twiggy, the movie.


we shot another friends-with-fur (their own) movie just recently.

this was with twiggy (not that one – although we’re a HUGE fan)

when we went over and met with twiggy (the friend-with-fur, not 1960s model and all-round fantastic human being) we talked through story ideas and yet we sensed that twiggy was Not Paying Attention.

she lay back on the red all-weather-proof chaise in the back garden by the pool and looked at us from under her long eyelashes.

let’s go Blonde.

she said.

how Blonde?

we asked, curiously.

As Blonde as it gets baby.

she replied.


we had to think for a moment.

we came back with tear sheets from old 1930s and Forties Hollywood fan magazines.

twiggy barked happily.

let’s do Jean, MarionMarilyn and the one that has all those clever licensing deals!


Jessica Simpson?

yeah – that girl is no dummy.

said twiggy, suddenly falling into something of an L.A Noir pose.

we started to roll the camera.

and Blonde it was.

very Blonde.