this just in from #SouthAfrica, darlings


the lovely team at Bookmarks in South AFRICA just sent over some pictures and a video of who-we-are-in-RL from the trip over there when she was the International Publisher Judge for the Bookmarks [digital awards] in South Africa in Nov 2013


there’s a video of the judges here (the whole video is great but if you want to see who-we-are-in-RL with a LOT OF JETLAG but some interesting things to say, that bit starts at 06:31 mins)



at the top of the table ;-)


and doing some Thoughtful thinking with glasses-and-pashmina-and-pearls

it’s funny to see her work.

well, not funny-ha-ha but funny in a “oh, there we are” sort of a way.

mixed in with a gosh-yes-we-went-back-to-south-AFRICA

all jumbled in with a sensation of excitement at Where Next, Love?

it’s all rather Thrilling actually.

just as we’d hoped it would Be.