goodbye, jake.


some very deeply sad news.


jake 2001 – 2013. 

Jake passed away this morning.

can everyone send loving thoughts to @tjenamoss who is grieving please.


jake – safe journey to the other side darling prince.


jake and rosie – the movie.


we had a meeting with jake to discuss the movie.


jake said he had a real thing (albeit secret until now) for the Babs and Mr. Redford film “The Way We Were”

less for the theme song

he said

more for the general ambiance and sepia-toned lighting and soft, slow unfolding story

gosh, we said

rosie – any thoughts?

rosie just ran around very fast and then did a little overbite to camera (not shown – except in the movie, briefly).

after our initial surprise (but hey, he’s one deep dog), we agreed to work on a Concept – and this is what we all came up with – a team effort – and a few tears were shed in the making (good ones).

books, baseball, bleachers: saturday in la canada flintridge


we took a trip East about 20 miles yesterday and visited not one but two libraries (bliss), watched a few moments of a baseball game near the bleachers (doesn’t every Californian high school remind one of the movie with Mr. Travolta?), eavesdropped on the local orchestra rehearsal in the community room and bought a paper bag of ripe peaches at the farmer’s market.

another perfect saturday – but a first for us – we’d never been up to la canada flintridge but it’s starting us thinking about visiting ALL of the other branches in the Los Angeles County Library System 

because many of them have such great histories – for example – here’s the story behind the one in Florence (that would be L.A county, not Italia, darlings)

Library service to the Florence community began in 1914 as a collection of 125 titles housed in the home of Fred W. Cleland at 1920 E. Florence Avenue, with Mrs. Maude Cleland as the volunteer custodian of the collection. On June 30, 1915, the collection of 508 books was moved to the Florence Avenue Elementary School.

In 1920, the collection of 1,000 books and 11 magazine subscriptions was moved into a building with a converted stable at 7607 Crocket Boulevard. In 1924, the library was housed at 7215 Beach Boulevard and was again moved in 1931/32 to a storefront building at the corner of Makee Street and Florence Avenue. This storefront facility was refurbished in 1964 for the 50th anniversary of the Florence Library.

In 1970, the library was moved to the current location. The Library was refurbished beginning December 2001 and reopened May 2002.

 and the one we visited yesterday in la canada flintridge (such a curious name for a town – we saw no flint at all – and nothing reminded us of Canada – well, it was Very Green, tis true) has been circulating books since 1913.

The La Cañada Flintridge Library was established in May 1913 and was originally housed in the rear of a general store. It was the second branch of the Los Angeles County Public Library system.

The library was moved in 1915 to the La Cañada Elementary School where it remained through 1934. At that time, the library relocated again to a Foothill Boulevard store location where it stayed until June 1947.

A La Cañada Elementary School shop building provided temporary quarters until a library was built and opened on February 22, 1951. The library’s current building was opened on June 16, 1971.

The library was refurbished in 1998 to freshen the interior and the checkout desk was replaced in 2002.

they seem to have had a distinct fan of Mr. Neil Simon sometime in the book buying late 70s too (so interesting to find patterns in purchasing….)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand then we drove to Silver Lake to stay with our friends Maria, Rosie and Jake (and make another short movie which we’ll share with you as soon as it’s done and been approved for Viewing!)

happy sunday darlings.

isn’t life delicious?

exhale on ventura highway

we have no idea if we have the apartment – we just dropped off the Application and a small amount of cash to get it processed by the Powers that Be and we will know tomorrow.

but we Do believe that the right apartment will find us – and have been told as much over the years.

plus it’s Quite the Nicest way to think.

don’t you agree?

a few pictures?

why yes.

we just left silverlake (thank you maria!) and have moved into a hotel for the last two nights before we return to NYC – hopefully with lease in hand and start to make Plans to Pack.


