melancholia mixed with deliciousness.



such an ODD feeling back in Manhattan and the sheer irony of drawing back the shades this morning – or finding the button that denoted “morning” which electronically opened the blackout shades and then another button that said “open shears” which we worked out meant net curtains and not gardening implements to deadhead roses and seeing Our Former Employer’s Skyscraper bold as you like, slap bang in the middle of our View.

how we giggled.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe had a sense of deja Vu about this trip (as surprisingly last minute-and-fleeting-of-a-business-glam-experience as it was) and also a deep melancholia at what-had-happened-before and what happens next (whatever That Is).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAluckily we have friends in KOREA who can explain it to us (because we’re Terribly International) as this feeling came over us at just about Twilight (Manhattan does a very good moody almost-winter late evening silky dusk you see that somehow tears the heart strings)b88676ac351f11e3a3ff22000a1fb762_8here’s what lovely heej_lee left as a virtual note on our picture post on Instagram (so Modern as William would say)>>>>>

“We have this phrase in Korean, 시원섭섭, which means you’re glad in part but you’re also nostalgic/missing the old days in part. Hope the trip down memory lane is a pleasant one. :)”

isn’t that just perfect?

and so better summed up thus – 시원섭섭 – than in English characters or a Western Idiom.

yes, that’s EXACTLY how it feels being back here – until tomorrow night – so, alas fleeting, and we have been working Non-Stop so cannot see anyone for social occasions This Time (forgive!

f22fca92351b11e3951622000ab5aaa3_8thank goodness for the chandeliers or we would have been quite overwhelmed after our long day working (at an undisclosed location with we-signed-that-we-would-not-say-who)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand also for a stolen hour between leaving the work and finding our friends downtown and then across-a-bridge (more on that Tomorrow):

6a0a1042351511e39f2e22000a1fb37d_8manhattan does a dark wood tavern very well – luckily they had refreshingly sparklingly italian mineral water because we needed that after jet-lag-work-experience (although the work was Glam and very exciting and we WISH we could tell you who it was – you’ll have to wait until January – can you believe that? but it’s worth the w a i t, darlings).

so we checked out of the hotel suite (with chandelier) and took the subway here and there and over to that platform and now to Here – and then, as we sit here writing to you, freshly showered and mascara all removed and well-fed (but not overly so) and quietly winding down……..a small furry creature awaits our presence.


958a01d4353b11e3928022000a9f3c6c_8It’s SPARKY!


goodnight, darlings – from the East Coast.

a little light reading, a chandelier and a movie by night #silverliningsplaybook

darlings a Packed friday-teatime-to-evening-into-saturday-day-into-night pictures with commentary as we recall the events…. a brainstorming (and TErribly Elegant) tea with some Very Glam people. why yes, there was a scone to hand and we also ordered a plate of Cucumber Sandwiches (because one always needs an Oscar Wilde reference at High Tea). on Friday morning we went to a very anonymous hotel which just happened to have a glorious CHANDELIER. and, as you know, #weadoreachandelier, darlings we didn’t stay long at the hotel (it was an event but something else Called Us Away) and after we did what we needed to do, we popped into the New School because they were having a conference on Danish Design (which is the sort of thing they do a Lot we hear at the New School). as one might expect, there was some very chic and spare and elegant people in black. many of them Danish. bit of a Danish theme this week, it seems. curious. then we took to our boudoir to catch up on some more research – one must stay abreast of current goings-on in the world of elegant executives. because we know so many of them…. always lovely to catch up with Jean Muir (we didn’t say that all the elegant executives we love are still on this side of the veil. but many of them are). this is a Jane Bown shot from The Observer – we just received a lovely parcel containing one of her books. we poured over the introduction to gain insight and inspiration because one can learn a Lot from the Lives of others. then we read Acne from cover-to-cover. as would really ought to if one lives in Manhattan (or Berlin or Stockholm or in the most central regions of Chelsea, London or NYC, Chelsea we must clarify).   we admired interviews with people-we-admire (and are a tiny bit scared of, more in awe, perhaps) like Fran.   and simon. then we paused to admire the sunlight dappling on the terrace outside (the landlords call it a fire escape, apparently). finally it was time to rise from our reveries and get ready with the usual saturday-night-manhattan-accessories…..and emerge into the late twilight for supper-and-a-movie. what did we see? oh. it was superb! we said to our companion that the snappy dialogue and general wacky-sexy-strange mannerisms of slightly unhinged but adorable people reminded us of Nick and Nora Charles.  but our companion said it reminded him of Quite a Different Movie.  we think he might well be right….. and now it’s sunday. how delicious. what are your plans today? do. tell.

roaming the hotel hallways taking pictures of chandeliers

It’s late.

In a few time zones.

And we’re flying back tomorrow.

But we can’t sleep.

So we went for a wander.

To take a last look at European decadence and sit on the stairs looking up at the chandeliers while the guests downstairs bid a fond farewell to each other and drifted into the night or entwined betwixt and between the night and the hours to come.








One last look at Italian crystals twinkling and sparkling in the sumptuous surroundings.

Such Divine opulence.



happy 90th people’s republic of china!

despite the fact we’ve never dined on the 80th floor of anywhere, we decided against the “western style” restaurant and headed to the 4th floor where we were the only non-chinese person (of course we loved it and did a polite little bow and a nihao to each guest who looked either mildly surprised and/or amused, we couldn’t quite work it out) and read the china morning post where we learned (we’re sure we knew this before but forgive us – we’re a day ahead of the West now) it’s the 90th birthday of the People’s Republic of China!

well, many happy returns!

the chinese television stations are re-playing some old classics which we’d love to tell you what they are but the listings magazine appears to be missing from the hotel suite (a junior suite but delicious all the same with a bathroom that’s a “religious experience” to quote ms. andrews in-a-two-piece-tailored-suit)

we’re also feeling a tiny bit lost in translation as you can see from this shot of our view from the 76th floor (note the strange pastoral large-scale painting behind the california king – curious)

it’s a tiny bit vegas – but with subtler neon (mostly red, obviously, with the touch of chinese worker blue on some of the buildings) and very understated and charming water features.

and here’s the team gloria hat ready for unbelievable humidity tomorrow (we just took a constitutional after an excellent yet deceptively simple chinese meal and it was still incredibly hot at ten PM) and the patent leather dr martens and regular day wear issue.

the swimming pool was lovely, by the way, very holodeck. and we did enjoy the range of hydrotherapy on offer as well as a light box room which cycled through the chakra colours/colors in a heated area to cheesy 80s pop soundtrack. very austin powers, love.

and here’s a small video we made – be kind – this was before we learned how to use all the Right Tools n stuff….

noel coward at the savoy.

we were a tiny bit disappointed by the clientele (but we suppose it IS too much to expect bias cut satin and black tie at breakfast – still) but the “re-fit” (or “re-theming” as they say in Vegas – yes, we’ve been. no, we’re not going back) is delicious. and noel was there (in the “museum” – all four mirrored cabinets – we adore the english for their understatement).