before but forgive us – we’re a day ahead of the West now) it’s the 90th birthday of the People’s Republic of China!

well, many happy returns!

the chinese television stations are re-playing some old classics which we’d love to tell you what they are but the listings magazine appears to be missing from the hotel suite (a junior suite but delicious all the same with a bathroom that’s a “religious experience” to quote ms. andrews in-a-two-piece-tailored-suit)

we’re also feeling a tiny bit lost in translation as you can see from this shot of our view from the 76th floor (note the strange pastoral large-scale painting behind the california king – curious)

it’s a tiny bit vegas – but with subtler neon (mostly red, obviously, with the touch of chinese worker blue on some of the buildings) and very understated and charming water features.

and here’s the team gloria hat ready for unbelievable humidity tomorrow (we just took a constitutional after an excellent yet deceptively simple chinese meal and it was still incredibly hot at ten PM) and the patent leather dr martens and regular day wear issue.

the swimming pool was lovely, by the way, very holodeck. and we did enjoy the range of hydrotherapy on offer as well as a light box room which cycled through the chakra colours/colors in a heated area to cheesy 80s pop soundtrack. very austin powers, love.

and here’s a small video we made – be kind – this was before we learned how to use all the Right Tools n stuff….

vintage vogue at jane st street fair

quelle find! team gloria took a trip to Jane st street fair today and among the 60s nude pumps and dubious plaid skirts and gilt pins were two glorious objects – a much loved copy of Finn Family Moomintroll by Tove Jansson (first published 1951 – this is a very faded and inky-purple-repro from 1975) and a vintage Vogue (Oct 1982) with – ta da! a Julie Andrews “what becomes a legend most” Blackglama ad (created by the marvelous Jane Trahey – more on her at a later date, I promise…..)

Framed and at chez team gloria.


ps: team gloria was quite a big younger and highly impressionable in 82 but is beyond thrilled to tell you that she’s actually met a few glam powerhouses from the Vogue masthead of that year – and took one of them for tea and scones at the St. Regis no less. One of those “oh, my, god, life DID turn out just the way we imagined it would!”