this is dawn breaking over los angeles (somewhat wistfully as you can see) on christmas morning as we broke bread (well, pain au chocolat with a side of berries to be honest) with George.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this is a cutie no doubt able-to-be-purchased (perhaps for next Holiday season, darlings?) from Yolk as we were staying with Maria – who owns Yolk (and has an Eye for colo{u}r and cute whimsical things as you can tell). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this is Rosie who is often whimsical and sometimes naughty (and lives with Maria). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

these two chargers (don’t they look like Horses in a way? – so proud and tall and glorious)? are Ballou and Snowball (snowball is the black one).

we took them for a walk in the canyons and hills with Holly yesterday (together with 3 other dogs, not shown – we need to get them to sit still with a treat in front of their eyes next time to get real concentration and amusement and subtle dog-smiles). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ballou poses to order. beautiful. majestic, in fact. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this was the View from the top (which is So Different from the View from the top of a skyscraper and we Mused on that as we stood there, asking the dogs to stand with us and gaze in wonder as the sun fell onto the large-scale multi-million dollar movie star houses below). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

on the way down the hill we saw so many pretty lights and could smell the night-blooming jasmine – a most dreamy and life-affirming walk. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this morning we woke Very Early and with some trepidation.

we were going to view APARTMENTS.

and hopefully find one to live in. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

luckily Maria came with us in bronze clogs so we had the gods-of-style-and-Luck on our side. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this is Jake who lives at Maria’s house too.

he really wanted to come.

he promised to hold our Information Sheet in readiness for prospective landlords but we had to leave him to rest instead.

but he will definitely get to visit.

we went to see a few places (the first one was SCARY). and then found the one we would love to live in, for at least a year (as our lovely friend-in-england, Tina, says – nothing is permanent and that was good to remember). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

after all the Excitement of the Viewings, we dropped off our application and went back to silverlake to admire the new festive paintwork on Yolk and sip a small glass of Perrier and take our leave of the more easterly side of Los angeles (after a Most Diverting trip to see a photographer’s studio – more on that Individual when we Return to the city, we feel sure……fascinating)

with the sun in our eyes we headed West – and took a deep EXHALE on Ventura Highway  (remember the song? it’s always on KEarth101 – the classic-california-radio station and particularly fabulous to sing along with if the moon roof is open and the Shades Are On)

especially if one is wearing a leather jacket and a smile and removing the elastic from the ponytail and letting it cascade over one’s shoulders and get all tangly in the sunshine-breezes while driving a mini cooper down laurel canyon and singing really lustily into the treetops who smile back because we might have a lease pending on an apartment and even if we don’t quite yet, there will be somewhere else, in time, to rest our (cloche) hat.

the best Christmas ever.

Too tired to write.

But very happy.

The best Christmas ever.

Elated. Relaxed. Satiated. New friends. Longtime companions. Happy places.


Very grateful. Thank you @tjenamos!


Set out before dawn in the groovy mini cooper.


Chateau Marmont. 6am.



Then to cheZ George. 7.55am.


Driving. Swimming. Steaming. At the gym. And watching Bewitched.



Jet lag.

Jake kept guard by the Swedish tree.


And then we went to Not one but Two gatherings around a Hearth and friends and food and (gentle) gossip and playing new electronic device games with a Smart six year old called Henry.

We left cameras and phone at home.

And now we are slipping into a sweet slumber.

Did you have a Delicious Christmas day, darlings?

Do. Tell.

gluten free toast, twinkle lights and puffball clouds: welcome to Los Angeles

more pictures from paradise, darlings.




Lots of fresh air, gluten free toast (shared with Jake, the most excellent dog, before sunrise this morning) and many naps.

Nap with Rosie.


Then a vegan supper with mN and a meeting up with friends.

Los Angeles does sparkly twinkly nights, beautifully.

Our red painted toenails are luxuriating in the mellow sunshine.

All this – and coffee on a Hollywood lot in a few hours too.

Divine and delicious, darlings.